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Occurrences:  86

First Reference:  Wisdom 15:26


(Shaemdiel to Ahman)

These your mighty ones shall I cast down into that great Abyss, and before the heavenly hosts shall I exalt my throne above the stars of God.”



See:  Antipode, Areta, Deep, Eidos, Void, Yaldabaoth


Summary:  The Abyss is mentioned often in scripture, yet its nature remains quite bizarre. The Abyss can perhaps be thought of as a place and/or time that pre-exists both space and time. Described as the birthplace of unformed (massless) matter, the Abyss is a sea of endless chaos. No order or structure can naturally evolve within the Abyss. It is a cold, sterile void, an endless depth of chaos and darkness from which fundamental aspects of matter and anti-matter spring forth, interact, and repel one another. The term ‘Abyss’ is sometimes used synonymously with the ‘Deep’. The Abyss is the dwelling place of the primordial masculine force known as the Eidos. It is also where the Antipode and the Ahgendai received their schooling.



The Abyss is:


• the dwelling place of the Eidos       1:5:19, 39        1:6:2-3          5:6:33

• the birthplace of unformed matter (massless matter)      E:1:2-7, 11

• the edgeless womb of unformed matter    5:8:57

• where “out of crushing depths of darkest matter”, matter and antimatter is pressed into elemental forms   5:8:58

• where the Antipode was cast to mature under the schooling of the Eidos      1:5:19, 39        1:6:3        5:4:9

• was the schooling environment for the Antipode and Ahgendai      5:4:24, 28         5:7:30-41

• the birthplace of Yaldabaoth, the Chief Demiurgos      E:1:11      E:1:34       1:6:13        5:13:65

• where Demiurgic minions were sent captive during the Second War    6:9:26, 62    6:12:23  AZC - Oggaliaphim


For even though this Abyss prove vast and deeply hidden,

still is the soul made vaster still...

~5th Endowment 8:15


Descriptive phrases


• edge of / heart of / womb of chaos      5:6:41      5:7:33, 57       5:8:59       5:10:35

• womb of eternal night / endless night / darkness / Darkness       E:5:37, 53     5:4:31     5:13:65     5:15:4

• womb of matter unformed       E:1:11

• edgeless womb      5:8:57

• heart of doom      5:6:41

• depths of hell / chaos      5:4:29       5:10:66

Deep  (fearsome, dreadful, darkest, endless)       E:1:4      5:4:15, 29      5:7:31,33,34,36       5:8:18,57

• Depth (eternal, great, endless)         E:1:3-4, 7    E:8:19




For the gateway of the Abyss lies nearest to Olaha Shinehah...

5th Endowment 4:34


For I beheld the great Abyss from whose depths the matter of all created things are made to spring up, having neither shape nor form.

And that which was of the Abyss, being ever dark and brooding, took thought in itself, saying: “Surely I will draw from my own depths one to rule the darkness.”

Thus did there leap forth out of the Depth, Yaldabaoth who would stand forever above all the Demiurge, being called the Chief Demiurgos.

And knowing not the power which brought him forth, he beheld, as though alone, the great Depth and the Abyss, and seeing the unformed matter springing up out of the Deep, he boasted within himself, saying:

“Behold, how great and mighty I am become, for what power can stay my hand seeing that I am the destroyer and shatterer of worlds?”

So spoke Yaldabaoth as he beheld the great darkness of the Abyss, and gazing into the eternal Depth of things unknown, he beheld the shadow of his own likeness; and taking thought within, he caused to leap from out of his bosom an image like unto himself.

Enlightenment 1:2-7


For by the power of The One was I made to see the great Abyss from whose blackened womb there is made to spew in endless streams, the very matter from which all things visible are made.

And there dwelt in the Abyss the very Eidos which stirred and moved about; being of itself both blind and thoughtless, creator and destroyer, being also cold and harsh, indifferent and callous, both unthinking and unpredictable, even the mindless purposer of all things which move throughout the immensity of space.

And that which was of the Abyss, even the very Eidos of creation, being ever dark and brooding, felt moving within its regions that very Antipode which The One had sent forth into it.

1st Endowment 6:2-4


What then can be said of so terrible a place as the Abyss did prove to be? For the depths of its edgeless womb did possess but utter blackness, causing that the light of the Ahgendai should seem as pale and thin within the vastness of the Deep.

Yet still did the light of the Ahgendai reveal most feebly, the twisted birth of all matter unformed, for out of the crushing depths of darkest matter was there pressed into most elemental forms both matter and anti-matter; each repelling the other, to hold in constant abeyance.

5th Endowment 8:57-58


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• What are the differences (if any) between the Abyss and the Deep?

• Is the Deep in a specific place, or is it more a specific state of existence?

• Does the Abyss mark a significant edge between the incorporeal and the corporeal?

• What is the relationship between dark matter, the Abyss, and the Eidos? How is it relevant to the Demiurge?

• Demiurgic weaponry is constructed from “darkest matter” (6:8:16).

• Is the “dark matter” of our present understanding the same stuff referred to in the Song of God as “darkest matter”?


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