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Archons (House of / Temple of)


Occurrences:  11 - “House of”
First Reference:
 Wisdom 24:20-21


Behold the House of the Archons, over which shall preside even the very King of Heaven, even Ahman, the Father of All; and on his right hand shall stand the Ancient of Days even Michael, who shall stand forth as Chief Archon before all the great and mighty.

And before the Father and Mother of Heaven, and before Michael also, shall stand the House of Shevas, the House of Mithron, and the House of El Shalon; and beside these shall be added also three others over which the Mothers alone preside.



See:  Arch-Angel, Archon, Celestial Kingdom, Elohim, Houses (seven), Quorums (twelve)


Summary:  One of the seven Houses of the Celestial Kingdom, the House of Archons is an organizational body that is purely Patriarchal. The Temple of the Archons is found on the Elohim’s primary world of Jeruel, in the city of Salem of Merigoth. This majestic structure stands opposite of the Matriarchal Temple of Valhaladea. Both of these structures comprise the great court of the Elohim (1:1:19-24). The Temple of the Archons serves as the center of work for all of the Elohim’s Father Arch-Angels, referred to as Archons.


Noeiel (commonly designated as “Ahman”) serves as co-Ahman of the Council of Elohim, and as such, is esteemed as the Elohim’s First and Sovereign Father of the House of Archons. All holders of the Patriarchal Priesthood receive their office, influence and power through the auspices of Noeiel.


The Arch-Angel, Michael, was appointed by Ahman to the position of Chief Archon of the House of Archons, taking the place of his older brother Shaemdiel, who initiated a violent rebellion in the realms of Elohim and was subsequently cast out of Heaven (Enlightenment 9).



Seven Captains of the House of Archons (Elohim)


Each of the seven captains of the House of Archons was appointed by Ahman to their position, and are responsible for initiating and overseeing a dispensation on this earth.


















Azrael’s Commentary — House of Archons


Patriarchal in function, after the Order of Kolob, this is the house of the Arch-Angels. All Archons are Arch-Angels. All Arch-Angels are Gods. Within the Council of Elohim, the House of Archons represents the supreme will of The One. The great work of the Archons begins in the Temple of the Archons (1:1:19-22). The House of Archons is responsible for many things, several of which are: creation of galaxies, design and creation of mortal worlds, and the placement of mortal worlds within a specified galaxy. It is in the House of Archons that the design and scope of mortality is conceived and brought to fruition through the working of dispensations, which dispensations are administered by the Archons themselves.


When Artificers (both a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother) desire to create a mortal world for their spirit children, they first apply themselves to the House of Archons. The Archons design a world specifically for the Heavenly Parents, and designate the region within a specified galaxy where the mortal world may be created in order to provide the greatest benefit to those spirit children who wish to progress towards God.


The amount of space within a designated region is enormous and always contains within its boundaries at least three nebulas from which a sun may be created and planets placed in orbit around it. All the math behind such a venture is provided by the House of Sabaoth. The exact placement of this mortal world is critical. For not only must you avoid placing it in an area where a sun is likely to go super nova, you must also place it in an area where the night sky will provide the greatest opportunity where moving star patterns will form constellations. It is around these star patterns, or constellations, that the first dispensational leaders will weave together the many stories concerning ‘the God beyond’. It is around these stories, as represented in the constellations of the night sky, that the first civilizations will begin to take shape, to give birth later on to all the sciences and humanities (4:7:37-39).


Yet, behind all the math provided by the House of Sabaoth, behind all the creative genius of the Artificers in creating a mortal world, stands the House of Archons which directs and oversees all things pertaining to the first initial steps of Hodos Alea. These first steps are called the Path of Eternal Progression. Added to this, the House of Archons has a great many other responsibilities, for they are deeply involved in work directly connected with all other Councils of Light. But of this, I am not permitted to speak.


The Celestial Kingdom consists of seven Councils of Light. Each Council contains seven organizational bodies called Houses, with each House containing within itself twelve Quorums. While the same Houses and Quorums exist throughout all seven Councils of Light, the mandates of each vary according to the Council.


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Temple of the Archons


Occurrences:  3

First Reference:  1st Endowment 1:19

And coming to the city of Salem of Merigoth, which hung as a sun in the clouds of glory, I beheld the beauty of the celestial worlds; and there was gathered a myriad of congregations standing in the center court of Elohim, which as a great shining sea of glass, did touch upon the Temple of the Archons and the Temple of Valhaladea.


Summary:  Located on the Elohim’s chief planet called Jeruel, the Temple of the Archons represents the collected will and work of the House of Archons. The Matriarchy has a temple of their own located in the same garden complex, called the Temple of Valhaladea.


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Before the throne of Ahman did the congregations of Heaven draw nigh; and there was foremost among them the House of Archons and the House of Valhaladea, being made after the Order of Kolob.

Enlightenment 3:2


Now in the kingdom of God, on Jeruel did the Father of All assemble the hosts of Heaven, each according to their house, and each according to their order and tribe.

And on his right did Galendriel in power and beauty quietly sit, being attended herself by seven Mothers, most beautiful and fair, which were of the House of Valhaladea.

But at the left of Ahman did there also gather seven Arch-Angels of the heavenly hosts, being themselves made rulers of the House of Archons; and there was foremost among them, Michael, Fairest Son of Ashengaard, being made Chief Magistrate after the Order of Melchizedek.

Enlightenment 8:26-28


Temples of Valhaladea and the Archons


But in the regions of the Koliahmas, in the Heavens far beyond did Areta cause that The One and the Azraella should observe even all these things; and again did Areta speak, saying: “Behold.” And with the wave of her hand did they see the coming together of the Council of Elohim within the city of Salem of Merigoth.

For there gathered in solemn assembly even all the Elohim at once together, each according to their quorum, each within their House; and between the great temples, upon a sea of blue sapphire did they array themselves for counsel.

6th Endowment 7:46-47


And there was placed in the center court of Salem of Merigoth, between the temples of Valhaladea and the Archons, a memorial to those which fell from among the Elohim in standing beside the Azraella and his Daughter in the battles of Gilliahmas and Soli-Endi-Muhat.

6th Endowment 13:44


And coming to the city of Salem of Merigoth, which hung as a sun in the clouds of glory, I beheld the beauty of the celestial worlds; and there was gathered a myriad of congregations standing in the center court of Elohim, which as a great shining sea of glass, did touch upon the Temple of the Archons and the Temple of Valhaladea.

For there stood at the east of the court the great house of many Fathers, being made of pure white stone trimmed in gold, being dressed round about with many gardens, green and flushed with flowers and trees of every kind.

And on the west of the great court stood the house of many Heavenly Mothers, made in like manner of pure white stone, being trimmed round about with the silver of Evandel, being also dressed on every side with all manner of gardens filled with wonder and beauty exceeding.

And there came out from the House of the Archons and the House of Valhaladea many great and shimmering lights, even lights of amethyst and lights of blue mingled together with lights of golden hue; and together did the lights reach out into the heavens to touch with perfect grace, the suns of Kolob and the suns of Ashengaard to bind them forever as one.

1st Endowment 1:19-22


Seven Houses of Heaven

Presiding Priesthood

Order of Ascension

House of Mithron    

Patriarchal / Matriarchal

Order of Jeruel

House of El Shalon


Order of Jeruel

House of El Shaloah


Order of Jeruel

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Order of Xanathea

House of Sabaoth

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Order of Xanathea

House of Archons


Order of Kolob

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Order of Kolob


Divine Identity

Mortal Identity

Approx. date of mortality

1st Dispensation



c. 12,775 BCE — 11,845 BCE

2nd Dispensation



c. 5,035 — 4,085 BCE

3rd Dispensation



c. 1,600 — 1,200 BCE

4th Dispensation



c. 700 — 600 BCE

5th Dispensation


Alvin Smith

1798 — 1823

6th Dispensation


Archie D. Wood, Sr.

1947 — present

7th Dispensation