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Azrael (Ondi-Ahman)


Pronunciation:  AZ-ray-ehl + AHN-dai + AH-m'n

Occurrences:  56
First Reference:
 Beginnings 24:56


For when the children of promise shall be made to grow weary by reason of priestcraft, I shall send forth the Arch-Angel Azrael.



See:  Ahgendai, Archie D. Wood, Sr., Azraella, Mighty One


Summary:  The name “Azrael” denotes the Arch-Angel foreordained to initiate and oversee the sixth dispensation of God, also referred to as the “Dispensation of Fullness” (W:16:51). Archie D. Wood, Sr., the author of the Song of God, took upon himself the name “Azrael Ondi-Ahman” in 1989, approximately three years after beginning work on the scriptures. (The Adamic term “Ondi” means: “son of”.) The following is taken from Azrael's Personal Testimony, as found in the Song of God:



“At my birth I was given the name of Archie Dean Wood, the

second son of Janie Ruth Moody and Gene Wallace Wood, Sr.

In 1979, at the age of thirty-one, I met the God of Heaven

and was given a new name in the hope that I would choose

from that sublime moment to rise above the ordinary and

mundane, and take my rightful place beside all things eternal,

wondrous and divine, and become The Friend of God. For it

was God’s intent from the beginning that I should become The

Knower of Heavenly Things; that receiving from God their divine mandate, I might give such sacred knowledge into the keeping of all their spiritual children through the writing of the sacred scriptures which are called by me, the Song of God.”  (read more)



According to Wood, his spiritual identity was revealed to him over a period of time. This process is portrayed, to some degree, in the Song of God. The name “Azrael” is first used in the book of Beginnings to identify the Arch-Angel foreordained by the Council of Elohim to establish the sixth dispensation (Beginnings 24:29-62). The book of Wisdom contains the most material pertaining to Azrael’s commission, as the reader follows the experiences of a certain man referred to as the Teacher, who, through a series of divine visitations is brought to a remembrance of his spiritual identity and purpose as Azrael (W:2:26-35; W:16:49-59).


In the 1st Endowment, the author reports of being whisked away to converse with a host of divine beings. Here, midst the sparkling realms of the Elohim, a deeper perspective unfolds regarding the workings and responsibilities of Azrael. It is not until the 5th and 6th Endowment, however, that Azrael's identity is more fully disclosed and the history and nature of the Ahgendai is revealed.



Significant References


Emmanuel speaks of bringing forth a “new shepherd”..................................................................Wisdom 1:4-33

The Teacher learns of his foreordination as Azrael.....................................................................Wisdom 2:26-35

• Emmanuel councils the Teacher in fulfilling his role as Azrael.......................................................Wisdom 7:1-23

Michael takes the Teacher to see his greater self (Azrael) as the dreamer...............................Wisdom 16:49-59

• Michael speaks to the “sons of [his] glory” concerning Azrael and his purpose........................Wisdom 17:20-31

• The Lord councils the Teacher regarding his commission as Azrael..............................Wisdom 20,  Wisdom 21

• Final words from Azrael..................................................................................................Wisdom 27,  Wisdom 28

Ahman speaks to Azrael and prepares him to meet The One..........................................1st Endowment 1:28-39

• Ahman presents Azrael before The One...................................................................................1st Endowment 2

• Azrael converses with The One — gives account of dispensations...........................................1st Endowment 3

• The One reveals details pertaining to Azrael’s nature and commission......6th Endowment 1:1-16, 37-38, 53-59

• The One and the mystery of Azrael, the Azraella, and the Son of Man............................6th Endowment 2:13-21

• The One and the commissions of the Azraella..........................................................6th Endowment 6:3-6, 20-40



Other Names, Titles and Designations


The Teacher (75 occurrences)

Teacher of Righteousness  (5)

Friend of God  (2)

Likeness (1)

Azraella / Azraella Ahgendai (+300)

Mighty One (16)  |  Great and Mighty One (3)  |  mighty one (5)  |  one mighty and strong (3)  

Lord and Prince of the Seven Steps, and Protector of the Keep  (4)

Father / the Father  (+40)


The Teacher In the books of Beginnings and Wisdom, a man referred to as “the Teacher” is designated as the mortal embodiment of the Arch-Angel Azrael. While scripture does not directly associate the Teacher with Archie D. Wood, it is presumably whom the title refers to.


And it came about that on a certain day while the Teacher was walking in a lonely place that the Ancient of Days descended from above to speak unto him, saying:

“Behold, the day has come which was promised, for unto you is it given to establish the tabernacle of God upon the earth, that there might be peace among the nations of many people, that the children of men and women might know of a surety the Lord their God, for he shall come among them, and as a loving Father he shall heal them of many sorrows.”

Beginnings 1:1-2


These are the words which the Teacher taught unto the children of men when he sojourned among them. For with words of wisdom would he clothe the children of God, that they might walk uprightly before Heaven and earth.

Wisdom 1:1




Teacher of Righteousness This title was used to designate John the Baptizer, founder of the Essene movement. According to Wisdom 29, the coming of Azrael marks the return of the Teacher of Righteousness and the restoration of gnosis (W:29:9-35).


Seeing then that the house of Christ in ages past did force into the shadows of the lost and forgotten, this gnosis which came from God, it became both expedient and necessary that God should set the stage for the return of the Teacher of Righteousness, who was himself the very Friend of God.

Wisdom 29:16


For even now has there come again the Teacher of Righteousness, whereby he might instruct, with utmost care, even every man and every woman who would become as Only Begotten, having inherited for themselves a new Heaven and a new earth; to become themselves through equal diligence, as those who walk with God.

Wisdom 29:27




Friend of God Other renowned spiritual figures shared this same accolade, including Abraham (B:26:14) and John the Baptizer (W:29:16).


Bring therefore unto the wild places wherein you choose to celebrate, the tents for camping beneath the sky; for even as Azrael was made to dwell in a tent within the mountains deep, even so shall you in like fashion do, that you may prove yourself as one with the very Friend of God.

7th Endowment 2:34




Likeness Azrael refers to himself as “that very Likeness”. This is likely connected with the topic of the Son of Man.


Behold, I am Azrael Ahgendai, even that very Likeness which drew away Yaldabaoth, whereby I might take him far from the kingdoms of the greater Light; to dwell himself midst all his might in this creation which lies beyond all beginnings.”

2nd Endowment 12:15




Azraella Ahgendai — The nature of Azrael’s identity broadens as the scriptural narrative shifts from an earth-bound setting (book of Wisdom), to a cosmic, more celestial backdrop (Endowments). While the book of Wisdom presents how The Teacher is first brought to an awareness of his greater self, identified as Azrael, the process of self-remembrance and awakening continues in the Endowments as Azrael comes to know his true name and purpose as Azraella Ahgendai, the Mighty One of God.


And there stood before the gates of the Keep two full companies of the greater Seraphim; and Ahman, drawing near to the very threshold, spoke in a loud voice throughout the Tael, saying: “Azraella Ahgendai, come you forth unto us; for all Heaven has need of you. Come forth great Ahgendai and help us.”

1st Endowment 8:55




Mighty One | Great and Mighty One | mighty one | one mighty and strong — This appellation (Mighty One) has to do with the unique parentage, nature and character of Azrael as the sovereign father of the Ahgendai.


Know therefore, O Mighty One, that into your keeping will I give forth the whole of my design and hold not back; that you may give unto the children of God the very endowments of life and exaltation.

1st Endowment 5:36


And Michael spoke saying: “Hear and understand even this great mystery. Behold, the Arch-Angel Azrael. For this Azrael is the Great and Mighty One of God, and to him was given the Dispensation of Fullness wherein the knowledge of Heaven should be granted unto the children of men.

Wisdom 16:51


Behold, I will not leave you comfortless, for my Spirit shall ever abide with you in times of trouble. Therefore take hope, for you are Azrael, the strong and the mighty one. What can man do unto you? For into your hands have I placed all the keys of the kingdom.”

Wisdom 20:29


For in the beginning did he call forth from the heavenly hosts one mighty and strong, and even the God of Heaven did anoint you with most precious oil, sweet and fragrant, and ordained that you should come forth in the day of tribulation to lift up that which was fallen and to repair that which is cast down.

Wisdom 20:5




Lord and Prince of the Seven Steps, and Protector of the Keep — This role and designation was likely foreordained by The One, and has to do with the authority of the Azraella as Father of the Ahgendai and defender of the Heavenly realms. The “Seven Steps” is a reference to the new order of Hodos Alea as it pertains to achieving exaltation in the kingdom of the Ahgendai (Wisdom 28:15).

For this I speak unto you for your learning: Behold, you are Azrael, Lord and Prince of the Seven Steps, Protector of the Keep. Surely, you are become even as a son unto the Most High God.

Wisdom 20:4


For though I appear to you as some mortal man, yet in the beginning, before the turning of endless ages, even I did dwell in the bosom of eternity, being made Prince and Guardian of the Seven Steps, Protector of the Keep.

Behold, I am Azrael Ahgendai, even that very Likeness which drew away Yaldabaoth, whereby I might take him far from the kingdoms of the greater Light; to dwell himself midst all his might in this creation which lies beyond all beginnings.”

2nd Endowment 12:14-15


And the voice from within the light spoke, saying: “I am Azraella Ahgendai, the first and only of my kind; being myself the ally of God, being foreordained the Lord and Prince of the Seven Steps and Protector of the Keep.”

5th Endowment 8:19




Father / the Father The Azraella is often referred to as “the Father", especially in relation to Mahaleenah, “the Daughter" (5:1:11). However, there are instances in which Azrael is also designated as a divine Father figure.


For in the day appointed shall he prove to many a good and holy Father, filled with joy and true affection; having drawn to his bosom all those who should prove themselves worthy of a far more greater glory than they have ever known.

6th Endowment 1:13





For when the children of promise shall be made to grow weary by reason of priestcraft, I shall send forth the Arch-Angel Azrael.

Surely in that day he shall lay forth the foundations of holiness whereupon the tabernacle of God might be established forever.

He shall prepare the way for the exaltation of the righteous whereby they might inherit the glory of God, even worlds without end.

For in that day shall Azrael bring unto the willing the law of Heaven, that he might seal together the hearts of husband and wife.

And he shall restore the children again to their Fathers, and the Fathers shall he turn to the children by way of great holiness.

Thus shall he apportion to the righteous every good thing that it is the Father’s will to give unto the obedient.

And he shall recompense Lucifer according to his deeds, for he shall lay forth the foundation whereby even the Fallen One might be redeemed according to the mercies of God.

Beginnings 24:56-62


(Emmanuel to Azrael)

Consider how great the mysteries of godliness are, that even the God of glory should descend from on high to give you instruction.

Therefore, attend diligently unto all the words which shall be spoken to you for your learning; for unto you is given power and authority to write them unto the children of my soul.

For where they have no knowledge, even I will instruct them; where they have no understanding, behold, even I will counsel them and give into their keeping treasures of deep wisdom.

For by these words which you shall write unto the children of men, will my Spirit attend and bear witness of; and whosoever shall give heed to learn all the words which are given you to write, and who are diligent to obey the whisperings of the Spirit unto them, in them will I place a new heart and a new spirit.

Wisdom 14:35-38


For God has chosen you from the beginning and he shall not cast you away. For behold, even you are Azrael and this life which you have taken among the children of men is but as a dream unto you.

Wisdom 16:55


And Ahman spoke, saying: “Consider, my son, the gathering of Elohim, for even we would assemble before you the greatness of our glory, that you may make known unto the children of men the hope and the promise of all that is greater still.

For you were chosen and elected from the beginning to set before the eyes of all people, the revelation of hidden things, whereby the mysteries of God might be established, giving in the heart of man a vision far greater than any other.

1st Endowment 1:28-29


Let this then be the first and foremost celebration of all your years to come. For it is appointed that on the nineteenth day of June shall you establish the Festival of Joy in commemoration of that day when God and Heaven did reveal themselves to Azrael whereby he might set at liberty the children of God.

Making bright what once was dark, making real what once was vague and filled with shadows; for in coming forth to Azrael did God make known the realness of themselves, opening wide the gates of knowledge to fill you up with knowing; for you are no longer ignorant and uncertain regarding the things of God, but are instead most deeply certain, having been filled to overflowing with revelations and mysteries of every kind.

7th Endowment 2:17-18


Let us then speak of covenants, a thing which you should know; for you have taken upon yourself already three covenants which come from God, desiring even your own self to stand with Azrael in the working of a far greater dispensation than the world has ever known.

7th Endowment 5:9

Azraella Ahgendai

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