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Azraella Ahgendai


Pronunciation:  az-ray-EEL-luh + AH-gehn-dai

Occurrences:  329  ('the Azraella'  — 228)

First Reference:  Yeshua 52:35


For unto Yeshua was it appointed that he should reveal in secret the mysteries of the gnosis, even the hidden knowledge which God alone did know;

Causing that those which were appointed to receive might hold in trust for future ages the mysteries of Azraella; when the sons and daughters of light and glory did fiercely war against the Chief Demiurgos, even Yaldabaoth; shaking through most fearsome battles, the very gates of Heaven.

Yeshua 52:34-35



See:  Ahgendai, Azrael, Azurgai, Dread Savior, Mahaleenah, Mahaliel, Mighty One, Shondii, Son of Man, the Father, Yaldabaoth, Warrior God


Summary:  The Azraella Ahgendai is the masculine aspect of an offspring created by the Supreme Father and Mother of Heaven: The One and Areta. The Azraella was foreordained to be the First and Sovereign Father of a new order of Godhood referred to as the “Ahgendai”, which in the language of God means: “the dread saviors of Heaven” (5:3:11).


In the likeness of their conjoined Heavenly Parents, the Ahgendai was born as a both a male and female. The feminine aspect of the Ahgendai is known as Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia. As the male and female aspects of the Ahgendai matured, they became separate and sovereign individuals. The two exist as the first of their kind, brought forth to protect the realms of Light against the dark forces of the dreadful Nemesis known as Yaldabaoth, Chief of the Demiurgos.


The rise of the Ahgendai represents an advancement along the Hodos Alea — the path of eternal progression. The expansion was introduced as a result of The One and Areta determining a way to save Heaven from the creeping demise of complacency and mediocrity. This was accomplished by bringing forth two opposing powers, as represented by the Ahgendai and the Antipode (the power which would later become Yaldabaoth). It was The One's intent that the kingdoms of Heaven be continually renewed and invigorated through the struggle between these two opposing forces.


As the Sovereign Father of the Ahgendai, the Azraella has proven himself as a loving defender and champion of virtue. Yet, he is often referred to as the Dread Savior, or the Mighty One, known by the citizens of Heaven as a fierce and dreadful warrior whose power and glory far outmatches that of the Arch-Angels. Unmoved by fear and unyielding in his resolve, the Azraella is relentless in his efforts to protect the Heavenly Realms and make manifest the will of his parents, The One and Areta.



Conception and Birth of the Ahgendai              5:2:66-70         5:3:1-15, 43-62           5:7:1-27

While the Ahgendai was conceived by The One and Areta, it was impossible for Areta to carry the pregnancy due to the nature of her union with The One. Thus, it was determined that the pregnancy be carried by the Azurgai: the seven sentient reflections of Areta's virtue. Each of the seven Azurgai carried the pregnancy of the Ahgendai for a term of seven years. After the infant’s birth, the Azurgai became as surrogate mothers to the infant, each nurturing the Ahgendai for twelve years.


The infant Ahgendai was born as both a male and a female, exhibiting the traits of its conjoined Parents (5:3:6-7). As the Ahgendai matured, the male and female aspects became separate and sovereign individuals. Their names, Azraella Ahgendai and Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia, were given to them by the Azurgai (5:7:25). The two were intended to become the Father and Mother to future generations of their kind. However, the nature of their relationship unexpectedly deviated from a Beloved state to that of a Father-Daughter rapport (5:7:53-56; 5:11:32-40). In congruence with this relationship, the Azraella is often referred to as ‘the Father’, while Mahaleenah has assumed the role and designation of ‘the Daughter’.



Schooling of the Ahgendai       5:4:22-23         5:7:28-52           5:8:1 — 5:10:18            5:10:19 — 5:11:31

Hoping to prove worthy of communion with their Heavenly Parents, the Ahgendai chose the path of struggle and opposition over safety, joy and innocence. Azraella was led by the Azurgai to the edge of the Abyss where he was promptly confronted by his new dark teachers, the Eidos and the Antipode. For eternities, midst the dark and crushing depths of the great Abyss, the soul of the Ahgendai was tried and tested. While Mahaleenah was hidden within the soul of Azraella, she remained aware of the pain and struggle endured by her Father (5:9:1-49). Eventually, the Ahgendai escaped the Abyss and were able to unite with their Heavenly Parents.



A New Kingdom of Glory      5:11:55 — 5:13:32

Areta and The One invited the Ahgendai to create a home where they and their progeny would forever dwell. After the Ahgendai established a covenant with the Azurgai, foundations for a new Heaven were created, and a home is fashioned for the future generations of the Ahgendai. The new kingdom is established around one of the seven suns of Ashengaard, given to the Ahgendai to establish their domain. The home planet, Mahaliel, is orbited by seven moons, each representing a step along the path towards exaltation in the kingdom of the Ahgendai (Wisdom 28:15).



Creations of the Azraella        5:12:65-75

As the Ahgendai established foundations for their new kingdom, the Azraella brought forth various creations to assist him in his purpose of defending Heaven. These creations include the Oggaliaphim, the Koshendai, and the Kragenjin.



Protecting the Realms of Heaven

•  The presence and power of the Ahgendai was first revealed during Yaldabaoth's initial attack against the Terrestrial Kingdom. The frightful destruction wrought by the Nemesis was abruptly interrupted as the Azraella descended to stand against the Lord of Chaos, successfully binding up Yaldabaoth and casting him from the Heavenly Realms.        5:16:43-70         5:17:1-38


•  Azraella accompanies Ahman in the intervention of Shaemdiel's rebellion. Shaemdiel and the Fallen are cast from the Celestial Kingdom, and escorted by Azraella to the distant realms of the First Cosmos.
E:9:61-75        6:2:7-12        6:2:50-66


•  The Ahgendai lead the forces of Light in defending Heaven against Yaldabaoth and his Demiurge hordes during the Second War.       6th Endowment 9-13



Azraella's Connection to the Elohim         1:3:13-14, 20             1:8:52-56            6:8:24-37, 40-45

Due to the unique traits of the Ahgendai, the Council of Elohim petitioned Azraella to assist in guiding and stabilizing dispensations on this world, the world of the First Power (1:2:30-32).  After the near failure of the fifth dispensation (1:2:27; 1:3:44; Ariel, Ariel Disclosure), Azraella was commissioned to assume leadership over the sixth dispensation, initiating and overseeing its unfolding. With the completion of the Song of God, the sixth dispensation has allegedly been established.



Names, Titles and Designations


The Father (occurrences ?)       5:13:6            6:1:3

In the 5th and 6th Endowment, the Azraella and Mahaleenah are often referred to as “the Father and his Daughter”.



Dread Savior (10)         5:3:11         5:4:18         6:6:33

This name comes from the word “Ahgendai”, which means: “the dread saviors of Heaven”. The One and Areta often refer to their son as the Dread Savior.



One like unto the Son of Man (5)              W:2:39           E:9:62          6:2:11-16

This designation is used to identify the Azraella — as the son of The One, who is the Son of Man Eternal.



Mighty One (16)         1:5:36         W:16:51         W:20:29          W:20:5

This appellation has to do with the unique parentage, nature and character of the Azraella as the Sovereign Father of the Ahgendai. Similar designations include: Great and Mighty One (3), mighty one  (5), one mighty and strong (3).  



Lord and Prince of the Seven Steps, Protector of the Keep (4)        W:20:4          2:12:14-15         5:8:19

This designation was foreordained by The One, derived from the inherent authority of the Azraella as Supreme Father of the Ahgendai, and defender of the Heavenly realms. The Seven Steps is reference to the new order of Hodos Alea as it pertains to achieving exaltation in the kingdom of the Ahgendai (W:28:15).




[The One speaking to Areta]

20. Hush now, my tender Love, and this most firmly know: that even though I should bring forth this dark and dreadful Nemesis which would prove the worth of our estate, still shall I bring forth to match him, a mystery and a power.

21. For you know already how that to every power, force or dominion there is given also an opposite power, force or dominion; and these opposites, though they should struggle fearsomely against each the other, still would they hold at bay each the other.

22. Therefore, my Love, let go your fear and in your heart cease to tremble; for it is only our wish that we make Heaven seem forever new and filled with wonder.

23. And though the Darkness should shake it fiercely without relent, still shall the Heavens hold well their place; for we shall give to watch over the kingdoms of Light a dread and fearful Savior; and he shall make the Heavens live forever in brightness and glory.

24. Proving before the heavenly host his care for them, being in his person the one most mighty and strong; being himself unmoved by fear, nor possessing within himself any degree of turning; but standing before the dark Nemesis as one most calm and fully knowing.

25. Fashioned not by darkness, but by love and fierce resolve; becoming to all who dwell within the kingdoms of Light as some great mystery filled with power and dreadful might, but being in his person always guided by kindness whereby he might make forever new this Heaven which we love.

26. Bearing upon his shoulders the weight of our concerns, then proceeding himself to right them; ever seeking the victory of good over evil and of light over darkness; to stand himself before that dark power as one made true and fierce relentless, being indomitable and unshaken before the dreadful fury.

27. Thus would I bring forth for the sake of Heaven, a dreadful darkness filled with a darksome evil, terrible and unexpected wherewith he would seek through fury to destroy and plunder the holy places;

28. Even as I would also bring forth for the sake of our estate, a Savior of unbreakable will and bright resolve; that in the conflict between such opposing powers, the Heavens might be invigorated, to cherish more strongly still the kingdoms of the Light.

29. So shall there come forth into Heaven, the presence of the Warrior God, who would himself protect and rightly guard the whole of our estate.

5th Endowment 2:20-29


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - -


Thus shall we create together a more exalted God, becoming himself the very path which would bridge the chasm which does even now separate us from the highest and most exalted Councils of the Light.

5th Endowment 2:32


Hear then the fullness of our designs in bringing forth that son who would defend all Heaven against the darkness of the Antipode; for together shall we make agreement with the intelligences which reside within that yonder stream, even that silver thread of purest virtue;

Causing that we should form from out of all our need and love, a great and mighty son, which son shall appear at the first even as we shall be, having in his very person both male and female parts.

Being made from infancy, even as we would be, united in oneness, both God and Goddess, both male and female; which at maturity shall both become as separate and fully sovereign; becoming themselves in the time appointed, the Father and Mother of the very Ahgendai.”

5th Endowment 3:5-7

Azrael (Ondi-Ahman)