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Book of God


Occurrences:  6 - “Book of God”     10 - “book”

First Reference:  4th Endowment 20:34  (“book” — 4th Endowment 17:27)


And she gave to Megordoc the “Book of God”, which book contained the teachings of Adamilus and Evelah, and of Noaeya and Sariah also; and Megordoc read the book day and night, and by and by after three years of study, he likewise became a believer also.



See:  Terralee


Summary:  On the mortal world of Terralee, the teachings of those recognized as dispensational leaders were collected and compiled over the course of thousands of years, and placed into what was referred to as the “Book of God” (4:20:34). The “Book of God”, or at least an initial version of the text, existed as early as the days of Sariah, leader of the third dispensation (4:17:27). Sariah’s book on faith, hope and trust, referred to as “The Teachings of Sariah”, was eventually added to the collection which contained the teachings of Adamilus and Evelah, and Noaeya (4:19:65-66).


The compilation of teachings was not referred to as the “Book of God” until the days of Megordoc, the fourth great teacher of Terralee. After the passing of Megordoc (Moshe), his teachings were also included in the “Book of God” (4:20:34). The fifth teacher, known as Abbahdon, became an expert on the book of teachings, memorizing word for word the “Book of God”, as well as the nine commentaries written by Moshe (4:23:48-49). This was an amazing achievement given that Abbahdon was blinded by fever at the age of twelve (4:23:29-30). His teachings on fortitude and grace were eventually included in the “Book of God”, which had become a most treasured work by many:


And so the teachings of Abbahdon did likewise find place in the word of God, being written in the book which all men treasured as something holy and deeply knowing of every heart; containing within its pages an endless grace and a hidden wisdom.

4th Endowment 26:1


While the book became a respected work among believers, it was not exempt from criticism. In the days of Laecontes, a man named Gadaris established a fanatical, monotheistic religious sect known as the Gadarites. Adherents held closely to a book written by Gadaris, which denounced “in scathing words the teachings of Adamilus and Evelah and of all who came from Heaven” (4:26:22). Laecontes proved graceful and wise in dealing with the Gadarites, and his teachings were eventually included in the “Book of God” (4:29:1).


The seventh and last teacher formally recognized on Terralee was known as Kaseah the Beautiful (4:29:10). Her teachings on harmony were also included the “Book of God” (4:31:46).


The content included in the 4th Endowment could perhaps be considered a condensed version of the “Book of God”.




By such means did the second dispensation commence upon the world of Terralee; and the teachings of Noaeya did Noaeya write in a book for all to read and deep remember.

4th Endowment 12:65


Now it was the custom of Sariah that on the seventh day of every week, she would sit in the gardens of the city and there would she read from the book, which book contained all the sayings and teachings of Adamilus and Evelah and Noaeya, too.

4th Endowment 17:27


These then are but a small part of the words which Sariah spoke; and the scribes did write down all which she had taught, to compile it in a book of sayings; which book was called: The Teachings of Sariah.

And for sixty years did Sariah continue to speak of faith and hope and godly trust; and when she was old and bent with years, then was the book added to the teachings of Adamilus and Evelah, and Noaeya too, to become as one in the hand, filled with wisdom and benevolence and faith.

4th Endowment 19:65-66


Thus spoke the great but gentle Moshe, and when he was concluded, even all his words were written down and sent throughout the world of man; and when he was gone from the earth, then were his words added to the book which came from God.

4th Endowment 22:62


These then were the words of the Divine Laecontes, and faithfully were they written down and given to the whole assembly, and in the Book of God were the teachings of Laecontes placed beside the teachings of Abbahdon.

4th Endowment 29:1


Thus began the seventh dispensation through the teachings of Kaseah, and all her words and teachings did the assembly preserve to put in the Book of God, whereby whoever should so desire might read and study and deeply ponder.

4th Endowment 31:46



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