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Occurrences:  8 (not including “Father of Chaos”)

First Reference:  Enlightenment 1:28


Thus was there caused to emanate from out of the soul of Yaldabaoth, the deep and rumbling voice of Chaos; and the terrible sound thereof did reach out into the Chasm and touch the heart of Shaemdiel.



See:  Abyss, Darkness, Deep (the), Dominion, Eidos, Father of Chaos, Yaldabaoth


Summary:  The term “Chaos” is most often associated with Yaldabaoth, the Chief Demiurgos and Nemesis of God and Heaven. Throughout scripture, it is Yaldabaoth who assumes and exemplifies this title. For example, the “voice of Chaos” (E:1:28; E:10:15; 1:6:18) is said to emanate from the “Lord” or “Father of Chaos” (E:1:25,34; 1:5:20; 5:10:1).  


A more nuanced perspective regarding Yaldabaoth’s title may be gleaned from reviewing his origins as the Antipode while battling the Eidos and the Azraella in the great Abyss (5th Endowment 6—9). The evolution of Yaldabaoth was significantly influenced by the environment of the Abyss, and his interaction with the Eidos and the Azraella. From a chronological perspective, the term “Chaos” is first associated with the Eidos and its dwelling place, the great Abyss. Consider the following verses which present the moment when Areta and The One leave the Antipode alone upon the edge of the Abyss:



And together did the lights recede, moving away from the great Abyss, to leave alone and unattended the darkling seed of awesome power; causing that the Antipode should cry out into the Chaos which spewed out before him.


Deep within the darkness turning,

deep within the Chaos churning,

moved the Eidos ever burning,

burning with a fearful spite....

5th Endowment 6:17-18



The passage continues to describe how the oracle-empowered Eidos, referred to as the “lord of Chaos” (5:6:23), quickly moved to annihilate the Antipode, which proved beyond the Eidos’ ability to destroy. Having survived the initial confrontation with the Eidos, the Antipode introduces himself, saying: “I am Darkness...seeking for myself that dreadful teacher who would fill me up with darkest knowledge” (5:6:26-28). The Eidos then introduces himself, saying:



...“I am Eidos, Lord of Chaos, ruler of the great Abyss. Mindless Purposer and Thoughtless Creator have I become, spewing out from all my depths the matter unformed; creating through violent fury the cosmos which you see.”

5th Endowment 6:33



These passages show that it was the oracle-empowered Eidos who initially distinguished himself as the Lord of Chaos, while the Antipode self-identified as “Darkness”. However, both of these attributes —darkness and chaos–- are depicted as primary characteristics of the Deep and the primordial Eidos:



But there existed within the vastness, a power which moved and brooded in the greatness of the Deep, being in itself masculine in force and presence; being called Eidos, the uncreated and unbounded; even the mindless creator and thoughtless purposer of all things created and uncreated.

For all matter does spring forth out of the midst of the Eidos itself, having neither shape nor form; being pushed and moved about by such chaos as did stir within the depths of the Eidos.

3rd Endowment 1:20-21



For eternities the Antipode battled against the Eidos and the Azraella in the depths of the Abyss, evolving to becoming Yaldabaoth, Father of Chaos, Lord of Darkness, the Chief Demiurgos of the matter unformed (1:6:19; 1:7:9; 5:9:75; 5:17:56). Stealing the oracle of beingness from the Eidos (5:4:12-15; 5:10:4-12), Yaldabaoth came to represent the intelligent and formidable manifestation of chaos, doom and darkness (1:5:19-23).





Significant chapters pertaining to the origins of Yaldabaoth         5th Endowment 6,  8,  9,  10


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But in Heaven did the Father of All speak unto the Lords and Gods of Elohim, saying: “Behold, the kingdom of my glory has Darkness touched; against the greater Light has Chaos set forth the hand to trouble.”

Enlightenment 1:45


Thus did Yaldabaoth, being himself blind and filled with Chaos, make also blind the Son of the Morning Light; to place in him the heart of anarchy, having his vision obscured through cunning deceit.

Enlightenment 5:15


Thus did there war within the Deep the Lords of Chaos, which war would engage both the Eidos and Yaldabaoth for the length of three eternities.

5th Endowment 10:76


For without the intelligence of the spirit is the body left formless and filled with all manner of chaos and darkness, being undirected by the power which is come from God above.

Yeshua 26:40

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