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Occurrences:  93

First Reference:  Beginnings 17:29


And there attended unto her a host of Cherubim and Seraphim, and there encircled them round about the fires of Kolob that there might not approach unto them any unclean thing.



See:  Adamic, Goieye, guardian angels, Pensieye, Shulieye, Xandalea    


Refer to:     4th Endowment 3:1-60        4th Endowment 4:1-10        4th Endowment 9:37-50


Summary:  An intelligent, humanoid species that evolved in the First Cosmos, the Cherubim were rescued by First God, The One and Areta, from their dying planet called Xandalea (4:3:1-60). Upon invitation, the Cherubim agreed to become citizens of Heaven and on their own accord pledged to serve God throughout the eternities, to become the guardian angels of Heaven.


The Cherubim do not speak their language, but rather, they communicate through song. Peaceful, curious, and playful by nature, all Cherubim are born as hermaphrodite twins, exhibiting traits not unlike those of a human boy. It is not until puberty that self-fertilization begins, initiating a seven-year gestation period, during which the cherub develops her wings and the faculties of a female body (AZC — Cherubim).


The Cherubim are represented by three tribes, referred to in scripture as “Houses”. These Houses are: the Goieye, the Shulieye, and the Pensieye. Each tribe can be easily identified by their wings.


House Goieye is by far the largest in population. Their wings are like those of a butterfly (4:3:10), the patterns and colors of which are unique to the individual cherub. The Goieye nurture and care for the innocent children of God on the moons of Paradise (4:4:29-31).


The Cherubim of the Shulieye have large feathered wings that are typically white (4:3:11). Working under the auspices of the House of Mithron, the Shulieye serve as guardian angels to the spirit children who choose to enter the crucible of mortal life (4:9:36-51).


The rarest of the Cherubim are the Pensieye. With wings like “great billowing sheets of gossamer” (4:3:12), this tribe serves as guardians of the Paradise moons and planets of Heaven, working closely with planetary spirits to protect and nurture the life of each planet.



Azrael’s Commentary — Cherubim


Cherubim are true hermaphrodites. In childhood, the Cherubim have no wings; they look almost like human children. However, during puberty the maleness of a cherub impregnates the female part of the cherub. What follows is a gestation period of seven years, during which the pregnant cherub develops its wings as well as the body type of a fully functional female body. All Cherubim, except for the young, are female. All Cherubim give birth to twins, although there are rare cases when triplets are born. Contrary to the sensibilities of churchgoers, the Cherubim do not wear clothing of any type, for there is no way for clothing to accommodate their large wings. Also, all Cherubim receive nourishment from their mother’s breasts. It does not matter how old they are. From infancy and throughout eternity, all Cherubim feed off their mothers.


The Cherubim were important to the development of the Adamic language of God. This language is sung by the Cherubim. I have never heard the Cherubim speak their language as we speak ours. They sing their language; to them everything is an opera. As a species the Cherubim are very social beings. They are happy, thoughtful, playful, curious, and on some occasions just down right mischievous. They love a good practical joke. And the object of their practical jokes are the Seraphim. I don’t know why. The Cherubim will wait patiently for years for a joke to fully play itself out. I have no idea how the Seraphim feel about this.


Although God has, throughout the endless generations of eternity, offered the Cherubim a place on the council of Elohim, the Cherubim have always refused. For some reason unknown to God, the Cherubim, as a species, prefer to serve God. In the First and Second War of Heaven, the Cherubim served with extraordinary valor and steadfastness (Enlightenment 9:5-31). During the battle of Gilliahmas, the Cherubim could be heard singing to each other over the din of battle. Their courage and eagerness to defend the Heavens against the dreadful onslaught of Yaldabaoth was inspiring and sometimes tragic. During the Second War of Heaven many thousands of the Cherubim fell in battle. Their memorial can be seen in the regions of Sha Malan El Marish. There you will see an exquisite nebula of extraordinary brightness and color, in the shape of a cherub rushing into battle.


Azrael’s Commentary — Adamic Language (para. 3-4)


...[the greatest influence] on the Adamic language language was the discovery, rescue and inclusion of the Cherubim who were rescued by God on the world of Xandalea. This language, developed by the Cherubim during the course of their social evolution, had the greatest impact on what would later become the most beautifully spoken language ever to be uttered by the citizens of Heaven. Sixty percent of the Adamic language has its origins with the Cherubim.


The written form of the Adamic language was almost entirely adopted by God from the written language of the Cherubim, and came to be called: Eno Adaam, or low Adamic, and proved very useful in conveying complex ideas while creating the Telestial Kingdom of Glory. This written language is represented by no less than 5,000 characters within a single alphabet. Those characters are called oracles. They are called oracles because they reveal the hidden mind of God.[...]


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Prominent Cherubim in the Song of God


Bashiel                        House Pensieye — A guardian at the gates of the Keep           Enlightenment 9:5-13

Shadiel                        High ranking / Presiding member of the Shulieye             Wisdom 24:17

Loriel of Avion             First and Sovereign Queen of the Pensieye     Enlightenment 9       5th Endowment 15:71

Murel-Sundii-Mahali     First and Sovereign Queen of the Shulieye          5th Endowment 12:42-64



Organizational Structure      4th Endowment 4:57-60


100 Cherubim = 1 Chorus

10 Choruses = 1 Congregation (1,000 Cherubim)

10 Congregations = 1 House (10,000 Cherubim)





For it is given to the Cherubim to serve the Gods of Heaven, being ourselves most truly devoted and filled with love; for it is gratitude which guides the affection of all our hearts; for in the ancient long ago did God the Father and the Mother save the Cherubim from sure destruction.

Thus throughout the ages, from eternity to eternity have the Cherubim served the God of Heaven, to watch with care the children of their love; and in whatsoever place the Gods of Heaven should choose to go, even there have the Cherubim followed; giving to God the joy of all our service.

5th Endowment 12:52-53


But of all things great and small, beyond the things which are seen, or heard, or touched, flew the angels of God, being themselves the very Cherubim which continued steadily to increase in numbers and in power and in dominion, establishing among themselves such principles of joy as would prove to the good of all.

For the Cherubim of Heaven bore not the burden of “I” or “me,” but were themselves communal in nature and disposition, becoming altogether as one among themselves, being beyond the taint of envy or jealousy or hurtful pride, seeing in the benefit of one the good of all.

To find in the loving of one another the truest fulfillment and joy, being ever anxious to uplift the heart of all living things through songs and gentle mirth, striving always to increase the good through some kind and tender humor, being themselves most deeply moved by some soft and rich emotion.

4th Endowment 4:2-4


Hear then, my gentle angels, of all my plans together, for you have likewise raised our children midst soft and kind regard, to tend them with a constant hand, having taken them as if your own to feed upon your breasts midst songs of love and happy life.

Know then and do not fear or prove yourselves most anxious; for we know well your love and bright devotion to even all the children of our soul, and are determined ourselves, that in their living of the mortal life, even you shall yet watch over them, to be to them as guardian angels filled with love and deepest knowing regarding the goal of our design.

4th Endowment 5:38-39


Thus did God speak to the Cherubim which were quietly gathered; and hearing this, they were filled with full agreement, and did, themselves, petition that they should likewise walk beside the children of God in the living of the mortal life;

To prove themselves as guardian angels, to hide within the veil; being themselves as ever watchful, touching gently the soul of all who live, to bring as gifts a gentle blessing in the living of each day.

4th Endowment 5:57-58


For the Cherubim are the emissaries of all our glory, bearing in their gentle forms the beauty of Heaven and life together forged through joy and endless wonder, bringing by their presence the fulfillment of every hope filled with yearning.

Giving to those which should see with the eyes and hear with the ears the passing of the angels that inward assurance that God is always near, and does watch with happy heart over all who shall live in this second principality;

Causing that even every man and every woman should find in the soul of God an endless stream of life and love, hope and joy filled with light and glory, which stream does burst forth through the senses of the flesh to fill their life with wonder.

4th Endowment 14:7-9


For even the very angels which walk in light beside you, even they do daily speak, striving through all their love to touch the weary heart, to bear you up when storms swiftly come to steal away your joy.

Yearning themselves to lift you higher still, above the rushing storm, to whisper into your heart the happy frain: ‘Peace, be still, for God is near.’

4th Endowment 19:25-26


...“The House of Shevas has yet a secondary mandate, and that mandate is to provide a house of gathering and council for the Cherubim and the Seraphim. All Cherubim and Seraphim are represented by the House of Shevas.”

Azrael’s Commentary — House of Shevas; para. 5

Chen (empire)
Chief Archon