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Councils of Light (Seven) / Seven Councils


Occurrences:  22   (“Councils of Light/the Light” | “Councils of the Seven Lights” | “Seven Councils of Light”)

First Reference:  1st Endowment 1:39


Be you, therefore, strongly resolved and all determined within; for you shall we cause to stand before the Councils of the Light wherein the glory of The One will make clearly manifest the greatest mystery of all.



See:  Celestial Kingdom, God, Heaven, Houses (seven), Kolob, Light, Seven Lights (Council of)


Summary:  The Celestial Kingdom of Heaven is comprised of seven realms of glory wherein the Gods and Goddesses reside and continue to progress. Each Celestial realm is organized and overseen by a governing body referred to as a “Council of Light”. Each Council of Light is established in its own solar system. The seven suns of the Celestial Kingdom are referred to as the suns of Kolob. Each celestial realm is comprised of three planets, with each planet having up to four moons. The glory and power of each celestial realm and its attendant population is correlated to its proximity to a central galactic point (Absolute Zero), represented by the planet Ker-El-Shamudef. In similar fashion, the glory of each celestial planet is correlated with its proximity to its sun.


The first Council of Light to be organized amidst the creation and progression of the Celestial Kingdom was the Council of Elohim. This realm is the oldest, yet least exalted of the seven Councils. The youngest, yet highest and most exalted Council is that of El Jor El. The Seven Councils work together to accomplish the designs of the First God — the Supreme Mother and Father of Heaven, referred to as Areta and The One. This supreme governing body is designated as the “Council of the Seven Lights”.


As a Beloved couple, a Heavenly Mother and Father are appointed by election and ordination to serve at the head of each Council. The presiding Father and Mother serve under the title of “Ahman”. The Matriarchy and Patriarchy of each Council is equally represented by the presiding co-Ahmans, and seven Beloved Chief Arch-Angel couples who serve under the Ahman. Arch-Angels are, by all intents and purposes, Gods and Goddesses. However, it is important to note that “God” is not a single celestial being, but rather, “God” is the representation of a collective and divine will, which divine will is either the reflection of a particular Council, or all Seven Councils of Light.


Each Council has its own particular responsibilities and mandates which vary in scope and nature. The Seven Councils of Light and their presiding Ahmans are listed below by rank, ie: proximity to Absolute Zero, oldest to youngest, lowest to highest (1:2:4-5; 5:13:38-39):


Council of Lords
Court of Judgment
Presiding co-Ahmans
Primary Sun
Primary Planet
Xanathea  (E:2:4)
Jeruel  (E:2:6)



Azrael's Commentary — Seven Councils of Light


The Seven Councils of Light each have three worlds of their own, and these worlds are assigned by rank and glory to a specific sun of the Kolob. The three worlds which belong to the Council of Elohim revolve around the sun called Xanathea. This sun has the largest orbit around the world of Ker-El-Shamudef, and hence is the furthest away from the center place. The three worlds of El Jor El orbit a sun called Kanthia, which is closest in orbit around Ker-El-Shamudef.


The world of Ker-El-Shamudef is found in the very center place of the suns of Kolob. All the suns of Kolob orbit around Ker-El-Shamudef. This unique planet is in fact the source to which all unused energy found throughout Olaha Shinehah is sent. This collected energy is sent directly into the suns of Kolob which in turn provide all the energy for all the celestial worlds of Heaven. Ker-El-Shamudef is a very unusual planet, for it is actually constructed of an extremely rare substance called Kerrillean. Thus, Ker-El-Shamudef would appear to you as a sphere of highly rarified, polished glass which would sparkle and dazzle your very senses. Yet it is not glass; its substance is rare even by heavenly standards. On this world you will find no mountains, seas, valleys or anything else that you would normally associate with a living world.


No one lives on Ker-El-Shamudef, it is merely a gathering place for the supreme governing body of all the realms of Heaven. This elite council is known as the Council of the Seven Lights, and convenes only on two occasions: 1) at the behest of The One and Areta, and 2) at the Nexus of a new eternity. These gatherings always take place on Ker-El-Shamudef. As a general rule, only those whose glory is that of the Archon or greater are permitted to attend any of the sessions of the supreme council. But on rare occasions, all members of the seven celestial councils may be invited to witness something truly exceptional.


There are 115 permanent members on the Council of the Seven Lights. These members are the Ahmans of each council, plus the seven Chief Archons, both Patriarchal and Matriarchal, of each council. The Seraphim elect only one member to represent all the tribes of the Seraphim on the Council of Seven Lights. Over this sublime quorum presides The One and Areta. What is interesting is the fact that the Ahgendai are not permanent members of this council, but are instead permanent members of an even more exclusive council known as the Council of The One. This council consists of eleven members: The One, Areta, the Azraella and his Daughter, plus the seven Azurgai.


Prior to the First War in Heaven, there was no single supreme governing body called the Council of the Seven Lights. With the rebellion of Shaemdiel and the battle between Yaldabaoth and the Azraella, in which the Ahman Dahmiel was made a casualty, the kingdoms of celestial glory saw a need for a single governing body which could respond as one in dealing with the dark Savior known as the Azraella. Instead of the Ahgendai having to deal with seven separate councils, there was now one which could decide things for all councils at once. It was The One and Areta which assembled the first supreme council and defined for them their mandate: at the approach of war, whatever the Azraella shall command for the defense of the heavenly realms, this shall the Seven Councils of Light strive with all diligence to do.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The supreme governing body referred to in Azrael’s Commentary as the Council of the Seven Lights is only mentioned once in scripture (5:17:36). It was perhaps at this gathering that The One and Areta organized the  Council of the Seven Lights and its mandates.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Prior to the creation of a new kingdom of Heaven — the kingdom of the Aghendai — scripture alludes to the existence of higher Councils, even more exalted realms than those of El Jor El (5:1:67). In fact, one of the purposes of bringing forth the Antipode and the Ahgendai was to bridge the chasm that existed between the most glorified realms of the Celestial Kingdom and the reality achieved and inhabited by First God, The One and Areta (5:2:32). The art of eternal progression and sustaining the evolution of humankind maintains itself as a primary theme throughout the Song of God (3:1:49; 4:13:30-31; 4:14:28; 4:15:10, 63; 6:3:7). With the rise of the Ahgendai, a new, more exalted kingdom of glory (along with a new pathway of achievement) has come to exist (6:13:50).





For I tell you truly that even I did behold the very fullness of God, being caught up in the glory of many lights; for the brightness of The One did I behold, and all the light which I had before ever seen did seem as dim beside the brightness of his glory.

For I beheld The One from whose bosom all things glorious are made to flow, and there was stretched out before him, in all holy array, the Councils of the Seven Lights, which Councils are: the Council of Elohim, the Council of Elolam, the Council of Elkashie, the Council of Shem El Koreem, the Council of El Ramadee, the Council of El Kolobree, and the Council of El Jor El also.

And around the Councils of the Light were gathered the very beginnings of some endless creation, even an endless multitude of galaxies did I see, filled with stars of every color and size, moving and turning and dancing before the gathered light.

1st Endowment 2:3-5


And there was convened a great gathering of Gods and Goddesses, and there presided among them the seven Ahmans of the heavenly hosts, each according to their several councils: from the Council of El Jor El did there preside both Kikuriel and Miriel;

From the Council of El Kolobree did there preside Shuliel and Xaniel; from the Council of El Ramadee presided Dahmiel and Bithliel; from the Council of Shem El Koreem presided Shoandiel and Doriel; from the Council of Elkashie presided Pajmiel and Hashimiel; from the Council of Elolam presided Henliel and Bashiel; and from the Council of Elohim presided Noeiel and Galendriel.

These then were the seven Ahmans which presided among all the Gods and Goddesses which were most happily gathered to discuss among themselves the mysteries which moved within the Tael; for the mystery within the Tael did they call the Janmoleah.

5th Endowment 13:38-40


Who then would take upon themselves so great a challenge as now would stand before us? Who has proven most worthy in taking hold the hand of God and thereby achieve a far more greater glory than ever dreamed before?

Only to the Eloheim would so great a work first be given, for of all the Councils of Light, Eloheim is the oldest and most senior; having proved themselves through countless eternities as always eager in working with The One and Areta in the building of the Heavens.

6th Endowment 3:15-16


El Jor El

El Kolobree

El Ramadee

Shem El Koreem





(Absolute Zero)

Suns of Ashengaard

Regions of



Celestial Kingdom

Maximum glory:

12 dimensions

3 primes

7 fractals

7 realms (solar systems)

3 planets per sun

7 cities per planet

1-4 moons per planet
12 cities per moon

*Sizes, distances and apparent magnitudes are not to scale.