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Deep / Depth


Occurrences:  99 - Deep     11 - Depth

First Reference:  Wisdom 18:19   /   Enlightenment 1:4


And when Michael had said these things, he took the Teacher by the arm and stood him before the great Deep, and the man looked and beheld countless galaxies moving in their majesty.

Wisdom 18:19


Thus did there leap forth out of the Depth, Yaldabaoth who would stand forever above all the Demiurge, being called the Chief Demiurgos.

Enlightenment 1:4

See:  Abyss, Chasm, Darkness, Eidos, Void


Summary:  While "the Deep" may include what is commonly known as outer space, the term is prominently used in scripture to distinguish a more abstract concept of anti-space/time — a reality that pre-exists space and physical matter as we understand it. Used synonymously with the term ‘Void (W:18:23), this environment of ‘anti-space’ and ‘anti-time’ is designated as the realm of the Single Supreme Source, referred to as the Eidos (5:4:13). The Deep represents the birthplace of unformed matter (E:1:5), and the environment in which the Universal Consciousness known as Areta awoke (7:1:3).

The Deep is described at times as being ‘endless’, however, the text seems to indicate specific locations or demarcations of depth that are significant, such as the Abyss
(5:7:33-34), or the Chasm, or the “edge of the great Deep” (5:4:29).





3:1:19-31         The Deep of ‘anti-space/time’ that preceded the singularity, Big Bang, and creation of the universe.


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Now hearing this, the Azraella spoke, saying: “Where is this dreadful Deep that I might see it for myself?” Then did the Azurgai take council among themselves, and when they were decided, they took unto the edge of chaos, the Ahgendai of God.

Seeing then the fearsome Deep and hearing well the dreadful sounds which spewed out from the great Abyss, the female child within the light did slightly tremble; and she whispered to Azraella, saying: “Father, I’m frightened and filled with deep forebodings.”

5th Endowment 7:33-34


And God took the seed, even the universal seed, and placed it in the great Deep, even the Void. And it did grow and swell because of the heat that came by reason of God’s great light and glory.

Wisdom 18:23


Then did Areta speak to her Beloved, saying: “Consider, my Love, the billions of galaxies which move most swiftly in a hot and outward rush, being themselves scattered throughout a vast and endless Deep, to pull along in trailing fashion the threads of space and time.

Going forth in outward movement, one galaxy away from another, until at last they lose momentum, to surrender themselves in isolation to the call of singularity, which distant call will pull all matter back into another cosmic egg; and by such forces as strongly bind within the cosmic egg, put an end to space and time till it be born anew.

4th Endowment 2:45-46


For it is the Abyss which shall prove the school and the Eidos shall prove the teacher. For it is the Eidos which rules the Deep, pouring from out of his powers, the matter unformed, being himself cold and callous and cruel indifferent.

5th Endowment 4:13


For in this world beyond beginnings is Heaven made to dwell far beyond, and the glory of all Elohim has the endless Deep made separate and apart through the closing of countless veils of dark obscurity.

Enlightenment 13:33


And knowing not the power which brought him forth, he beheld, as though alone, the great Depth and the Abyss, and seeing the unformed matter springing up out of the Deep, he boasted within himself, saying:

Enlightenment 1:5


“Have you not seen for yourself how that there is given unto the Olaha Shinehah millions upon millions of stars, which stars do shine brightly across the face of the Deep; and how that unto each of these there is given a world of glory?

Enlightenment 1:41


Thus did Yaldabaoth ponder the greatness of Olaha Shinehah, and looking beyond the joyful realms and across the Chasm of the Deep, he saw the suns of Kolob brightly shining like a jewel in the midst of a starry crown.

5th Endowment 15:27


And going to the edge of the great Deep, The One and Areta forged together a dark and fearsome oracle which would give to Eidos the power of thought and speech; and when they were completed, they took the oracle and into the great Abyss did they cast it, causing that the very depths of chaos should shudder from the power of it.

5th Endowment 4:29