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Pronunciation:  AI-dos

Occurrences:  161

First Reference:  Enlightenment 14:14


Endless Soul have I become, for the realm of Eidos have I placed as a footstool beneath my feet, while the Areta I have set as a crown upon my head.



See:  Abyss, Areta, Deep/Depth, Void


Summary:  Before the beginning of time and space, midst an endless Void of nothingness, there existed a masculine, primordial force referred to as the Eidos. Existing as the Single Supreme Source from which all things would have their beginning, the Eidos is described as being “the uncreated and unbounded; even the mindless creator and thoughtless purposer of all things created and uncreated” (3:1:19-21; 1:6:3-4).


The Eidos is said to have originally existed within a cold and sterile sea of ‘anti-space’, void of both matter and energy and possessing a perfect symmetry and harmonious balance, for within its bizarre and mysterious structure nothing else existed. There was only the one Single Supreme Source that dwelt in an ocean of massless, unformed matter which had no ability to form even the simplest of atomic structures. It was within the midst of this primordial Eidos that the First Emanation came to exist. This First Emanation represented the birth of a Supreme Consciousness, the mysteries and feminine cosmic mind referred to as the Areta (3:1:19-24; 1:7:14).


The following excerpts were taken from the unpublished manuscript: “Origins”, by Archie D. Wood, Sr. (2013).


“In that first beginning, there existed only the cold darkness of an endless void. It was void because there was no matter or energy within it. There was however, a Single Supreme Source from which all subsequent things would have their beginning. This Single Supreme Source possessed a perfect symmetry, a perfect and harmonious balance; for within its bizarre and mysterious structure nothing else existed. There was only that one Single Supreme Source. It was cold, sterile, and unbearably static. There was no time, no space in which this Single Supreme Source existed. Its home was an endless void of nothingness, a dark place where an ocean of massless matter moved in a sea of endless night. This was the matter unformed, having no ability to take even the simplest of atomic structures.


And then in one bright moment — in a time which was not a time, in a place which was not a place, upon a day which was not a day — something new and extraordinary happened. There abruptly appeared a Supreme Consciousness, a power which moved for eons throughout the vast deepness of the void. And everywhere the great Awareness moved, the chaos of creation ensued, shattering forever the perfect symmetry of that one Single Supreme Source.


There is a strange truth which the wise must accept if they are to understand anything of greater note. Understanding a thing is less about knowing than it is about accepting. What is the strange truth which the wise must accept in order to understand? It is simply this: Without chaos there can be no creation. All things which exist, reflect the opposite of their nature, revealing in both form and structure the presence of that opposite. The Single Supreme Source now reflected its own opposite within itself. In one sudden, inexplicable moment of chaos, there came to exist within the deepness of the great void, the Yin and Yang of the first creation, the first cosmos or universe. Science may never know for certain, just how long these two opposites coexisted. One was the Single Supreme Source, the masculine behind all unformed or massless matter. The “Other” was the great feminine consciousness, pregnant with the very seeds of creation. This “Other” was the first power, the first mind — a vague cosmic awareness which desired to bring forth out of the chaos created as a result of her own existence, the very order and structure of something completely new. She is not to be confused with any theological concept of God, for at this point in our story, time does not exist; and without time, God cannot exist.


We now have two entities; each reflects the existence of its opposite. To simplify things let us designate and identify these two entities. In keeping with the concept of Yin and Yang, we have one which is masculine and the other feminine. The masculine possesses neither mind nor substance in itself. The feminine possesses mind, a vague cosmic awareness which will, over a period of time, evolve into a state of substance which moves in a continual state of creative flux. Now that we have designated the yin/yang as being male and female, we will next give them a name. We will give to the masculine, the name “Eidos”, while we give to the feminine the name of “Areta (ah-reh-tay). The stage is set, the actors are ready to play their parts. It is at this point that the story of the first universe and its creation begins.” [...]

~Wood (2013); Origins manuscript, ch. 7



[...] “So what is the story that underlies the source which brought forth the Areta? Was Areta the manifestation of some unique phenomenon which took place long before the advent of that first singularity which led to the creation of the very first universe? To answer these questions, we must allow our minds to travel backwards in time. We must permit our minds to go where the opposite of “time” first held sway.


We must go back before the advent of any singularity. This is the void, the endless Deep where ‘anti-time’ rules over all the unformed matter which moved within a sort of soup, a slurry of non creation. This ‘anti-time’ was mindless, it had no purpose, it merely existed. Yet it moved. How could this ‘anti-time’ move before there was any ‘space’ for it to move in? Here, the answer should prove obvious. Anti-time moved within an immense void of ‘anti-space’. It was in this vast sea of anti-space that all the unformed, subatomic particulates moved. In this bubbling brew of chaos, creation could not take place. All of this combined — the anti-time, the anti-space, the endless chaos of unformed matter moving within an endless void of unimaginable darkness — this was the Eidos, the thing which served no purpose, for it had no mind to create it.


The Eidos was anti-creation itself, it was anti-eternity personified. And yet, even though there was no creation within the Eidos, there was an Emanation. This Emanation was to become the Areta. She was the first manifestation of an extraordinary phenomenon which took place within the very heart of chaos. How it happened cannot be said. If there is an answer, it must be locked away somewhere under heavy guard. Perhaps there is a place where angels guard the answer. And while we may never be able to identify the phenomenon which got things started, we might piece together certain elements which might reveal just how that First Emanation was first presented. Like the quantum theory itself, the Eidos presents a bizarre reality where anti-time and anti-space created movement within the void. This ‘movement’ was the primal cause behind the churning chaos of all the unformed matter within the Deep. There was no specific time when things seemed to change. One thing, however, was certain: it was not a sudden miraculous event. The advent of the First Emanation came as the result of a long string of failures.” [...]

~Wood (2013); Origins manuscript, ch. 8




Scripture presents the Eidos in four distinctly states, or time-frames:


1) Primordial Eidos — that which existed at the moment of Areta's awakening. This Eidos eventually came under the usage (organization or constraint) of Areta, the Universal Consciousness behind all creation.


2) God-constrained Eidos — With the advent of First God and Their continued progress, it is presumed the Eidos was further constrained and utilized in accordance with God’s evolving aims and purposes. This could be considered the standard state of relationship between God and the Eidos (1:6:32).


3) Oracle empowered Eidos — After the creation of three kingdoms of glory, and with plans to create yet another, more exalted kingdom of Heaven, The One and Areta determined to empower the Eidos with the abilities of thought, speech and subtle beingness (5:4:7-30; 5:6:25-34). This was done to enable the Eidos to become a formidable teacher to the Antipode and the Ahgendai during their schooling in the great Abyss. The empowered state of the Eidos was only meant to be temporary, for the Antipode was foreordained (and inspired) to eventually steal the oracle from the Eidos (5:10:1-30). Once the oracle was stolen, it is assumed the Eidos reverted to his mindless state (5:10:7).


4) Replicated timeline of the First Cosmos (Original Eidos and Areta + Yaldabaoth) — Yaldabaoth was subtly inspired to travel back in time from the cosmos of Heaven (Surinatha) to the cosmos of the First Creation, the birthplace of God. It was Yaldabaoth's intent to take control of the Eidos and to seek out the species that would evolve to become the birthseed of God. By taking dominion over both the Eidos and First Man, Yaldabaoth hoped to subvert the beginning of God and rule uncontested in kingdoms of Darkness (1:6:29-42).

While he succeeded in taking dominion over the Eidos of the First Cosmos (1:6:33-34; 1:7:1-44), he was (and presumably still is) unaware of the existence of the ineffable, mysterious power of the Areta, who inhabited the deepest regions of the Eidos. According to scripture, this very cosmos wherein we dwell is the cosmos of the First Creation. According to the author of the scriptures, Yaldabaoth’s initial (and foreordained) interaction in the First Cosmos created an alternate timeline, a replication of the original timeline from which First God evolved.




Now in the beginning did there exist neither God nor Goddess; for in the vastness of the cosmos was there found but darkness and emptiness only.

But there existed within the vastness, a power which moved and brooded in the greatness of the Deep, being in itself masculine in force and presence; being called Eidos, the uncreated and unbounded; even the mindless creator and thoughtless purposer of all things created and uncreated.

For all matter does spring forth out of the midst of the Eidos itself, having neither shape nor form; being pushed and moved about by such chaos as did stir within the depths of the Eidos.

3rd Endowment 1:19-21


For by the power of The One was I made to see the great Abyss from whose blackened womb there is made to spew in endless streams, the very matter from which all things visible are made.

And there dwelt in the Abyss the very Eidos which stirred and moved about; being of itself both blind and thoughtless, creator and destroyer, being also cold and harsh, indifferent and callous, both unthinking and unpredictable, even the mindless purposer of all things which move throughout the immensity of space.

1st Endowment 6:2-3


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(The One and Areta empower the Eidos with an oracle of beingness, and use the Eidos as a teacher for the Antipode and the Ahgendai.)


And that which was of the Abyss, even the very Eidos of creation, being ever dark and brooding, felt moving within its regions that very Antipode which The One had sent forth into it.

1st Endowment 6:4


...For in the Eidos do you find that mindless purposer and dread destroyer of all created things.

Thus is it needful, my Love, that we fashion a dark and frightful oracle which will imbue the Eidos with both thoughtful mind and speech; whereby he might instruct well the Antipode of God and Heaven; pouring into him the very darkness of the Abyss filled with chaos.

For it is the Abyss which shall prove the school and the Eidos shall prove the teacher. For it is the Eidos which rules the Deep, pouring from out of his powers, the matter unformed, being himself cold and callous and cruel indifferent.

And when the Antipode shall grow in strength and maturity, then shall he prove to us the power of his might. For on that day shall the Nemesis of God strike against the Eidos, to steal from out of its depths, this darksome oracle which we shall make.

Yet being unable to subdue the vastness of the Eidos, the Nemesis of God shall leap out from the Abyss, to stand himself alone and fully grown, to stand between the darkness of the Deep and the light which comes from God; then in that moment shall we see what he will do.”

5th Endowment 4:11-15


For this cause alone did I determine to cast the shade of my lesser self into the very heart of the great Abyss where the Eidos is made to dwell, knowing full well that in the time appointed there would leap from the darkness this very Yaldabaoth which I would use to further the whole of my design.

1st Endowment 5:19


Hearing thus the foundling speak, the Eidos mused darkly to himself, saying: “Behold this darkened seed, this weak and feeble shadow which the very One has cast off as being unworthy of his greatness.

This small and paltry thing shall I take unto myself whereby I might forge for myself some mighty ally; surely I shall draw from my own depths, one to rule the darkness.

Him shall I fashion from the very depth of me; the Lord of Darkness shall he ever be, great and mighty shall he become; and he shall serve me well against that One which even now would bend me to his will; for even as I am made to serve The One, even so shall the Lord of Darkness do service unto me.

For this dreadful Lord shall I make mighty beyond all reckoning, a destroyer and shatterer of worlds shall he become, and he shall prove the whole undoing of that One from which all glory is made to flow.”

And drawing closer unto the Antipode, the Eidos spoke with a dreadful hiss, saying: “I am Eidos, Lord of Chaos, ruler of the great Abyss. Mindless Purposer and Thoughtless Creator have I become, spewing out from all my depths the matter unformed; creating through violent fury the cosmos which you see.

What, therefore, would you seek from me? Of what service can you be? For you are weak and made most feeble, a small and paltry darkness in whom there is no power worthy of consideration. Why then have you called me forth, disturbing through your constant wailing the deepness of my rest?”

5th Endowment 6:29-34

El Jor El