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El Jor El


Pronunciation:  ehl + jor + ehl

Occurrences:  7

First Reference:  Enlightenment 4:29


For I tell you truly, that beyond the councils of Eloheim[*] is still some greater council found; and beyond the greatest council is there made to rule the councils of El Jor El.


[*] Eloheim is the feminine pronunciation of Elohim, which is appropriate since Galendriel is speaking (E:4:29).



See:  Ahman, Celestial Kingdom, Councils of Light, God, Kanthia, Kolob


Summary:  El Jor El is the highest, most exalted council among the seven celestial Councils of Light, and is the dwelling place of the most evolved Gods and Goddesses of the Celestial Kingdom.[*] The realms of El Jor El include three planets that orbit a sun called Kanthia (AZC — Seven Councils of Light). Presiding over the council are the Father and Mother Ahmans: Kikuriel and his Beloved, Miriel (5:13:38).


Very little has been disclosed regarding the function of this council, or the responsibilities of its inhabitants. There is, however, an interesting development addressed in the book of Enlightenment which reveals how Ahman (Noeiel), from the council of Elohim, goes seeking wisdom and guidance with regard to the rebellion of his son Shaemdiel. In an unprecedented meeting, Ahman converses with The One in the realms of El Jor El (E:5:1-62).


The Celestial Kingdom consists of seven realms, each governed by a council, together referred to as the Seven Councils of Light. Beginning with the lowest (oldest), and proceeding to the highest (youngest), the Seven Councils of Light are comprised of these seven celestial bodies (1:2:4; 5:13:38-39):




















[*]  The One and Areta have long since progressed beyond the Council of El Jor El, and have come to dwell in the kingdom of the Ahgendai (5:1:67, 5:11:58).


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


For I beheld The One from whose bosom all things glorious are made to flow, and there was stretched out before him, in all holy array, the Councils of the Seven Lights, which Councils are: the Council of Elohim, the Council of Elolam, the Council of Elkashie, the Council of Shem El Koreem, the Council of El Ramadee, the Council of El Kolobree, and the Council of El Jor El also.

1st Endowment 2:4


For I tell you truly, that beyond the councils of Eloheim is still some greater council found; and beyond the greatest council is there made to rule the councils of El Jor El.

And there unto has Ahman gone seeking, that we might attain for ourselves some greater wisdom, that in such glories as we shall gain make all peaceful still the worlds and kingdoms of Jeruel.

Enlightenment 4:29-30


Through the generations of eternity did Ahman go forth, and in the onward speeding rush of the Father did the light give way to the higher light, revealing forever and anon the glory of The One.

And piercing deeply the furtherest veil, Ahman came at last to that beginning beyond all beginnings, and in the councils of El Jor El the Father stood in wonder exceeding.

Enlightenment 5:1-2


But on Jeruel, in Salem of Merigoth, did the Mother of All wisely perceive and calling out unto the Lords and Gods of Elohim, she commanded that the mind of Tael be shut up against Shaemdiel until that time when the Father must return from the councils of The One.

Enlightenment 8:12


And the morning to twilight fell, and the seasons to seasons did pass with a watchful sigh, and in the days of Tahaas did the Father of All return from the Councils of El Jor El, being guarded by a hidden wisdom and a cautious word; keeping with firm diligence the shrouded mysteries of The One.

Enlightenment 8:16


...Thus spoke The One to his darling Areta, and together did they return to their own place, far beyond the happy realms of El Jor El.

5th Endowment 1:67



El Kolobree
Presiding co-Ahmans
Primary Sun
Primary Planet
Xanathea  (E:2:4)
Jeruel  (E:2:6)
El Jor El