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Pronunciation:  ehm-zah-DEE-uh

Occurrences:  7

First Reference:  4th Endowment 1:17


Declaring to each their sweet surrender, being called itself the Emzahdeah; for in their love did they yield to each the fullness of the heart and soul;



See:  Adamic (language), Beloved(s), Oneness


Summary:  The following content was adapted for this entry, being derived primarily from an unpublished manuscript written by Archie D. Wood, entitled: “Priesthood and the Art of Sacred Living” (2004).


The term ‘Emzahdeah’ is an Adamic word meaning “the sweet surrender”. Emzahdeah refers to a powerful type of love which the scriptures speak of as existing between the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Mother — a love filled with aching hunger and desire, fulfillment and beauty. Emzahdeah is a romantic love which can only exist between two people who see in each other the completion of themselves. It is made of fire and loving passions filled with kindness and gentle goodness. It is a love defined by its affection, consideration and passion, being itself eager to both give and to receive. It finds its fulfillment in yielding, in the surrendering of the self for the sake of the one that is loved. Emzahdeah is the love out of which Heaven itself was created. It is the type of love which not only gives birth to the spirit children of God, but to all things holy and good and eternal.


“For there is one power only which would cause that in this stream of intelligence, spirit children should leap forth, being found only in such love as a man might bear for a woman, and the woman might bear for the man.

For love [Emzahdeah] is greater than fire and steel; greater than hate and fear together, being itself more deeply moving than rushing winds and roaring thunder; for look you forth and see this cosmos which I did make and in my heart perceive most fully;

That all these things which move and glow throughout the immensity of space, all the swirling galaxies, all suns and moons and starry night, the countless worlds filled with life, even this did I bring forth from an aching need filled with love.”

4th Endowment 1:59-61


Emzahdeah can only exist between a man and a woman who have achieved for themselves, individually, a state or condition of personal sovereignty. To understand fully what is meant by the word Emzahdeah, it is imperative to understand what it means to be sovereign. Sovereignty is essential to creating the state or condition of Emzahdeah between a husband and wife. Without sovereignty there can be no Emzahdeah, no Celestial Marriage, no endless glory or worlds without end.


Sovereignty is a power which asserts itself over a person’s life as a result of spiritual conditioning. Therefore, sovereignty, as God understands the word, is an intense spiritual condition which affects directly all mental, emotional and physical relationships flowing in and around a person’s life. This sovereignty is the power and authority to create or discover for yourself the things which will ensure your greater happiness. This sovereignty begins to reveal itself through the sexual expressions of men and women who love each other.


Sovereignty does not mean that one should strive to be a loner, for we are designed to be social and gregarious. We love to be around our own kind. Sovereignty does not take away the very human need to be loved and to give love in return. It does not remove the real need for companionship. What it does do is permit you to define your own worth and value within any given relationship. Sovereignty does not permit any other person outside yourself to do this. Sovereignty begins with the realization that only you are responsible for your life; only you are responsible for your happiness. No one else is or can be. You, alone, determine the quality of your character and the goals and aims of your life. Your goodness, or lack thereof, is your responsibility. It is not anyone else’s.


To achieve a condition of sovereignty in your life is to achieve victory over your lesser self. Those who succeed in achieving sovereignty never seek to control or manipulate the actions of others. Those who seek to do so most often do this out of fear. The means by which they do this is by trying to instill a feeling of guilt and false obligation upon the person they are seeking to control or manipulate. No friendship can be built on such a foundation. There is a difference between manipulating a person and trying to influence a person. The motive behind manipulation is fear, the tools of this fear are guilt and false obligation. Influencing a person is rooted in love, and the tools of this love are concern and true friendship.


Sovereignty, once possessed, is given as a gift of supreme love between a man and a woman who have each achieved this sovereignty separately, and who both equally desire to create between themselves a beloved relationship. In coming together in a romantic liaison, the man surrenders his sovereignty to the woman he loves; and the woman surrenders her sovereignty to the man in return. At the moment when the romantic liaison is completed and fulfilled, the man returns to his beloved the gift of her sovereignty; and the woman returns the sovereignty of her beloved. Thus, the gift of sovereignty is given twice between two lovers: once in surrender and once in restoration, permitting that both lovers should stand before each other as fully equal and empowered.


When a man and woman surrender this sovereignty as a gift to each other, it signifies that the man and the woman find their completeness in each other. It takes the love which they feel for each other and elevates it far above every other love association and relationship. It is the surrendering of sovereignty, as well as its restoration, which reveals the presence of Emzahdeah in the heart of the man and the woman. In the surrender of one’s sovereignty, a person gives up all demands and expectations for themselves, and seeks fulfillment through the loving and pleasing of their mate. This is how love between a man and a woman is made sacred and holy. As it says in the scriptures:


For those made sovereign

Must seek the Sovereign,

To stand as One together.

Being each as someone separate,

Yet together made the whole.

Surrendering in love the inward self

To spill forth passions from the heart.

Then taking up the sovereign mantle

Till love again should call.

Then offering up in sweet surrender

The love which inward burns.

To fuse together two loving souls,

To make of each, a part;

To shape by fire the great eternal,

Bound by a loving heart.


~Book of Pearls 17:4~



No one can create Emzahdeah with someone who is not sovereign. Only two people, equally sovereign, can achieve this exalted relationship. One cannot make someone sovereign just by loving them. It is a state of being which each must desire and achieve for themselves.


For true Gnostics, marriage is about creating an eternal relationship predicated upon the beloved state of Emzahdeah. Husbands and wives who achieve this divine state within their relationship create for themselves a ‘Celestial Marriage’ which is forever joyful, rich, exciting and fulfilling. The goal of Celestial Marriage is oneness, a oneness where husband and wife are drawn together through the love of Emzahdeah. Oneness is not achieved through the efforts of one person dominating another; it is not the product of manipulation or control. Oneness is achieved by agreement, an agreement between equals.


Celestial Marriage is a partnership between two sovereign people, a man and a woman who share the same spiritual faith, and who seek the same goal, i.e., to become to each other an eternal and glorified husband or wife. They must not only possess an unshakable faith in their spiritual beliefs, but also an unshakable faith in each other. This is the first foundation stone upon which Celestial Marriage is achieved. There are no exceptions, no short cuts and no magic incantations which can act as a substitute. If you do not personally possess the quality of being sovereign, then you cannot create Emzahdeah. If you do not have Emzahdeah, you will not have the spiritual faith necessary to make your marriage eternal and everlasting.


Emzahdeah — this divine state between Beloveds — is not a static condition; it must continually be refreshed, renewed, adjusted, invigorated and worked at. Eternal progression demands this; for even in the married state of Celestial Marriage, husbands and wives are always progressing from one glory to the next.


How will you know when your love is actually this thing which God calls Emzahdeah? What criteria can be applied which will tell us whether or not we possess this greatest love of all?


1)  A willingness to surrender sovereignty and restore sovereignty to the man or woman you love.

2)  “...being themselves without limitations or boundaries.”  (4:1:18)

3)  “...for in this Emzahdeah did each surrender the demands of the self.” (4:1:19)


As a beloved, you are devoted to your sweetheart, but this devotion is not attended by a list of demands. Devotion is an attitude of worship and adoration. It is the attitude which compels us to try every means possible to uplift, encourage and enrich the life of the person we love. Devotion leads us to cherish and to show a deep and abiding appreciation. It is attended by kindness, gentleness and thoughtfulness. It is to anticipate the needs and desires of our intended beloved, and to provide for those needs in a quick and timely manner. This is a two way street.


Emzahdeah is created by a man and a woman who truly love each other. It cannot be created and maintained by just one person in the relationship. If this sounds difficult, it is. It must be. For the things of God cannot be cheaply had.


For that which leads to exaltation cannot be cheaply had, for the things which come from God are become as the greatest of all costly pearls, for which, when a man finds, he will sell all that he has that he might possess it for himself.

1st Endowment 1:5


But it is not enough to love someone; you must know what it is you truly want in having a beloved at all. For if you do not know the goal for which love is meant, then you will never achieve your hoped for destination. For this love called Emzahdeah has only one passion, one all consuming object. And this object is no less than God and Heaven and endless creation, even worlds without end.


- - - - - - - - - -

[Primary Source: unpublished manuscript written by Archie D. Wood (Azrael), entitled: “Priesthood and the Art of Sacred Living” (2004).]




For The One and Areta did cleave together midst love and fiery passions, spilling into each the other a fullness of affection filled with yearning and desire, proving to each through kiss and gentle touch the depths of their devotion;

Declaring to each their sweet surrender, being called itself the Emzahdeah; for in their love did they yield to each the fullness of the heart and soul;

To bring as gifts before the altar a kind regard whereby they might fulfill the desires of each the other with love exceeding, being themselves without limitations or boundaries.

For together were they as one God, being united through the Oneness of their souls; for in this Emzahdeah did each surrender the demands of the self, to find in the loving of each other the only thing worthy of desiring or fully needed;

Causing that The One should speak to his Beloved, saying: “Come, my Love, and let us be as God together, both male and female, most strongly bound in love and true devotion; for in you alone am I complete, even as you do find completeness in me.

Let us, therefore, be fully bound midst all our love and life together, being ourselves that endless fount from which all good things must flow, causing that we should draw from the depths of all our love this Heaven which we would make.

For all I am give I to thee, to be for you that truest Love which dwells within your dreams, to place in you a song to sing; for in the bosom of forever shall I love you always, to see in you the sum of my desiring.”

And Areta did fairly swoon in the arms of her Beloved; and she spoke with tender words into his ear, saying: “Yes, my Love, let us be forever one, to draw from our many passions the foundations of Heaven’s glory.

For in this kingdom which we shall make, will all good things come alive, to stand itself supreme forever, being ever attended by life and love, grace and beauty, hope and joy, even worlds without end.

4th Endowment 1:16-24


That through such love as a man might have for a woman, and a woman for a man, even these two might find the depth and height and breadth of Emzahdeah; causing that in the telestial man and woman might be found the beginnings of such a power as will create for themselves a host of spirit children.

4th Endowment 31:56

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