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Eternity vs Infinity



See:  Eternal Round


Azrael’s Commentary — Eternity vs Infinity


It is essential to your understanding of God and Heaven that you have a precise meaning for the word: eternity. I am not interested in what theologians say about eternity. I am only interested in what God says about eternity. For many people, eternity is the same thing as infinity. However, this is not God’s understanding.


The concept of infinity is a mathematical construct. Its premise is simple: for every number you give me, I can give you a larger number by simply adding ‘1’ to it; and I can do this forever, or to infinity. Also, for every number you give me, I can give you a smaller number. Remember, numbers on a number line are about absolute value. The number line goes both ways. There are positive numbers and negative numbers. And regardless of which side of zero a number is located, its absolute value is the same. Absolute value measures the distance of a number from the point of zero. So a +10 has an absolute value of 10, and a -10 has an absolute value of 10 also. Why? Because they are the same distance from zero. Always keep in mind that the concept of infinity is merely a mathematical construct, and it has nothing to do with God’s understanding of eternity. What then is eternity? How does God understand it? Eternity is a measurement of time.










One eternity equals 17.5 aeons, or 17.5 billion years. That is God’s understanding of eternity. But how did God decide that an eternity should be 17.5 billion years long? According to scripture (4:15:15-23), the first temple which God created marks the point of nexus [see Mithron]. It takes this temple (which is found on the very first world of the first Heaven made by God) 17.5 billion years to make one complete orbit around the Celestial Kingdom. Think of this world you live on, and how it takes 365.25 days to make one complete orbit of the sun. In Heaven, it takes the first temple 17.5 aeons to make a similar journey. The great Eternal Round of God is something like a clock. It separates one eternity from another. How many eternities has Heaven existed? Well, now we might start talking about infinity.



Azrael’s Commentary — Eternal Round: Olaha Shinehah (excerpt)


...[one of the functions of the Olaha Shinehah] is to provide the Heavens with an accurate measurement of eternal time. In the 4th Endowment (4:15:10-23) we read of God’s creation of the very first House of Mithron, a temple of exquisite beauty within the very first Heaven. This first Heaven is the Telestial Kingdom, and this first House of Mithron marks the point of Nexus which separates one eternity from another. From God’s point of view, eternity is a specific measurement of time. An eternity equals 17.5 billion years. That’s how long it takes for the point of Nexus (the first House of Mithron) to revolve around the Celestial Kingdom in one complete orbit.



Azrael’s Commentary — Seven Councils of Light


[...] This elite council is known as the Council of the Seven Lights, and convenes only on two occasions: 1) at the behest of The One and Areta, 2) at the Nexus of a new eternity.





There are several instances in scripture wherein the word ‘eternity’ is used in a more general reference to ‘all time’ (W:16:25). There is also a single instance in which ‘eternity’ seems to be used to describe the duration of a cosmic life-cycle (4:2:11).

Eternal Round






10 years

100 years

1,000 years

1,000,000 years

1,000,000,000 years


10 decades

100 decades

100,000 decades

100,000,000 decades



10 centuries

10,000 centuries

10,000,000 centuries




1,000 millennia

1,000,000 millennia





1,000 epochs