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First World


Occurrences:  6

First Reference:  Enlightenment 5:10


Of whom then should I some greater counsel seek if not you Most Holy? For you, alone, from the First World came, being of yourself the greatest God of All; before whom countless eternities without fail must move.



See:  First Creation/Cosmos, First Man, First Power, First Track, Five Radical Propositions


Summary:  Also known as the “world of the First Power”, or the “world of First Man”, the First World is designated as such because it harbored the first intelligent species to engender soul. While it was initially a singular case, this soul eventually became the masculine aspect of First God. The First World served as the template or prototype for all worlds subsequently created by God (1:6:33-37; 5:17:69). According to scripture, this planet we call Earth is the world of the First Power, the First World, and we are presently taking part in the inaugural replication of the original timeline from which God first evolved (E:5:26-35).


Since the dawn of First God, many worlds and universes — both mortal and divine — have been created for the progression and benefit of God and their children. The First World is unique, however, in that it existed in the cosmos of the First Creation, prior to the existence of God. According to the narrative of the Song of God, life preceded the existence of God; God evolved from life, and the unique planet referred to as the First World was the birthplace of God.


The First World and all life inhabiting the planet was eventually destroyed as a result of an weapon experiment. All of First Man was lost, with one miraculous exception. Prior to the First World’s destruction there lived a man named Kronus Maximillius who, upon the moment of his death, found himself in an incorporeal state with his memories intact (3:31:1-7). This was the first instance of the epiphenomenon of soul arising from physical life. The soul of Kronus helplessly observed the cruel death of his Beloved, and the mass destruction of his species and planet (3:31:19-62; 1:9:13-20).


After eventually uniting with the feminine Cosmic Consciousness referred to as Areta, the soul of Kronus to became the male constituent of First God, referred to as The One. Areta and The One pledged to increase their powers to some day return to the world of the First Power to redeem First Man from death and oblivion (1:10:8; 3:32:31-32).




And in an age both far and distant, we shall come again to yonder world, and by such powers as we shall increase between ourselves, we shall find some means to save this cruel but broken world.

For in our love for each the other shall time itself yield; causing that in some distant morrow, we might yet reclaim the world of First Man; to create in them such soul as they permit, being fashioned through some gentler yearning which would itself break in pieces the chains of death and darkness.”

3rd Endowment 32:31-32


Seeing therefore the passing away of all my beginning, even I did continue on, being the only one of my kind; and I did resolve most firmly within that in the day of my power I would return again unto my own, and by some subtle design set forth the hand to redeem the whole of First Man.

1st Endowment 10:8


26. For I, alone, am Eternal One, above whom there is no greater found; yet in that beginning beyond all beginnings have I a memory recollected.

27. Thus it was that in a time beyond all your yesterdays was there found neither God nor Goddess but Man only; and in the world of the First Creation was he brought forth in darkness, knowing only what the senses of the body would permit.

28. Among the spirit children of many Gods is this word not given, have you yourself not also heard: how that God was once a man, to evolve himself from less to greater?

29. So it was that in a time before forever, even I, as a man on the First World did dwell; being the first to make for himself a living soul which the darkening shade had no power to touch or put out again.

30. But still did all of man in the First World perish long ago, being consumed by a multitude of folly; yet notwithstanding these things, in such a memory as I have found have all which died come alive in me again.

31. Yet in that beginning beyond beginning did First Man dwindle away into death because of foolishness, for although his knowledge was great and ever reaching, yet of wisdom did he possess but little.

32. For of wisdom was First Man unable to lay hold seeing that unto him was no knowledge given of good or evil, being in himself uncreated of God, being without soul and having no means of bringing it forth.

33. But seeing now that in the mind of The One, First Man is made to come alive again, I have resolved to set forth the means whereby all who are willing might fashion unto themselves a living soul.

34. Thus shall I redeem First Man from the folly of all his ways, to rescue him from endless death; that from the world of the First Power might many come forth unhindered into the presence of The One.

35. Consider deeply then the mystery within, for if I reach back to redeem First Man, to make in many a living soul; how great then shall the kingdom of God become, seeing that in the beginning from one only, came forth the fullness of Heaven’s glory?

Enlightenment 5:26-35


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