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Pronunciation:  gihl-lee-AH-muhs

Occurrences:  26

First Reference:  6th Endowment 9:46


For the armies of Yaldabaoth are far too great in number and their strength must we divide. Retreat therefore with all your forces to the regions of Gilliahmas, which region lies across the mighty Chasm near the world of Jeruel.



See:  Demiurge, Mestroyka Ridge, Second War                          Refer to:  6th Endowment 8 — 13


Summary:  Gilliahmas refers to a region located in the Celestial realms of Elohim. During the Second War in Heaven, a great battle was fought at Gilliahmas between the armies of the Demiurgos and the Gods and Goddesses of Elohim. Those who fought at Gilliahmas unknowingly became candidates for a new kingdom of Heaven, the kingdom of the Ahgendai.


Overview:  The Second War in Heaven had its beginnings in the regions of Xanjipoorah, where Yaldabaoth marshaled his ten princes and their vast armies against the outnumbered legions of the Ahgendai, led by Azraella and his daughter, Mahaleenah (6:9:9-25). After eight days of vicious conflict (6:9:44), Mahaleenah was given the cue to retreat with her forces (300,000 Cherubim / 7,000 Seraphim — 6:9:26,50) to the regions of Gilliahmas, located near the Elohim’s chief planet Jeruel. The rehearsed exodus was part of greater plan to divide Yaldabaoth’s forces and give the false impression that Mahaleenah was fleeing out of fear (6:9:44-48). It was also pre-determined by Azraella that the Gods and Goddesses of Elohim who were observing the battle would view the retreat of the Ahgendai as a sign of impending defeat, for the armies of Darkness far outnumbered those of the Ahgendai (6:9:64-65). It was Azraella’s intent from the beginning to see who of the Elohim would set aside their peaceful nature and rush to the aid of Mahaleenah (6:11:19-21).


As Mahaleenah fled with her forces to Gilliahmas, one third of the Demiurge horde chased after, being led by three dark princes, including: Jehovah-Yahweh, Emanu-Elish, and Dagon-Erat (6:9:47-54). When Michael, Chief Archon of Elohim, saw how the forces of Light had been separated and that Mahaleenah would soon be overwhelmed by the Demiurgos, he summoned a meeting with Ahman and Galendriel, and put forth his petition to assemble the Council to see if any would volunteer to go to the aid of Mahaleenah (6:10:1-33). With Ahman’s consent, Michael and his Beloved Sher-el gathered the Elohim and put forth their plea. When the entirety of the Council unexpectedly volunteered, Michael determined that a ‘tenth part’ of the Elohim be chosen at random to go to war (6:10:35-38). It was also determined that a ‘call to arms’ be sent throughout the Terrestrial Kingdom to see if any would be willing to join the Elohim in aiding Mahaleenah (6:10:39). Taking a ‘mighty host’ from the Terrestrial Kingdom and a tenth part from the Council of Elohim, Michael and Sher-el led the forces of Light to Mestroyka Ridge where preparations were made to enter into battle (6:10:38-41).


While the Elohim organized its forces, the battle at Gilliahmas continued to intensify as Mahaleenah and her army struggled against the vast hordes of the Demiurgos. With the sudden arrival of Michael and the heavenly host, the battle turned and the Demiurgos began to fall beneath the relentless rush of angels (6:11:29-33). Fearing defeat, Jehovah-Yahweh summoned for Yaldabaoth to abandon his fight against the Azraella and rush to Gilliahmas to assist the dark princes. After four days of desperate battle, both sides took a reprieve, each seeking a weakness that would sway the battle in their favor (6:11:40-45). While Mahaleenah and the forces of Light had held their ground against the three dark princes, they were unaware that Yaldabaoth was fast approaching with his massive army.

But on the third day of their respite was there felt throughout the region, a tremor and a rumble which grew by steady measures; for in the distance far away did Yaldabaoth rush to battle and with him a vast and mighty horde, which soon did shake the regions deep, to fill them up with dread.

And there rose up around the Mahaleenah on every side, the fearsome armies of Yaldabaoth, to surround at once the armies of Heaven into a grip which none could quick elude, becoming in a dreadful instant held fast in place before the Lord of Doom.

6th Endowment 11:46-47


Seeking to reach the Chief Demiurgos, Mahaleenah charged into the demon ranks. The battle roared back to life as the armies of Light and Darkness clashed. Michael, Sher-el and forty Archons rushed to the defense of Mahaleenah in all her boldness, for Yaldabaoth had gathered his might and was fully intent on facing the Daughter in personal combat (6:11:51-60). Despite their noble efforts, the Archons proved no match for Yaldabaoth’s power, and twelve of the angels were shattered into oblivion, with six others incurring serious injury (6:11:60-62).


Having witnessed the destruction of the twelve Archons, Mahaleenah fiercely attacked Yaldabaoth, astounding him with her power. Yet the Chief Demiurge struck back, stunning Mahaleenah and shattering her shield. Recovering quickly, Mahaleenah deftly moved to strike Yaldabaoth deep with her sword, but Yaldabaoth quickly countered, piercing the light of Mahaleenah. Seeing their Commander struck down, the forces of Light reacted swiftly, and in an impressive act of oneness, charged straight  into the face of Dread Yaldabaoth.


And in that moment, within a stark and bitter instant did even all the hosts of Heaven turn from battle and in a fiercely mighty rush they flew swift as lightning into the face of Yaldabaoth, being themselves beyond the terror of dark oblivion, but becoming themselves as oblivion fiercely rushing to swallow up Yaldabaoth.

Thus in an act of supreme oneness, even all the Cherubim and all the Seraphim, with all the mighty Archons also, being themselves attended by the armies of the Terrestrial Kingdom, even all these vast and mighty hosts did focus upon that single place where Yaldabaoth darkly stood.

What a hurtful shock struck Lord Doom, what dreadful, shocking pain; to be himself with all his princes cast back into the darksome flood of all the Demiurge together; causing that even all the Demiurge should stand in shock at seeing so dread a sight.

6th Endowment 12:15-17


Having recovered from the blow with assistance from Michael, Mahaleenah quickly announced retreat to the Cleft of Soli-Endi-Muhat, where the Azraella was patiently waiting to enact the final stage of battle (6:12:18-21).



Causalties     6:12:22-23


Celestial / Terrestrial Host        Total slain or wounded:  5%

                                                Archons destroyed:  26


Armies of Yaldabaoth               Demiurge captured and made to dwell in the Abyss:  20%




Significant Elements


• Every stage of the Second War, including the battle of Gilliahmas, had been previously planned and rehearsed by the Ahgendai, with contingencies in place.      6:9:45-49, 55-56       6:11:19-22        6:12:19, 48


• The retreat of both Azraella and Mahaleenah from the regions of Xanjipoorah was meant to inspire members of the Elohim to come to the aid of the Ahgendai and help defend the realms of Heaven.      

   6:7:50           6:9:55-56        6:10:4-8


• Fearful for the Ahgendai and the potential loss of Heaven, Michael and Sher-el sought out Ahman and Galendriel to determine a course of action. Michael put forth his reasons for summoning the Elohim to battle. Arguments for and against participation are put forth, and important questions are addressed: How to preserve both sacred obligation and divine nature?         6:10:1-33


• All citizens from the Terrestrial Kingdom who responded to the ‘call to arms’ were given the keys to twelve dimensions, making them equal in power to the Gods and Goddesses of the Celestial Kingdom.       6:10:40


• Those who volunteered to go the defense of Mahaleenah knew they were facing the possibility of oblivion. Twenty-six Arch-Angels perished in the battle of Gilliahmas, along with many Cherubim and Seraphim.        6:10:24-25         6:12:22


• In personal combat, Mahaleenah destroyed the dark prince Emanu-Elish.           6:11:32-37


• With the exception of certain dark princes destroyed in combat, the Demiurgos were not slain, but rather, were transported to the Abyss upon receiving a blow from a warrior of Light.       6:12:23


• All who fought in the battle of Gilliahmas became candidates for a new, more advanced kingdom of Heaven, the kingdom of the Ahgendai. Inclusion into this new aspect of progression began with incarnating on the world of the First Power. Thus, any spirit incarnating on this world earned the opportunity via participation in the battle of Gilliahmas.        6:9:55-56          6:11:19-22         6:13:47-51






Azrael’s Commentary — Cherubim


[...] In the first and second war of Heaven, the Cherubim served with extraordinary valor and steadfastness (Enlightenment 9:5-31). During the battle of Gilliahmas, the Cherubim could be heard singing to each other over the din of battle. Their courage and eagerness to defend the Heavens against the dreadful onslaught of Yaldabaoth was inspiring and sometimes tragic. During the second war of Heaven many thousands of the Cherubim fell in battle. Their memorial can be seen in the regions of Sha Malan El Marish. There you will see an exquisite nebula of extraordinary brightness and color, in the shape of a cherub rushing into battle.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

• The word ‘Gilliahmas’ occurs 26 times in scripture — the same number of Arch-Angels that fell during the battle.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Thus is it imperative that there should be found among the Elohim, and even throughout the realms of our domain also, all those who would for the sake of Elohim, lay aside their sacred nature and in the doing seize with firm resolve a hard and pressing duty;

Taking upon ourselves the repaying of the debt, to rush in haste to the aid of Mahaleenah and in the doing relieve the heart of Azraella concerning the Daughter he does most deeply cherish; permitting that he might more freely act in fighting dread Yaldabaoth, even as we shall stand beside the Daughter in defending Gilliahmas.

6th Endowment 10:19-20


“It has begun, this dance of mine: step and counterstep, move and countermove. One small move to another added. And behind the whole of my design turns still another turning; to reveal to me even all those who would become to me as offspring, to create forever the generations of the Ahgendai.”

6th Endowment 9:56


Thus in the choosing did a tenth part of Elohim stand with Michael and Sher-el in the paying of honor’s debt; being themselves most joyful eager in going to the aid of Mahaleenah in the regions of Gilliahmas.

And added to the tenth part was there also appointed that the “call to arms” be sent throughout the realms of the Terrestrial Kingdom whereby as many as would might join themselves to Michael; and there came out from Olaha Shinehah a vast and mighty host, being each and every one eager to prove a help to Mahaleenah.

6th Endowment 10:38-39


Seeing therefore that Yaldabaoth had fled away to attack the Mahaleenah, the Azraella went straightway to Kolob’s Cluster, for he worried not for Mahaleenah, seeing that in every move and countermove of war and battle he had set forth a subtle design; having established through most cunning wisdom the achievement of many goals.

For it was his intent from the beginning that the Elohim should choose for themselves who would go to the aid of Mahaleenah, being compelled by honor to take upon themselves the mantle of war; knowing himself beforehand that in the choosing would they make as candidates those who would become the sons and daughters of the very Ahgendai.

Becoming themselves through the heat of war and bitter fury unsuited for the Elohim, having changed from those who knew not the ways of war and fearsome strife to those who were as masters; needing for themselves a place and a glory more suited to their new and pressing nature.

This then proved the reason why Mahaleenah should flee from the battle of Xanjipoorah to go in haste to Gilliahmas, and why the Azraella should likewise call retreat; instilling within the Elohim the fear of dreadful loss and the call of pressing honor.

6th Endowment 11:19-22