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Great Game / Emperor’s Game


Occurrences:  8

First Reference:  3rd Endowment 11:42


And there gathered to see the Great Game, almost every man within the borders of the empire; sitting amongst their peers before such television sets as the Emperor did provide in all barracks both military and civilian.



See:  Chuzon, Drakonia, First Track, First World, Standard


Summary:  In the empire of Drakonia, the Great Game, also called the Emperor’s Game (3:22:54), was the championship battle of a single-elimination tournament in which each of the forty-two military academies of the empire competed for the highly prized Standard of the Emperor. Established at the founding of the Drakonian Empire (3:11:26), the annual tournament was comprised of a series of violent and deadly combat events fought between teams representing the military academies of the empire. The final battle, referred to as the Great Game, was fought between between the best academies of the northern and southern hemispheres, respectively (3:11:41).


The Great Game was a highly publicized event broadcast throughout the empire. The day of the Great Game was a declared holiday, allowing citizens of all classes to watch the brutal competition (3:11:50). The winning team would be awarded the Emperor’s Standard, a greatly esteemed title represented by a special flag. Each surviving member of the winning team would receive a prized victory ring, as well as recognition and accolades from the Emperor himself (3:10:25). The Game was taken very seriously by every academy, as a victory would earn prestige and favor from the Emperor.


Under the leadership of the son of Areta (known as Kronus Maximillius), the Academy of A’Kontay not only won its first Standard in the playing of the Great Game, it maintained the title for three consecutive years — a feat never before achieved by any academy in the four-hundred year history of the Great Game (3:12:1-21).





Now the game which all academies struggled most fiercely to win was brutal and filled with hardships. For out of the two hundred cadets which had begun the competition beside the son of Areta, still did only seventy remain to compete in the greatest game of all;

To win for themselves the Emperor’s Standard and recognition; to stand above all other military academies as being in themselves the best of the best, and the bravest of the brave.

Earning for themselves the choicest of appointments upon the day of their commission; to wear upon their finger the gold ring of victory which did bear the Emperor’s seal.

For in the struggle to gain the Emperor’s Standard did a great many cadets fall by the way in battle; some being killed through fearsome fighting, while others fell broken and severely maimed; leaving on the fields of war only the bravest and most stout.

3rd Endowment 11:46-49



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