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Heavenly Father


Occurrences:  Heavenly Father(s): 72      Father(s): +/- 800

First Reference:  Beginnings 5:11 (see notes/refs)


By his great knowledge shall he exalt the sons and daughters of God; surely he shall establish the pathway of the godly, that all who are willing might inherit unto themselves the glory of God, even the most Heavenly Father of All.



See:  Ahman, Arch-Angel, Archon, Archons (House of), Emmanuel, El Shaloah/Shalon (House of), God/Goddess, Noeiel, Son of Man, The One


(With exception to the opening paragraph, the following material is identical to the entry Heavenly Mother.)


Summary:  The term “Heavenly Father” refers to a highly evolved, glorified man who (with his Beloved) has achieved exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven and has entered into the role of becoming a Father to a host of spirit children. In similitude of the mortal human family construct, a Heavenly Father began his journey as a spirit child born of Heavenly Parents who had, themselves, previously earned their exalted status. While exaltation (and the opportunity to become a Heavenly Parent) is available to all spirit children, this glorified state is acquired only by those who have proven themselves most worthy, having become like their Heavenly Father or Mother while living the mortal life.


Exaltation is predicated upon various factors. Generally speaking, a spirit child must accomplish the following in order to receive their exaltation and become a Heavenly Father or Mother.


1) The spirit child must complete the designated number of mortal lives throughout the seven dispensations established on a mortal world. Worthiness is determined in part by how adeptly the spirit child learns to imitate the holiness of the Heavenly Parents, as primarily taught and exemplified by the dispensational leaders, the Emmanuel, and the Holy Spirit.


2) The spirit child must prove faithful in the keeping of covenants made with their Heavenly Parents.


3) The spirit child must prove successful in developing and nurturing a Beloved relationship during his or her many lifetimes, forming an immortal, eternal bond with a Beloved companion. Only couples may achieve exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom.


At the conclusion of the seventh dispensation, most spirit children are appointed an inheritance within the lesser realms of the Telestial or Terrestrial Kingdoms of glory. However, those few couples who achieve their exaltation are inducted into an initiatory office under the purview of the Celestial Council of Elohim. This initiatory office is the first of five offices, or stages of progression, overseen by the patriarchal and matriarchal organizational bodies referred to as the House of El Shalon and the House of El Shaloah. The first five offices pertaining to the work of all the Gods and Goddesses of the Celestial Council of Elohim are as follows:













The first office that exalted spirit children are appointed to is that of Soul of the Just Made Perfect. According to Azrael’s Commentary, this appointment “...makes reference to those who have achieved the divine state of exaltation, whether man or woman, and as a consequence thereof, are made partakers with God. This means [the couple has taken upon themselves the work and glory of their Heavenly Parents]. The office of Soul of the Just Made Perfect is an initiatory office, and those who achieve this first step along the path of exaltation are often referred to as the ‘Initiates of Glory’. Here [the couple] first learns what it means to work among the Gods and Goddesses of Elohim. It is literally, on the job training.” (Azrael’s Commentary — El Shaloah/Shalon: Soul of the Just Made Perfect)


Even though an individual has achieved exaltation with their Beloved, one is not officially a Heavenly Father or Mother until they have been inducted into the second office within their respective Houses, and are thus considered Perfected Souls. Formal induction into this office occurs when the husband and wife—having perfected their love for each other over many mortal lifetimes—step into the streams of living intelligence to procreate and become Father and Mother to a host of spirit children (Wisdom 25). The Father and Mother possess tabernacles of pure, exalted spirit, and thus produce offspring of spirit, in keeping with the law of ‘kind producing after its own kind’ (W:14:30; W:16:14). The Heavenly Parents’ advancement through the remaining offices within their House is predicated upon fulfillment of responsibilities peculiar to each office, correlated with the movement and progression of their spirit children midst the dispensations of God. For the Heavenly Father, these remaining offices include that of Artificer, Emmanuelite, and Chief Artificer. For the Heavenly Mother, the remaining offices include that of Artificer, Holy Spirit, and Great Mother Spirit (see: El Shaloah/Shalon).


It is only after the spirit children have completed all seven dispensations on a mortal world and have been designated their appropriate inheritances, that the Heavenly Parents—having fulfilled their roles within the office of Chief Artificer and Great Mother Spirit—may advance to become Arch-Angels, or more specifically, an Archon and Aretakai (Wisdom 14:34). At this point along the Hodos Alea (the path of eternal progression), the Husband and Wife would together enter a gestation process and eventually be ‘reborn’ to Heavenly Parents who have themselves previously progressed to become Arch-Angels. The Heavenly Mother (Aretakai), having a celestial body of flesh and bone, would give birth to Arch-Angel twins who together would mature and continue their progression as Beloveds throughout eternity (source needed).


As a final note, all Arch-Angels are Gods and Goddesses; all Gods and Goddesses are Arch-Angels. However, the True Gnostic does not see God as a singular Supreme Being, but rather, as a Supreme Collective. Any person within this Supreme Collective, be they male or female, who is elected to speak for the Collective is, for all intents and purposes, God.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Significant chapters pertaining to the exaltation process, the Beloved relationship, and the creation of spirit children:


Wisdom 14          Wisdom 16          Wisdom 24          Wisdom 25          2nd Endowment 7



To further clarify the process of deification, consider the lineage of co-Ahmans, Noeiel (predominantly referred to as Ahman) and Galendriel, and their children, Michael and Sher-el, the Chief Arch-Angels in the Celestial Council of Elohim. Ahman and Galendriel are the spirit children of the first Heavenly Parents, Areta and The One (W:18:22; 1:2:10). Michael and Sher-el are the spirit children of Ahman and Galendriel. Emmanuel and Sophiel are the spirit children of Michael and Sher-el (W:1:3; B:24:65). Emmanuel and Sophiel, while performing their duties within the offices of Emmanuelite and Holy Spirit, are serving as the designated Heavenly Parents of the spirit children living mortal lives here on this earth.[1]


While the Celestial Kingdom is home to many Gods and Goddesses, the Patriarchal and Matriarchal lineage that pertains to the Council of Elohim and our situation on this earth is portrayed below:



The One & Areta  (Supreme Father & Mother of Heaven)

                 9 Noeiel & Galendriel  (Father & Mother Ahmans of Elohim)

                                     9 Michael & Sher-el  (Chief Archon & Chief Aretakai of the Elohim)

                                                           9 Emmanuel & Sophiel  (Emmanuelite / Holy Spirit)

                                                                                     9 Incarnated spirit children on this earth



Supporting references:


Ahman as the son of The One        Wisdom 18:22         1st Endowment 2:10


Emmanuel, the son of Michael who is the son of Ahman       Wisdom 1:3  (see footnote: [2])


Emmanuel – Father of spirit children (example: Abram)         Beginnings 26:11   (see footnote: [1])  



With the lineage now established, the following words from Yeshua (a mortal manifestation of the Emmanuel) may reveal further insight regarding the role of the Emmanuel, and his Heavenly Father.


For I tell you truly that the time now is when there is come a Father which is preferred above all others, and unto him shall the children of men come seeking, that they may possess a fullness of heavenly things.[...]

And whosoever will not forsake all things to follow after me, the same is not worthy of me.

For what profit shall these inherit to themselves concerning all your labors, if it so be that they should lose the birthright which is found in Heaven only?

Yeshua 7:50, 55-56


But all things which I have both heard and received of my Father have I made known unto you, that you might be as friends and not servants only.

Because you have loved me and believed that I am come from God, even so shall the Father love you also.

I am the Father which is come from above that I might receive unto my bosom even the whole world; and when I have completed the task which is set before me, then shall I ascend also unto my Father, even as you shall ascend unto me.

Yeshua 19:55-57   (see Wisdom 14:28-34)


I am the Father which is come from above, in whose hand the Father has given all authority; all the scriptures do but speak of me; for I am their author; I am their wisdom.

Yeshua 50:12


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The Continued Work of Heavenly Fathers and Mothers

The work of Heavenly Parents varies in scope, depending on where they are along the Hodos Alea, the path of eternal progression. Having graduated from the fifth and final office of Houses El Shalon and El Shaloah, the Beloveds will have completed their responsibilities within the First Holy Order of Ascension, as organized through the House of Mithron, and the Houses of El Shalon and El Shaloah (see: Houses). At the appropriate time, the Beloveds (still existing as pure spirit) will enter a gestation period and eventually be born as Arch-Angels, receiving glorified, physical tabernacles. As newborn Arch-Angels, they will be nurtured and raised by their Heavenly Parents, and eventually begin the next stage of their progression. This involves initiation into the Second Holy Order of Ascension, which is organized through the House of Shevas and the House of Sabaoth. The Third Holy Order of Ascension is organized through the House of Archons and the House of Valhaladea.


The work of Gods and Goddesses is unfathomably vast in scale and scope. To get a glimpse of how extensive the pathway of eternal progression is, consider all that has been discussed so far regarding the progression and evolution of Gods and Goddesses. This is all just a small part of what the Council of Elohim oversees. The  Council of Elohim is the first and oldest of seven Councils of Light to arise midst the evolution of God. There are six, more glorified Councils that each represent higher, more exalted states of progression and responsibilities (see Councils of Light, Heaven).


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The First Heavenly Mother and Father

See: Areta, First God, First Heaven, First Power, The One


As revealed throughout the scriptural narrative, God has not always existed, but rather, evolved from the human species. Life preceded God; God evolved from life (Credo #1, #2). The first to become ‘Heavenly Parents’ were the first humans to create for themselves an immortal soul while living the mortal life, thus allowing their personality and memory to remain intact despite the body’s passing away into death (see: 3rd Endowment).


The first ‘Heavenly Mother’ is referred to in scripture as Areta (AH-ruh-tay). Areta’s evolutionary process differed from all other’s in that she was the First Mind, the feminine Universal Consciousness that miraculously awoke in the Void to eventually become the Mother of creation and life. While Areta’s process was unique, she was not exempt from experiencing the vast spectrum of opposition inherent in mortal life. According to scripture, she was both the mortal mother, and in a subsequent incarnation, the Beloved mortal partner of the first man to engender soul. This man, known as Kronus Maximillius, was the first evolutionary human to engender soul and survive physical death with personality intact. The soul of Kronus (later referred to as ‘The One’) eventually united with that of his Beloved, and together as First God, continued to progress and evolve, establishing the foundations of Heaven and eventually becoming parents to the first generations of spirit children (4:4:12-29; 4:32:1-5).


Areta and The One, as First God, became the prototype for all who would come after. Together, they created the template of eternal progression, and established the foundations for all the divine Houses, Offices, and Kingdoms of glory—beginning with the Telestial Kingdom, then the Terrestrial, and after eternities of progression, the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven. With the continuing progression and evolution of Areta and The One, the concept of God also evolved. As understood by the True Gnostic, the term ‘God’ has come to designate whomever is elected to speak for the Supreme Collective, which Collective is comprised of many exalted, glorified beings who, over countless eternities, arose from a mindfully guided evolutionary process.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Heavenly Fathers / Mothers Mentioned in Scripture


First Father of All Fathers / First Mother of All Mothers

 • The One / Areta


First Father / Mother of the Ahgendai

 • Azraella Ahgendai / Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia


Seven Azurgai (?)

 • Wisdom, Benevolence, Faith, Justice, Fortitude, Beauty, Harmony (see: Azurgai)


Father and Mother co-Ahmans of the Seven Councils of Light      1:2:4-5     5:13:38-39  

  • Kikuriel / Miriel                    co-Ahmans of El Jor El

 • Shuliel / Xaniel                    co-Ahmans of El Kolobree

 • Dahmiel / Bithliel                 co-Ahmans of El Ramadee

 • Shoandiel / Doriel               co-Ahmans of Shem El Koreem

 • Pajmiel / Hashimiel             co-Ahmans of Elkashie

 • Henliel / Bashiel                  co-Ahmans of Elolam

 • Noeiel / Galendriel              co-Ahmans of Elohim


Chief Arch-Angels of Elohim and their Mortal Incarnation as Dispensational Leader

   W:2:38                                   (see: Chief Archon, Dispensationalism)


Michael / Sher-el                   1st Dispensational Leader (Adam and Eve)    1:2:17-18

Gabriel                                   2nd Dispensational Leader (Noah)       1:3:33

Raphael                                 3rd Dispensational Leader (Moses)       1:3:34-38

Uriel                                       4th Dispensational Leader (Isaiah)       1:3:39-41

Ariel                                       5th Dispensational Leader (Alvin Smith)    (see Ariel Disclosure)

Azrael / Azraella                     6th Dispensational Leader (Archie D. Wood, Sr) W:16:49-55; 1:2:31-42; 1:12:21   

Suriel /                                   7th Dispensational Leader (tbd)


Other Heavenly Fathers

 • Shaemdiel                              Former Chief Archon of Elohim

 • Solobriel                                Chief Guardian of the city of Jerrusha (6:3:3)

 • Emmanuel                              House of El Shalon — son of Michael, beloved of Sophiel


Other Heavenly Mothers

 • Rutheniel                               Beloved of Shaemdiel, former Chief Aretakai of Elohim

 • Sabriel, Ramniel, Saerel        House of Sabaoth         (E:4:1-2)

 • Bythiel, Myriel                        House of El Shaloah      (E:4:1-2)

 • Sophiel                                  House of El Shaloah — daughter of Sher-el, beloved of Emmanuel


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




[1] According to scripture, the schooling experience taking place on this earth—the world of the First Power—is unique. The process for determining candidates to participate in the dispensations did not follow the normal template. Do to the nature of this cosmos and the timeframe in which we are experiencing it (see: First Cosmos/Creation), the Council of Elohim has had to make certain adaptations and adjustments in the way the Law of Dispensation is administered and how certain roles function within the relevant Houses, Quorums and Offices. (See: Adapting the Process)


On worlds created by God, it is typical that most, if not all, the spirit children participating are those of the same parentage. In our situation, the spirit children participating here are not ‘children’ at all, but rather, they are previously exalted individuals from the Celestial Kingdom who had volunteered to defend Heaven during the Second War against the Demiurge. Notwithstanding the various deviations from the normal template, the positions of ‘the Emmanuel’ and ‘the Sophiel’ have been retained and are in effect. While Emmanuel and Sophiel may not technically be the spirit parents of those living mortal lives here, their positions legitimize them as worthy ‘adoptive parents’. It is reasonable to presume that the majority of celestial citizens experiencing mortal life on the world of the First Power come from the lineage of Ahman and Galendriel.



[2] Considering the following verse, it may be asked: Why is Ahman referred to as the ‘Most High God’, when there are others Gods who are older or ‘Higher’ than Ahman?


Now in the kingdom of God there stood before the Lords of Elohim, Emmanuel, the son of Michael who is the son of Ahman, even the Most High God.

Wisdom 1:3


In the scriptures, Ahman is often referred to as the ‘Father of All’, or the ‘Most High God’. He was elected (1:2:10) to be the presiding Heavenly Father of the first and oldest of seven Celestial realms (or Councils), referred to as the Council of Elohim. As such, Ahman and his Beloved preside over every Lord and God, every ministering angel, cherub, and seraph that reside in this kingdom. In addition, both the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms (which each contain billions of planetary systems) exist within the domain of the Elohim, and as such, are ultimately presided over by Ahman and Galendriel (AZC — Ahman). While technically, The One “is greatest above all else, being before all Gods the First and Most Sovereign Lord of All” (E:5:23), given the context of our situation, the title ‘Most High God’ can be appropriately used to distinguish the presiding Heavenly Father and Mother of the Elohim, Ahman (Noeiel) and Galendriel.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




The concept of God is represented by two distinct and separate persons, our Heavenly Father and our Heavenly Mother.

~Basic Beliefs #7


We are the literal spiritual offspring of God, and have the capacity to become just like our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother if we so choose.

~Basic Beliefs #8


True worship is the imitation of God’s goodness; it is to imitate the character, disposition and attitude of our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

~Basic Beliefs #11


[...] And God the Father spoke to me again, saying: “Behold my own Beloved, even the Heavenly Mother; and know this thing for yourself; for even as you see before you the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, yet are we together made but one God unto the children of men. For even as a man and a woman are made one flesh in marriage, even so are we become as one God. Know then that whosoever shall pray unto the Father, even then shall the Mother hear also. And whosoever shall pray unto the Mother, even unto that child shall I attend with all gentle affection. For how shall you believe in the Father and not the Mother also? For together are we made as one God forever unto the children of men. [...]

~Personal Testimony of Azrael Ondi-Ahman (excerpt)


For in Heaven are there Lords many and Gods many who, in the midst of exaltation exceeding, dwell together peaceably in all holiness.

Wisdom 26:34


[Words of Emmanuel]

28.  And they shall become Gods and Goddesses, dwelling forever in the councils of Elohim.

29.  For they shall surely become even as I, before the world was, and unto them shall be completed the Covenant of Androgyny, and they shall be taught the Law of Pairing, that forever they might be as husband and wife throughout all the generations of eternity. For by the power of Heaven shall they be sealed together as one before the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

30.  For unto every husband and wife who shall receive the promise of exaltation shall be given the power to organize spirit children in the manner of their own likeness, for in the beginning was the law given that kind should produce after its own kind.

31.  For together shall the man and the woman be taken into the streams and rivers of intelligence by their Heavenly Father and Mother, and there shall husband and wife come together by reason of their love one for the other, and they shall fashion unto themselves spirit children without number.

32.  Therefore, consider how great this covenant is, for by reason of this priesthood are granted unto the Souls of the Just Made Perfect, the powers of God.

33.  And thus shall all those who become as the Only Begotten of the Father in this life attain unto the Souls of the Just Made Perfect in the kingdom of God. And they shall become as Emmanuel, who in the beginning did fashion even all the spirits of the children of men, even before the world was.

34.  And when these things shall come to pass, when all the children of men shall have inherited that glory which was prepared for them from the beginning, when the earth shall be lifted up before the throne of the great God, then shall I, Emmanuel, ascend unto my Father, even Michael, and I shall become even as he is, an Arch-Angel of the Most High God.

Wisdom 14:28-34


Now in the beginning was the law given that kind should produce after its own kind. The Soul of the Just, having been made perfect, possessing unto themselves a spiritual body, did organize unto themselves the spirits of all men, both male and female, and the souls of the children of men did they cause to dwell upon the earth in tabernacles of mortality.

Wisdom 16:14


[Words of Michael]

21. But this small child which you now see, possesses glory like unto my own. Therefore, learn wisdom and consider greatly: For in the beginning was the law given that kind should produce kind.

22. Therefore, this child which you see is the seed of my loins, and he shall grow and be nurtured in the mansions of his Father, that he might possess unto himself forever the fullness of his Father’s glory.

23. Likewise, when the dispensations of God which are given unto the children of men upon the earth are completed, there shall be prepared for this Emmanuel a celestial tabernacle like unto my own. And he shall be nurtured in the bosom of eternity, and even as his Father is, so shall he become an Arch-Angel of the Most High God.

24. Behold, the Arch-Angels of God give birth to Gods, for surely they are Gods; and from innumerable spirits which are organized do the souls of the Gods come. But unto which of many spirits shall the glory of godliness be given?

25. Therefore, was a way prepared whereby the most noble of all spirits should be made manifest, and that they should progress throughout all the generations of eternity, until they should become even as Emmanuel, and when the aeons of their probation are accomplished, when they have completed the way which is set before them, then shall they be born unto their Heavenly Father and Mother, and in the bosom of their glory dwell.

Wisdom 16:21-25


[General references]

1. Consider therefore, my children, the way of exaltation, even that Hodos Alea which the Lords and Gods of Heaven do walk most joyfully in the midst of great power and holiness; being sanctified and purified by love and wisdom forever and ever.

2. For unto the Lords and Gods of Elohim is it given that they should be the Fathers and Mothers of many children; that being secure in the midst of endless fulfillment, might both the Father and the Mother prepare for the children they love, the pathways of eternal progression.

3. For the Father and Mother which dwell beyond in light and glory are constant and most attentive, ever seeking and reaching out to those children which would imitate the ways of God upon the earth;

4. Watching with most tender care the lives of all who live; seeking through most subtle means the growth of the spirit within; reaching out to touch and nurture the children whom they love.

5. Thus is the love of both the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Mother drawn most closely together by reason of their care for the children which did spring from the bed of all their loving;

6. For the love which the Father bears most deeply for the Mother is dressed round about by a constant devotion, while yet the Mother does most tenderly woo the Father which gave forth seed.

2nd Endowment 7:1-6


28. Let us determine through careful counsel the way which we should go; for here beside this living stream shall we most sweetly ponder, to fashion from our heart’s desire a multitude of loving children.

29. These shall we fashion through the loving of our souls within the golden stream; for the stream of which your spirit is fashioned is made of an absolute and living substance, being themselves most separately knowing in the ways of life, being intelligent in purpose and design.

30. And in the loving of you within the flowing light did I fashion for your soul a spirit body like my own; and in like manner shall we fashion from our souls together the beginning of our seed.

31. These shall we cause to follow straightly in our path, to become through some eternal progression even like unto ourselves; and this path to exaltation shall we call Hodos Alea.

32. For in small and careful stages shall our children most surely grow, adding through needful measures one glory upon another, even till they should receive a fullness, to become themselves as Heavenly Fathers and Heavenly Mothers in holiness and joy forever, being attended themselves by a deep and knowing wisdom.

4th Endowment 1:28-32


Here beyond the starry deep, beyond the dreams you dream, many Mothers quietly wait the coming of their children; being each and every one filled with joyful heart, eagerly seeking to touch the mind of every child they love, to open wide the very portals which lead to exaltation.[...]

How quick the shadows flee away when Heaven near approaches, to stand yourself as one empowered and filled with light and joy; reflecting through the things you do the light of many Mothers.[...]

So come my child and hear my counsel, let us wend our way, and through the spirit of many Mothers shall I most quick enlighten, to make most bright what now seems dark and fill you up with healing.

7th Endowment 1:40, 43, 46

Heavenly Mother

Offices of House El Shaloah (Matriarchal)

1.  Soul of the Just Made Perfect

2.  Perfected Soul

3.  Artificer

4.  Holy Spirit

5.  Great Mother Spirit

Offices of House El Shalon (Patriarchal)

1.  Soul of the Just Made Perfect

2.  Perfected Soul

3.  Artificer

4.  Emmanuelite

5.  Chief Artificer