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Kuristan (plains of)


Pronunciation:  KUHR-ih-stan

Occurrences:  12

First Reference:  Wisdom 2:37


In that day were my sons and daughters divided, and one third did follow the words of the deceitful one, and with great fury did they rage; upon the plains of Kuristan did they gather to war against God.



See:  Eden World, Elohim, Fallen, Mitanni, Paradise, Rutheniel, Shaemdiel


Summary:  Located on one of the Paradise moons of Jeruel near the city of Mitanni, the plains of Kuristan marks the region where the rebellion and hostage crisis — led by Shaemdiel, the former Chief Archon of Elohim — came to an climactic end. The rebellion was eventually quelled, resulting in the eviction of Shaemdiel and one third [1] of his lineage (W:2:37) from the realms Heaven to the cosmos of the First Creation.


Having taken by force a host of spirit children from the Keep (E:9:3-30), Shaemdiel and his legions fled to the city of Mitanni where they held the spirit children hostage against the mighty hosts of Elohim (E:9:40-41), which had gathered on the plains of Kuristan to oppose Shaemdiel (E:9:42-47). When Michael advanced to plead with Shaemdiel, he was met on the plains of Kuristan by Shaemdiel and many of his legions (E:9:48-55). During the exchange, Galendriel and a mighty array of Cherubim rushed the city of Mitanni, to rescue the spirit children (E:9:56-57). Seeing that his plans were quickly deteriorating, an enraged Shaemdiel rushed to attack Michael. The attack was interrupted by the sounding of a great trump, as there descended the Azraella Ahgendai and 30,000 of his Seraphim, accompanied by Ahman and host of representatives from the House of Archons, El Shalon, and El Shaloah (E:9:61-64; 6:2:7-14).


Having provided a chance for individuals to abandon Shaemdiel’s cause and repent, Ahman gathered those who remained loyal to the rebellion and had them evicted to the regions of the First Cosmos, to give service to the Demiurge (E:9:72-75; 6:2:51-57, 63-66; E:10:1-40). According to scripture, The One assumes responsibility for the rebellion and subsequent fall of Shaemdiel, as it was all a part of a grand scheme orchestrated to ensure a subtle advantage over the Demiurge, and the successful replication of the world of the First Power (E:5:52-62; 1:4:15-41; 6:2:33-37; 6:6:53).



Significant Chapters

   Enlightenment 9

    1st Endowment 4

   6th Endowment 2





[1] There may be some question as to whom the ‘one third’ refers to. Most likely, it refers to the total number of Shaemdiel and Rutheniel’s lineage who remained loyal to the rebellion and were evicted from the Elohim.


In that day were my sons and daughters divided, and one third did follow the words of the deceitful one, and with great fury did they rage; upon the plains of Kuristan did they gather to war against God.

Wisdom 2:37


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Seeing then that Shaemdiel had come to rest in Paradise, and seeing also that in the city of Mitanni he held hostage the spirit children of God, Ahman called forth the House of Archons; and with them also gathered the House of El Shalon and the House of El Shaloah.

And assembling together a vast and mighty host from among the very Elohim, he set to rule over them seven Arch-Angels and there was chief and foremost among them, Michael, even he whom God had established in the place of Shaemdiel.

What power and glory then swiftly flew from the hallowed halls of Merigoth, and like the lightning and the storm swiftly passing, the hosts of Heaven stood upon the plains of Kuristan;

And before the city of Mitanni did they establish themselves in solemn array, each according to their order, and each order according to their house; and of their number could no man count.

Enlightenment 9:42-45


Thus, on the plains of Kuristan, near the city of Mitanni, did all Heaven rise up with a holy zeal to frustrate the whole of Shaemdiel’s design; and Shaemdiel was cast from the heavenly place and unto the world beyond all beginnings was he made to dwell.

1st Endowment 4:18


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