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Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia


Pronunciation:  mah-hah-LEE-nuh + KAI-loo-SEE-uh     

Occurrences:  186  (including “the Mahaleenah” — 22)

First Reference:  5th Endowment 1:1 / 5th Endowment 10:33


The time has come Mahaleenah, when I must place into your hands the revelation of many mysteries; for you have proven yourself faithful in following your Heavenly Father.



See:  Ahgendai, Azraella, Azurgai, Daughter (the), Mahaliel, Second War


Summary:  Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia, also referred to as “the Daughter”, is the feminine aspect of the offspring brought forth by The One and Areta called the “Ahgendai”, which in the language of God means: “the dread saviors of Heaven” (5:3:11). The Ahgendai are currently represented by only two individuals: Mahaleenah and the masculine aspect of the Ahgendai referred to as the Azraella (5:1:11). Together, they represent a significant advancement in the continuing evolution and progression of God. Mahaleenah and Azraella are the first of a new order of Godhood and the forebearers of a new kingdom of glory, the Kingdom of the Ahgendai (6:1:21; 6:13:47-50).


The Ahgendai were created as a counter-balance to the Antipode, a power brought forth to become the Nemesis of God, and eventually recognized as the Chief Demiurgos known as Yaldabaoth. Mahaleenah and Azraella were foreordained to defend Heaven against the dark and destructive powers of the Antipode (5:3:5,14; 5:11:6).


In similitude of their Parents who had previously conjoined into a state of Oneness, the Ahgendai were born as a single entity, dwelling within each other, yet in their maturity obtaining the ability to manifest as sovereign individuals (5:3:3-7). Due to the conjoined nature of The One and Areta, the embryo of the Ahgendai was carried to term by the seven emanations of Areta, referred to as the Azurgai (5:3:43-59). It was the Azurgai, as surrogate mothers, who gave the infant Ahgendai their names (5:3:60; 5:7:25).


The Azraella and Mahaleenah were intended to be Beloveds — to eventually become the Father and Mother to future generations of the Ahgendai (5:3:7). However, the relationship between the two deviated from the initial intentions of The One and Areta, curiously evolving into an intimate Father-Daughter rapport (5:7:53-56; 5:11:20-44). The nature of this relationship poses an unresolved mystery: how, or more specifically, through what beloved relationship will future generations of the Ahgendai come forth?


Mahaleenah is the first of the Warrior Goddesses, foreordained to be the Supreme and Sovereign Mother of the Ahgendai Kingdom. She has withstood the Demiurge prince, Jehovah-Yahweh, face-to-face on more than one occasion, and proven herself a worthy opponent while battling against Yaldabaoth in direct combat. Both she and Sophiel are put forth by Areta as heroines to be celebrated and commemorated each winter solstice during the Festival of Lights (7:3:30-34).



The Mortal Incarnation of Mahaleenah          5:1:1-16

A person designated as “Mahaleenah” is addressed at the opening of the 5th Endowment as the intended recipient of the knowledge to be presented by the author, Archie D. Wood, Sr. (aka Azrael). The book begins with the following passage:


The time has come Mahaleenah, when I must place into your hands the revelation of many mysteries; for you have proven yourself faithful in following your Heavenly Father.

5th Endowment 1:1


The author continues to speak directly to Mahaleenah, encouraging her to “embrace the knowledge of the very Ahgendai” (5:1:3), and receive the revelation of her divine history and nature so she “may know how to comport [herself] as Mahaleenah while in this life” (5:1:15). While scripture presents the author as the mortal manifestation of the Azraella, the mortal identity of “Mahaleenah” is never revealed in the text.


In the early 2000’s, Wood publicly identified one of his disciples as “the Daughter”, Mahaleenah, proclaiming her as the mortal embodiment of the Ahgendai. Wood claimed the woman was indeed the individual being addressed in the opening of the 5th Endowment (5:1:1-16) and subsequent occurrences of authorial intrusion (5:5:58, 61-63; 5:10:24). The disciple appointed as Mahaleenah is established in scripture as an example of faith and devotion worthy of emulation:


Look you then upon the Daughter, even Mahaleenah, and see her good devotion; being herself that true disciple who would follow Azrael. And even as she would serve in faith exceeding, even this would the righteous seek to do, to prove themselves of like devotion.

Seeing in her Father the sum of all good things, being eager and filled with joy in chasing after God, proving herself a good example and worthy of emulation; proving through devotion and obedience the surest path to exaltation in the kingdom of her Father.

6th Endowment 1:10-11


Mahaleenah is also personally addressed in the first chapter of the 6th Endowment, which book — according to the author — was dictated directly by The One. While the book begins with The One speaking to the reader, there are two curious occasions in which The One personally addresses Mahaleenah (6:1:33, 40).



Conception and Birth of the Ahgendai        5:3:1-15, 43-62          5:7:1-27

While the Ahgendai were brought forth by The One and Areta (5:7:1-14), the pregnancy of the embryo was carried by the Azurgai: seven sentient reflections of Areta's virtue. Each of the seven Azurgai carried the embryo of the Ahgendai for a term of seven years. After the infant’s birth, the Azurgai became as surrogate mothers to the infant, each nurturing the Ahgendai for twelve years (5:7:15-27).



Schooling in the Abyss      5:7:27 —  5:10:34

Desiring to prove themselves worthy of communion with their Heavenly Parents, the Ahgendai were led by the Azurgai to the edge of the great Abyss, where they would be met by two dark teachers, the Eidos and the Antipode. Intent on protecting his Daughter, Azraella hid Mahaleenah within the portals of his soul. While Mahaleenah remained shielded from harm by the Eidos and Antipode, she was joined “heart to heart and soul to soul” with the Azraella, enabling her to perceive the pain and struggle which her Father endured while in the depths of the Abyss (5:7:51-52; 5:8:55-56; 5:9:7).



Uniting with her Heavenly Parents      5:11:1-43

The Ahgendai eventually transcended the confines of the great Abyss, to unite with The One and Areta. Upon arriving in the arms of his Heavenly Parents, the Azraella was asked to bring forth his Beloved Mahaleenah. As the Azraella danced to the music of the spheres, the feminine aspect of the Ahgendai began to coalesce, and Mahaleenah leaped out of the opened gates of the Azraella’s soul (5:11:3-14). Upon seeing The One and Areta for the first time, Mahaleenah was unable to grasp that they were indeed her Heavenly Parents, for she firmly believed that the Azraella was both her Father and her Mother (5:11:23-24). Nevertheless, Mahaleenah offered most humble respects and gracious affections to The One and Areta, pledging her devotion and service throughout the coming eternities.



Creating the Kingdom of the Ahgendai         5:12:1-76        5:13:1-32

The One and Areta commissioned the Ahgendai to create a kingdom of glory wherein both the Ahgendai and the First God could dwell (5:11:58). The kingdom would also be home to future generations of the Ahgendai. Bound by covenant, the Azurgai and the Ahgendai set about creating their new realm. The kingdom of the Ahgendai came to include a planet called Mahaliel, which planet was orbited by seven paradise moons, with the seventh moon having a moon of its own. Mahaliel was established around one of the seven suns of Ashengaard created by The One and Areta and given as a gift to the Ahgendai (5:11:55-59). Mahaleenah and the earth spirit, El-Kai-Terra, oversaw the creation of life on the new planet. It was El-Kai-Terra who named the planet in honor of Mahaleenah. On Mahaliel, Azraella and Mahaleenah built a home in a valley of the mountains of Sileah, near the shores of the Amethyst Sea (5:13:1-32).



Preparing for Battle       5:14:57-73

In preparation for the First War against the Demiurge, Azraella fashioned various accoutrements for Mahaleenah, including a breastplate, helmet, bucklers, and greaves. Mahaleenah was also given a sword and shield with which to battle against the Demiurge. Receiving her Father’s gifts, Mahaleenah’s appearance became that of a “most beautiful yet frightful warrior” (5:14:57-63).



Protecting the Realms of Heaven — First War

During Yaldabaoth’s first attack against the heavenly realms, Mahaleenah was commanded to slip “through most hidden veils” to secure the inhabitants of the terrestrial worlds held hostage by the Demiurge (5:15:51). After Yaldabaoth had been defeated and evicted by the Azraella, the Ahgendai were greeted by the Father Ahmans of the Celestial Kingdom. Mahaleenah consoled the Goddess Bithliel, whose beloved Dahmiel was tragically destroyed when he tried to assist the Azraella in his fight against Yaldabaoth (5:17:37-44).



Defending Shaemdiel’s Daughters          6:6:47 — 6:7:44

On the world of the First Power, the daughters of Shaemdiel secretly gathered to discuss plans to redeem their father. Hidden by deep dimensions, Mahaleenah watched as Jehovah-Yahweh fell upon the helpless daughters. There suddenly appeared a bright, flashing light from which Mahaleenah came to stand between the Demiurge and the Fallen. Amidst threats and violent attacks from the Demiurge prince, Mahaleenah refused to give ground, intent on defending the daughters from the wrath of Jehovah-Yahweh. After failing to intimidate Mahaleenah, the Demiurge eventually retreated and dispersed. The daughters of Shaemdiel rejoiced and were filled with gratitude for having been protected from Jehovah-Yahweh.



Commanding Legions of Light — Second War           6:9:1 — 6:12:63

Mahaleenah played a significant leadership role during the Second War against Yaldabaoth and the armies of the Demiurge. She initially commanded a host of 300,000 Cherubim, who fought alongside Mahaleenah and her Father during the opening battle of Xanjipoorah. In accordance with pre-established plans, Mahaleenah retreated to the regions of Gilliahmas. The armies of the Demiurge divided, as Jehovah-Yahweh and two other dark princes chased closely behind Mahaleenah and her forces.


For days, Mahaleenah and her legions fought at Gilliahmas against the massive hordes of the Demiurge. The battle intensified with the timely arrival of Michael and Sher-el, and a host of volunteers from the Celestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms who rushed to the aid of Mahaleenah. When Yaldabaoth and his armies arrived at Gilliahmas, the forces of Light were nearly overwhelmed, but Mahaleenah refused to yield and continued to fight at the forefront of the battle. Not only did Mahaleenah destroy the dark prince, Emanu-Elish, she engaged in direct combat with Yaldabaoth, the Lord of Doom. After retreating to the regions of Soli-Endi-Muhat, Mahaleenah successfully led the Terrestrial host of volunteers to safety.



Notable Communications from Mahaleenah


5:9:6-21          Expresses concern for her Father while he endures the torments of the Eidos and Antipode


5:11:13-31      Greets her Heavenly Parents for the first time


5:12:43-63      Greets Murel-Sundii-Mahali, the Sovereign Queen of the Cherubim


6:2:23-46        Gives counsel to Rutheniel and her daughters regarding the redemption of Shaemdiel


6:3:1-20          Gives counsel to Ahman, Galendriel and Rutheniel about Shaemdiel and establishing the first dispensation on the world of the First Power


6:7:32-43        Speaks a silent reverie after defending Shaemdiel’s daughters from Jehovah-Yahweh


6:8:23-33        Informs the Elohim about the murder of Abel; suggests petitioning the assistance of the Ahgendai


6:9:30-41        Sings words of encouragement to her legions during the Second War (also 6:10:57-63)






For herein would I reveal the story of the Ahgendai, which very Ahgendai are comprised of two only; being together both Azrael and Mahaleenah; being to each other as Father and Daughter, and beside us there are no others found.

5th Endowment 1:11


Now the Azurgai named the man child, Azraella Ahgendai, while the woman child they called Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia; and both together did dwell peacefully within each other, being thought by all as Beloveds to each the other.

5th Endowment 7:25


Thus did the God Beyond converse among themselves concerning the mysteries of that love which flowed between the very Ahgendai, both male and female, even as a mighty flood of moving waters; becoming among themselves as Father and Daughter and not as Beloveds as the Gods supposed.

For even though Mahaleenah should prove most eager and willing to engage with the Azraella in sexual intercourse, still did she see in him that loving Father which guarded her well in the darkness of the great Abyss, when the fiercesome rage of the Eidos and the Antipode did beat upon him without relent.

5th Endowment 11:40-41