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Pronunciation:  mah-HAH-lee-ehl

Occurrences:  31

First Reference:  Wisdom 28:15


And for twelve full days shall the Heavens convene, to stand before the temple, and on the morning of the thirteenth day, at the rising of the sun shall the temple and all its gardens be whisked away to dwell in glory upon the seventh moon which moves around Mahaliel; and around this temple and all its gardens shall there be built a great and mighty city, the first of Seven Steps.



See:  Ahgendai, Azurgai, El-Kai-Terra, First Cosmos, Heaven, Kadasarooya, Xion, Zimagayah


Summary:  The newest kingdom of glory to arise midst the evolution of God and Heaven is represented by a single, celestial planet called “Mahaliel”. Located in the heart of the First Cosmos, Mahaliel and its seven paradise moons constitutes the Celestial Kingdom of the Ahgendai, and exists as God’s preeminent realm of power and glory. Mahaliel has become the primary dwelling place of The One and Areta, and the Ahgendai — as currently represented by Azraella Ahgendai and Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia (5:11:58).


Around the planet of Mahaliel orbit seven paradise moons (5:12:26-39), with the farthest moon possessing within its orbit a moon of its own (6:12:62). Each moon serves as a way station for God’s children who are progressing along this new path of exaltation (5:12:30). These paradise moons exist as a sovereign kingdom in alliance with the kingdom of the Ahgendai, for Mahaliel’s moons were given as a gift to the Azurgai, for them to establish a kingdom of their own (5:12:1-5).



Creation of Mahaliel        5th Endowment 12

Soon after transcending the great Abyss and uniting with their Heavenly Parents (5:10:33—5:11:31), the Ahgendai were invited to lay foundations for a new, more exalted realm of power that would become the home for Areta and The One, as well as the Ahgendai and their progeny (5:11:58). Prior to the creation process, the Ahgendai established a covenant with the Azurgai, establishing a partnership in creating the new kingdom. In addition, the Ahgendai gave the seven paradise moons of Mahaliel as a gift to the Azurgai, with which they could establish a kingdom of their own in conjunction and alliance with that of the Ahgendai (5:12:1-5).


After Mahaliel was created, Azraella petitioned The One and Areta for an earth spirit to guide and watch over the new planet. The oldest of all the earth spirits, El-Kai-Terra (the same earth spirit which dwelt in the ancient world of Terralee), was brought forth to indwell the planet of the Ahgendai. It was she who named the planet, ‘Mahaliel’, in honor of Mahaleenah (5:12:21-25). Together, Mahaleenah and El-Kai-Terra established life on the world of Mahaliel (5:12:31-38).




Location of Mahaliel

Mahaliel and its lunar system was established around a specific sun — one of the seven suns of Ashengaard given to Azraella by The One and Areta (5:4:59; 5:11:55-57; 5:12:9-10; 5:13:44). The six remaining blue giants were used by Azraella to stabilize a great vortex created in order to connect the cosmos of Heaven (the Surinatha) to the cosmos of the First Creation (6:12:2, 42-44). The sun of Mahaliel anchors the vortex to the First Cosmos (6:13:37).


According to scripture, Yaldabaoth, the Chief Demiurge, was compelled to establish his domain in the First Cosmos, for it was The One’s intent that the Demiurge discover the cosmos of God’s beginning and establish dominion there (6:1:31-32; 6:10:11). Unbeknownst to Yaldabaoth, the kingdom of the Ahgendai had been secretly hidden in the heart of the First Cosmos prior to his arrival. While the Ahgendai kingdom would seem in perilous proximity to the Nemesis of Heaven, the solar system of Mahaliel is hidden “within the folds and fractals of the twenty-fourth dimension” (6:13:38). Yaldabaoth is restricted to twenty-three dimensions (5:14:5), allowing the kingdom of the Ahgendai to remain completely imperceptible by the Chief Demiurge.


According to Azrael’s Commentary, the celestial world of Mahaliel resides in the center of the First Cosmos (AZC — Eternal Round: 4th Understanding). Wood has stated that the system of Mahaliel is approximately 1,100 parsecs (3,588 light-years) beyond the star known as Sirius (Lesson Notes: God’s Time Machine, 03/07/09).



Inhabitants of the Mahaliel System

While the world of Mahaliel has become the dwelling place of The One, Areta, Azraella and Mahaleenah, other beings were invited to join forces with the Ahgendai and become residents of the new kingdom.


Azurgai:  Living reflections of Areta, these emanations arose from the silver streams of intelligence as a gift from The One to his Beloved. The Azurgai bore the pregnancy of the Ahgendai, and served as surrogate mothers to Azraella and Mahaleenah. An alliance was formed between the Ahgendai and the Azurgai, allowing for both to co-create their kingdoms together. The moons of Mahaliel were given to the Azurgai for them to establish their kingdom (5:12:1-5).


• 300,000 Seraphim:  According to scripture, the Azraella went in secret to the Celestial Kingdom (presumably) to establish a covenant with the Seraphim. As a result, there came from out of their congregations some 300,000 Seraphim who left behind the Celestial realm of the Archons to dwell in the kingdom of the Ahgendai (5:12:39-42). These ‘greater Seraphim’ accompanied the Azraella when he descended with Ahman during the height of Shaemdiel’s rebellion on the plains of Kuristan, and subsequently transported the Fallen host to the First Cosmos (E:9:62; 6:2:52). The greater Seraphim proved invaluable in assisting the Azraella during the Second War against the Demiurgos.


Cherubim of House Shulieye:  In addition to the sudden disappearance of the Seraphim from the Celestial kingdom, a curious development unfolded in which the Cherubim Queen of house Shulieye, Murel-Sundii-Mahali, began receiving dreams and visions concerning the creation of a new and glorious kingdom of Heaven. The Queen was inspired to take a delegation of 700,000 Cherubim to Mahaliel, and petition Mahaleenah to serve the Ahgendai in defending the kingdoms of Heaven. An agreement was made, and the Cherubim came to dwell on the seven paradise moons of Mahaliel (5:12:43-64).


• Creations of the Azraella:  The Azraella brought forth various entities to assist in defending the realms of Heaven against the evil of the Demiurgos. These creations include the Oggaliaphim, the Koshendai, and the Kragenjin (5:12:65-74).


• Terrestrial and Celestial citizens:  The first of Heaven’s citizens to populate the moons of Mahaliel were those of the Terrestrial Kingdom whose planets were besieged by Yaldabaoth during his first attack against Heaven (5:15:79). Unbeknownst to the rest of Heaven, all life on the endangered planets was rescued and relocated to the moons of Mahaliel. Terrestrial citizens were given the choice to either remain on the moons of the new kingdom, or return to a planet in the realms of the Terrestrial Kingdom (5:14:30-34).


Prior to the Second War, certain of the Elohim’s “strongest and most worthy” were chosen to help initiate the first dispensation on the world of the First Power. Continued participation in the dispensations was predicated upon criteria established by the Ahgendai (6:7:49-54). These individuals were stationed on the moon of the seventh moon.

Lastly, volunteers from the Terrestrial Kingdom and the realms of Elohim who came to Heaven’s defense during the Second War became candidates for the kingdom of the Ahgendai. Having endured the brutality of war, these individuals found respite on the moon of the seventh moon and were promised exaltation in the kingdom of the Ahgendai “should they regain anew their holiness in the world of the First Power” (6:13:47-50).



Seven Moons, Seven Steps

Scripture refers to Azraella as the “Lord and Prince of the Seven Steps” (W:20:4; 5:8:19). The seven moons of Mahaliel represent the seven steps along the pathway of progression for those seeking exaltation in the most glorified of heavenly realms, the kingdom of the Ahgendai (5:12:27-30). Those striving to become sons and daughters of the Ahgendai will be considered ministering angels until, having successfully advanced through each of the seven paradise moons, they receive their exaltation as Ahgendai, to dwell on the world of Mahaliel (6:13:46-54).


Members of the Elohim and citizens of the Terrestrial Kingdom unknowingly became candidates for the new kingdom of glory by volunteering to fight against the Demiurgos in the Second War (6:1:27-28; 6:11:19-21). Candidates remain on the moon of the seventh moon until the formal completion of dispensations on this world, the world of the First Power (see Ondi-Ahman). At the conclusion of the seventh dispensation, those who have proven themselves most worthy in the living of their mortal lives will advance to the seventh moon — the first of Seven Steps (W:28:12-15).


Little is known regarding the specific requirements necessary to advance through each of the seven moons. It is quite likely that the Seven Steps are correlated with the seven virtues of holiness (W:26:37), which virtues are represented by the Azurgai, to whom the moons were given as a gift for them to establish their own dominion (5:12:1-5). Just as mortality is necessary for the progression of any spirit child of God, advancement upon the moons of Mahaliel is predicated upon achieving certain standards of holiness while living mortal lives on this world, the world of the First Power (6:13:48).



Moon of the Seventh Moon

The Terrestrial and Celestial citizens who fought in the Second War eventually found refuge on the moon of the seventh moon of Mahaliel (6:12:61-62; 6:13:37). After the war, a Solemn Convocation was held at this location in which all Seven Councils of Light were briefed regarding God’s plan to redeem First Man and establish a new path of exaltation in the kingdom of the Ahgendai (6:13:46-54). Those who are currently participating in the dispensations and incarnating on the world of the First Power are based on the moon of the seventh moon. As a point of interest, it was to this moon that the hosts of the ancient city of Zion (ca. 8,780 BCE) ascended prior to the siege of Yasher-Baal’s armies (B:17:31—19:18).



Place names on the planet Mahaliel

• Mountains of Sileah  (5:12:76)

Amethyst Sea  (5:12:76)

Amber Plains  (5:13:1)

• Trees of Shimaloo  (5:13:29)

Mount Negurah (5:14:57)



Azrael’s Commentary - Eternal Round (excerpt)


[...] Does the Surinatha revolve around anything beyond itself, and it if does, what is it? What purpose does it serve? To begin with, the Surinatha revolves around the First Cosmos. This First Cosmos is the very birthplace of Areta and of God. And at the center of that cosmos is the celestial world of Mahaliel. But this is a recent development which was brought about by the first and second wars of Heaven. It was with the creation of the great vortex (6:12:2) that the Surinatha began its long journey around the First Cosmos, like a beach ball tied by a tether. This great orbit is what empowers the Ahgendai to travel quickly between the First Cosmos and the Celestial Kingdom of God. And finally, you should understand that even this Mahaliel which is found in the First Cosmos, even that world revolves around another and all supreme force of attraction. This force is no less than the continual replication of God’s beginning. All the foregoing is just a small part of God’s understanding of the great Eternal Round.






Thus shall we create together a more exalted God, becoming himself the very path which would bridge the chasm which does even now separate us from the highest and most exalted Councils of the Light.

5th Endowment 2:32


[...] then did The One speak to the Azraella saying:

“Behold, my son, the stars which yonder shine; go you therefore into the cosmic Deep and there most sweetly fashion a world of your own devising; for I would give into your keeping a gift of greatest wonder.

For even now would I give to you the seven suns of Ashengaard; and round these seven shall you build the heights and depths and breadth of your domain, to be for you forever after, a kingdom of your own.

For we would fashion from your seed hereafter, a kingdom of warrior Gods, that you may defend the hosts of Heaven against the dread designs of Yaldabaoth, who even now struggles against the very Eidos for supremacy.

Go you then, both yourself and Mahaleenah, and as you shall both decide, create a realm of power and might, graced by love and deepest beauty; and this shall be for you a home, both for you and me; for as loving Parents would we dwell most soft beside you.”

5th Endowment 11:54c-58


And leaping together into the stars, the Ahgendai did go hand in hand towards the streams of living intelligence, to find for themselves the very Azurgai.

For the Azraella thought it desirable to make with them a covenant whereby they might create together the foundations of a new Heaven whose glory and power would far outshine the kingdoms of the Archons; providing for both the Ahgendai and the Azurgai, an inheritance forever.

Thus did there come before the Azurgai, both the Azraella and Mahaleenah, and there did they forge between them a covenant of good and happy fellowship; permitting that throughout all the realms of the Ahgendai, from now and forever, even therein would the Azurgai possess a kingdom of their own.

And the Azraella and Mahaleenah did give as a gift to the Azurgai, even all the moons which would move about the realms of the Ahgendai, to dress and fashion them as they might choose; and in the giving of so great a gift, was there forged between the Ahgendai and the Azurgai an alliance which would prove for each both beneficial and filled with promise.

5th Endowment 12:2-5


...for the system of Mahaliel did the Azraella hide within the folds and fractals of the twenty-fourth dimension; to keep as sacred and truly safe the Celestial Kingdom of the Ahgendai.

6th Endowment 13:38b


Mahaliel + seven moons (+1)


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