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Pronunciation:  SEHR-uh-fihm

Occurrences:  75     ‘Seraphic host’ - 3

First Reference:  Beginnings 17:29


And there attended unto her a host of Cherubim and Seraphim, and there encircled them round about the fires of Kolob that there might not approach unto them any unclean thing.



See:  Abdiel, Cherubim, Japhaniel, Kadasarooya


Summary:  Seraphim are a highly intelligent, enigmatic and peculiar species that evolved within fluidic space found at the interface of dimensions within the Olaha Shinehah (AZC — Seraphim (see below)). God was not aware of the existence and development of the Seraphim until they suddenly showed up and introduced themselves to the Council of Elohim. The Seraphim were eventually invited to join the Council of Elohim, and are thus considered Gods and Goddesses.


Seraphim communicate telepathically and are suspected of having a hive mentality. They possess basic human traits with the exception of their height (which averages around fourteen feet), their six wings, and their head types. The Seraphim are comprised of four different tribes (E:3:5). Each tribe is correlated with a particular head type.


Tribe              Head type

Theadris         Eagle

Zaugris           Lion

Kaerkos          Bear

Maardas         Ox  (sic “bull”)


While having agreed to work in various ways with the Councils of Heaven, the Seraphim remain as a completely sovereign species. Scripture often portrays them as guardians and protectors of the Light (E:8:4-5,15; E:9:33; 1:8:55-56; 5:12:39-42; 6:3:3). Presiding Seraphim are present during exaltation proceedings of the righteous (W:24:12-16). Representatives are often present when delegations from Heaven descend to earth (B:17:29; B:22:56; W:2:6).


The Seraphim played a significant role during both the First (5:15:35-53) and Second War against the Demiurge (6th Endowment 11—13). With the rise of the Demiurge, an alliance was formed between the Seraphim and the kingdom of the Ahgendai (5:12:39-40). Those affiliated with the Ahgendai are often referred to in scripture as the “greater Seraphim” (1:8:55-56), having in their possession of a sword of fire and a “shield of curious design” (6:3:24; 6:8:34). At the peak of Shaemdiel’s insurrection, a mighty host of Seraphim accompanied Ahman and the Azraella when they arrived on the plains of Kuristan to interrupt Shaemdiel’s violent rebellion (E:9:62; 6:2:11).



Azrael’s Commentary — Seraphim


Unlike the Cherubim, the Seraphim are a creation of God. However, their creation was unintentional. Far back in the beginning of Heaven, an anomaly developed within the folds of creation itself, causing that the seed of the Seraphim should come into existence. And throughout the endless progression of Heaven, the Seraphim evolved, developed and progressed. During the evolution of the Seraphim, God was simply unaware of their existence. You cannot be aware of something which is not in your mind already to be aware of. All of this goes to prove a point. Creation, left to run on its own, will always throw a few surprises at you. At the beginning of Olaha Shinehah, when God set in motion the great Eternal Round (4:2:45-48), there developed at the interface of certain dimensions, an extraordinary species called the Seraphim. When this species advanced far enough intellectually, they broke through the binding codes of Kadasarooya. It was this shattering of the binding codes which caught God’s attention.

It is foolish for current day theologians to think that God knows everything. This belief on their part is proof enough that they never once knew God. Of course, God certainly knows more than you or me. If you took all the knowledge on planet earth and threw in for good measure all the collected knowledge of all intelligent species found throughout the cosmos, all this knowledge would fail to come within 1% of 1% of what God knows. But God did not know about the creation and evolution of the Seraphim until they broke through the binding codes of Kadasarooya, and presented themselves before the Council of Elohim.

The Seraphim, in appearance, have a basic human form. However, unlike humans they possess certain peculiar physical and mental traits. First off, the Seraphim are divided into four distinct tribes. These tribes are determined by the peculiar head types of the Seraphim. The tribe of Theadris has the head of an eagle. The tribe of Zaugris has the head of a lion. Kaerkos has the head of a bear. And the tribe of Maardas has the head of a bull. So while the Seraphim may have two arms and two legs as we have two arms and two legs, and while they have hands as we have hands, they have no human facial features. Added to this strange appearance is the fact that all Seraphim have six wings and they average in height about fourteen feet. The Seraphim have both male and female gender and like the Cherubim, they wear no clothing of any type, for clothing will not accommodate their many wings.

The strange appearance of the Seraphim was determined by the peculiar dynamics imposed upon their evolution through the dictates of fluidic space. Fluidic space is found at the point of interface between all the dimensions found within and throughout the great Eternal Round of Heaven, i.e. Olaha Shinehah. It is called fluidic space because of the peculiar effect the region has upon all known laws of natural and celestial physics. There at the point of interface, the laws of creation, as represented by natural and celestial physics, become fluid. And this causes some strange creations indeed. The Seraphim are a good case in point.

As a species the Seraphim are highly intelligent. Their language is rooted in mathematics. They are logical, stoical, calm and inscrutable. The physical power at their command is staggering. The question can be asked: Why did the Seraphim shatter the binding codes of Kadasarooya? Were they mad or angry? Were they seeking to conquer or destroy? The answer to these questions is no. The Seraphim broke apart the binding codes of Kadasarooya because they wanted to find their creator. They wanted to find God. And when they did find God, all they wanted to know was whether or not their creator loved them. And when God saw their heart, when he touched their mind, God did indeed love them. The Elohim saw the goodness and beauty of their strangeness and made them a part of the celestial realms of Heaven. Eventually, the Seraphim became such an important ally that God invited them to join the Council of the Elohim itself. And in that moment, the Seraphim became Gods and Goddesses.

The Seraphim, among themselves, are telepathic. I have never heard them speaking to each other in any audible manner. And although the four tribes of the Seraphim are different from each other, they seem to be of the same mind and disposition. God told me once that throughout the long history of the Seraphim, no seraph ever harmed another seraph. Which makes the fact that the Seraphim are utterly fearless in battle simply amazing.

The Cherubim seem to have a deep fascination for the Seraphim, for they love to pull practical jokes on them from time to time. I do not know how the Seraphim feel about that. Like I said, the Seraphim are inscrutable. Once when I was in the Celestial Kingdom for a conference with the quorum of Kimjaroo (one of the twelve quorums which make up the Council of Elohim), I was walking towards the temple of Sabaoth when I saw three Cherubim trying to get a rise out of one of the seraphs which guarded the court to the temple. The seraph stood absolutely still in the face of his beautiful tormentors. Suddenly, in a movement so quick it startled me, the seraph flashed out one of its wings and sent the three Cherubim scurrying for safety, all the while laughing and singing to each other. The seraph however, went back to being absolutely still. I have no idea if the seraph was annoyed or amused. The Seraphim just don’t seem to say very much. Whenever I pass near a seraph, the seraph will reach out and gently touch me with a wing. Why they do this, I do not know.





[...] The House of Shevas has yet a secondary mandate, and that mandate is to provide a house of gathering and council for the Cherubim and the Seraphim. All Cherubim and Seraphim are represented by the House of Shevas.

AZC — House of Shevas; para. 5


[...] There are 115 permanent members on the Council of the Seven Lights. These members are the Ahmans of each council, plus the seven Chief Archons, both Patriarchal and Matriarchal, of each council. The Seraphim elect only one member to represent all the tribes of the Seraphim on the Council of the Seven Lights.[...}

AZC — Councils of Light (Seven); para. 5


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Now there was numbered among the heavenly hosts many which were of the Seraphim, each according to their tribe; of Theadris ten thousand, of Zaugris ten thousand, of Kaerkos ten thousand, and of Maardas ten thousand.

Enlightenment 3:5






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