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Shah-Malan (portals of)


Pronunciation:  shah - muh-LAHN

Occurrences:  1

First Reference:  6th Endowment 10:41


Now in the regions of Mestroyka Ridge, near the portals of Shah-Malan did Michael set in order the army which would rush to Gilliahmas; pressing upon most willing hearts the urgency of their training; establishing over all a discipline both rigorous and certain, creating between every man and every woman a camaraderie of good and noble bearing.



See:  Alu-Shali (portals of), Mestroyka Ridge, Second War


Summary:  As the Ahgendai defended Heaven against Yaldabaoth and the Demiurge during the Second War, Michael and Sher-el (Chief Arch-Angels of the Elohim) gathered a mighty host of volunteers to help fight against the armies of Darkness. The heavenly host was led through a dimensional portal to a place called Mestroyka Ridge, located outside the Surinatha in the cosmos of Shah-Malan (6:10:41). It was there that the volunteers trained and prepared to enter the fight against the Demiurge in the regions of Gilliahmas.



Azrael’s Commentary — Portals of Alu-Shali


(6:11:2) A portal is a nexus point between converging dimensions which are located at a specific place and time. When a specific place (in this case the place is a region known as Alu-Shali) interfaces with a specific time, an individual can step through and go from the cosmos of God, which is bound within the Surinatha, to another cosmos called Alu-Shali, a distance of thousands of billions of light years away. The time required to go such a distance takes anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds, depending on the stability of the nexus point. This stability is dependant on the cosmic conditions of the cosmos Alu-Shali, and has nothing to do with conditions within the Surinatha.






[...] “During the second war of Heaven many thousands of the Cherubim fell in battle. Their memorial can be seen in the regions of Sha Malan El Marish. There you will see an exquisite nebula of extraordinary brightness and color, in the shape of a cherub rushing into battle.” (AZC — Cherubim, para. 3)



References to “portal”


For upon the principles of holiness are the foundations of Heaven made secure against all unrighteousness, and by great virtue are the portals of Heaven made wide to receive all who are worthy of exaltation beside the throne of their Heavenly Father and Mother.

Wisdom 26:35


And stepping through, she entered a garden which lay within the walls of the palace; and reaching behind her, she did close the portal through which she came; and with a sigh did surrender all her powers until she should call them forth again.

3rd Endowment 3:38


Yet in the evening tide of each passing day did the Father and Mother sing together from Heaven’s portals, to fill the world of Paradise with song; beckoning through words of love that the children of God should follow; filling the hearts of all which heard with strong desires filled with dreams.

4th Endowment 4:61


...For this temple did God enclose within the mysteries of five dimensions, for in each dimension was there given two primes; and within each prime was there found three fractals.

Therefore, if any should desire entrance within the temple, even they did pass through the second portal of the third dimension, and this only because of their righteousness before God; for the keys which would open wide the dimensions of God are forged only through the fires of wisdom and holiness and no other.

4th Endowment 9:17b-18


Now it so happened that as Shaemdiel and his sons together did open wide the portals of the seventh dimension, the Elohim had resolved most firmly to move into the regions of Kolob, five of the twelve suns of Ashengaard; having themselves reached a happy and pleasing consensus.

5th Endowment 5:66


And the portals of Heaven did quake and tremble before the struggle of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness; and there rushed forth from among the seven Ahmans, Dahmiel of Komah Seedrah, being himself the Ahman of all the realms of El Ramadee.

5th Endowment 17:2


Here beyond the starry deep, beyond the dreams you dream, many Mothers quietly wait the coming of their children; being each and every one filled with joyful heart, eagerly seeking to touch the mind of every child they love, to open wide the very portals which lead to exaltation.

7th Endowment 1:40