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South Africa


Occurrences:  16   (Commentary - 3)

First Reference:  3rd Endowment 24:6


Thus, for eighty years did the Empire of Rome seek some bitter revenge for so great a loss, causing that Commodus III should send into the lands of South Africa, five full divisions of the Roman Army, having in each division some ten legions; and unto this did he also add six armored battalions, fiercely armed.



See:  First Track, First World, Hurculeum, Rome, Sulla Cornellius


Summary:  During the First Track of the world of the First Power, the regions of South Africa were under the dominion of the empire of Rome. The Emperor of Rome, Commodus III, sought to retake the continent of Antarctica, which the Drakonian Empire had acquired through battle some eighty years previous (3:24:5-6). When Drakonian intelligence discovered that Rome was planning an attack against the Antarctic port-city of Neropolis, military leaders gathered in the fortress city of Trajenium to devise a strategy to counter Rome’s impending siege (3:24:7-14).


It was determined by Seti-Kahn and other high ranking military commanders, that Drakonia should launch an immediate attack against South Africa before the Roman military could complete preparations for their assault. After hearing all the details of the strategy, the Emperor asked his Strategic Advisor, Kronus Maximillius, what he thought of the plans, but Seti-Kahn interrupted, claiming Kronus was too young to understand the intricacies of the situation (3:24:28-30). Ignoring Seti-Kahn’s objections, the Emperor once again asked Kronus of his perspective. When Kronus requested two days to study the plans, Markus Tobias (the Chief Adjutant General) objected, claiming a delay would compromise their advantage. Nevertheless, the Emperor granted Kronus’ request (3:24:31-33).


After two days, Kronus revealed a strategy that would not only defend Antarctica, but would allow Drakonian forces to sack the cities of South Africa and rob the treasuries therein of great wealth. The Emperor embraced the new strategy with enthusiasm, which enraged Tobias and Seti-Kahn, as it was evident that Kronus had the Emperor’s favor (3:24:34-61).


The counter-offensive strategy devised by Kronus was successfully executed according to the command of the Emperor. Rome suffered a devastating defeat, as its military not only failed to capture Neropolis, but was unable to prevent  South African treasuries from being plundered by Drakonian forces (3:25:1-11, 22).


Drakonian Emperor, Drakonus Maximillius, minted a new platinum coin in celebration of the great victory (3:25:12-13). The Emperor honored Kronus Maximillius by appointing him to the office and rank of Imperial Knight, and assigning him to the role of First Imperial Counselor to the Emperor (3:25:18-19).


Hoping to dodge blame for the embarrassing defeat, Roman Emperor Commodus III purged the entire military of all who participated in the failed siege. The decorated Roman General, Sulla Cornellius, was crucified along with all of his sons (3:25:37-40).



Quick Facts


• The seven garrison cities plundered by Drakonian forces were: Lyconium, Niccocea, Mordredia, Praetoria, Phillippi, Ostia and Praxus (3:24:56; 3:25:6)


• The original plan put forth by Drakonian commanders estimated a loss of 200,000 men and a cost of 500,000 gold talents. Implementing the strategies of Kronus, Drakonia only lost “some three hundred men” in the siege against South Africa (3:25:14).





Thus did there flow into the treasuries of Drakonia, an overabundance of wealth; for there came out of the cities altogether some nineteen million talents of gold, four million talents of platinum, fifty-four million talents of silver.

And unto all these riches was there added also some 236 tons in diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, opals, topaz, amethyst and a great many pearls besides.

3rd Endowment 25:9-10

Soul of the Just