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Occurrences:  104 (?)

First Reference:  Beginnings 7:13


Therefore, unto every man did Enoch establish an inheritance according to the whisperings of the Spirit of God unto him. And unto as many as were called of God did Enoch confirm the priesthood before many witnesses.



See:  Comforter, El Shaloah (House of), Great Mother Spirit, Heavenly Mother, Holy Spirit, Sophiel


Summary:  The proper term ‘Spirit’ most often (if not always) refers to the Matriarchal office of the Heavenly Mother, the Great Mother Spirit or the Holy Spirit, which is often represented by Sophiel. However, in some cases, ‘Spirit’ may be represented by other Heavenly Mothers or even the Supreme Mother of Heaven referred to as Areta.


The lower case ‘spirit’ is typically used in scripture to designate the divine tabernacle, the spirit body which becomes the ‘house’ for the soul. The spirit is born of a Heavenly Mother and Father who have achieved the divine state of Perfected Soul. An individual’s spirit is gender specific, and fashioned from the streams of intelligence. When the spirit incarnates, it is bound to the physical body during the mortal life, yet it is imperceptible by the five senses. The spirit children of God mature and advance through the living of many lives, both mortal and immortal (see Hodos Alea). While the physical body serves as a house for the spirit, the spirit body serves as a house for the soul. The spirit incarnates in order to strengthen and increase the endless capacity of the soul. The soul is born of love and serves as a vast repository of memory, experience, character, goodness and wisdom.


The following phrases (and the respective number of occurrences in scripture) generally refer to the same thing: the power and guidance of the Heavenly Mother.


Spirit / spirit [*] (60 ?)

Spirit of comfort (2)

Spirit of God (24)

Spirit of the Lord (6)


Spirit of the Father [**] (1)

Spirit of the Mother (1)

Spirit of my wisdom (1)

Spirit of Truth (5)


Spirit of my / his holiness (1/1)

Spirit of his righteousness (1)

Spirit of Righteousness (1)


Total:  104 (approx.)



While the term ‘Spirit’ primarily refers to the powers of the Heavenly Mother, Yeshua alludes to a curious aspect pertaining to how wisdom and inspiration flows from higher realms, to be heard by the Spirit, then passed on to the child of God. These verses may point to an interesting detail regarding the role and indwelling of the (Holy) Spirit (see also: Y:2:44; Y:23:57):


But when the Spirit of Truth is come upon you, then shall you hear in the ear and speak from the lips the words which are come from God.

For the Spirit which is come from above will guide you into all truth; for whatsoever thing the Spirit shall hear from above, even that shall she speak unto you for wisdom’s sake.

Yeshua 18:72-73


For the Spirit shall speak not of itself, but whatsoever she shall hear from above, even that will she speak unto you; and she will show you all things which are to come.

Yeshua 45:56



Significant Passages


Wisdom 26      Sophiel's message to humankind


Pearl 29          Prayer to the Great Mother


Pearl 14           “The Spirit is like water...”


Pearl 16           “The way of the Spirit is peaceful and harmonious...”





[*]  In the 2008 and 2015 editions of the Song of God, there are some instances in which the common form ‘spirit’ is used in the same context as the proper form ‘Spirit’ (e.g., B:17:43), and vice versa (e.g., Y:3:16). These are perhaps minor oversights by the author and may be revised in future editions.



[**]  Spirit of the Father...he speaks these things”           Yeshua 52:14-15 / Wisdom 12:36


“Will you not believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me?

Behold, the words which I speak I speak not of myself: but the Father which dwells in me, he speaks all these things.”

Yeshua 52:14-15


Will you not believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words which I speak unto you I speak not of myself; but the Spirit of the Father who dwells in me, he speaks all these things.’

Wisdom 12:36

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


And the Spirit of the Lord, even as a loving Mother, descended from Heaven and stood before the man upon the mountain, that she might instruct him more perfectly in the ways of the Lord to fulfill the measure of his election.

Wisdom 3:29


Wherefore, teach unto all who are willing, the wisdom and holiness of God and my Spirit, even the Holy Spirit of Promise shall fulfill all my words unto the convincing of men.

Wisdom 21:27


For that Spirit which leads the righteous to do good unto all the children of men, even that Spirit shall seal all who are worthy unto life eternal, that they might take unto their souls the glory of heavenly things.

Wisdom 23:62


(words of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, the Heavenly Mother)

For in wisdom will God become unto the righteous even as a great confidence; by the pouring forth of my Spirit shall he preserve the upright in the moment of their need.

Wisdom 26:53


Here beyond the starry deep, beyond the dreams you dream, many Mothers quietly wait the coming of their children; being each and every one filled with joyful heart, eagerly seeking to touch the mind of every child they love, to open wide the very portals which lead to exaltation.

Thus is there given for your sake the guidance of the Mother, Holy Spirit, blest, divine, filled with approbation; seeking through most subtle means to touch your heart and mind, ever guiding, deep abiding, waiting by your side; whispering glowing touch of light which takes your breath away;

Making bright what once was dark, to chase away the gloom, soft revealing, deep appealing, light within you bursting; shocking, sudden inspiration which makes you fully see, opening up before your mind the mysteries from beyond.

How quick the shadows flee away when Heaven near approaches, to stand yourself as one empowered and filled with light and joy; reflecting through the things you do the light of many Mothers.

7th Endowment 1:40-43


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Spirit of Love