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Teacher of Righteousness


Occurrences:  7

First Reference:  Wisdom 29:9


Yet regardless of all these things, still did God continue faithful to reveal, and in the time appointed there came into the world of men the Teacher of Righteousness, being known among men as John the Baptizer, being in himself alone, the very father of the Essenes and the Gnosis.



See:  Abbahdon, Azrael, Azraella Ahgendai, Friend of God, John the Baptizer


Summary:  The office and title, “Teacher of Righteousness”, was first conferred upon the great teacher, Abbahdon, who was recognized on the mortal world of Terralee as the mortal embodiment of God and leader of the sixth dispensation (4:24:25).


Scripture recognizes John the Baptizer as the “father of the Essenes”, the “Friend of God”, and the “Teacher of Righteousness” (W:29:9,16-18;  AZC — John the Baptizer; para. 7). Furthermore, the author of the Song of God, Archie D. Wood, Sr. (aka Azrael), is proclaimed to have the same divine identity as John the Baptizer, and as such, is identified as the Teacher of Righteousness reincarnated (W:29:16-19, 27, 35; 6:1:33-41).



Azrael’s Commentary - John the Baptizer; para. 7


[...] John created a religious sect which came to be known as the Essenes. The word is Adamic and refers to those who desire to heal. John the Baptizer was known among the Essenes as: The Teacher of Righteousness. What might surprise some is the fact that John built a temple in Egypt, in a small city called Elephentine. John died in 34 CE.






And there did they call forth Abbahdon and did confer upon him the office and title: The Teacher of Righteousness, which office had never before existed; to set him above the whole assembly altogether; to stand himself revealed as the teacher which was come from Heaven to bring forth a new dispensation.

4th Endowment 24:25

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Seeing then that the house of Christ in ages past did force into the shadows of the lost and forgotten, this gnosis which came from God, it became both expedient and necessary that God should set the stage for the return of the Teacher of Righteousness, who was himself the very Friend of God.

Consider then such events as did move and turn in preparation for the restoration of that very gnosis which the Gods of Heaven would give again; for in the years prior to the birth of this Mighty One, even God did cause to be revealed the lost books of Nag Hammadi, down in Egypt land, for out of the sands of captivity was there brought forth the essence of ancient knowledge.

Then came forth the second sign, for at the birth of the Friend of God, did there spring up suddenly before the world, still another treasure; for there was found in the desert of Qumran the lost books of the very Essenes, of whom John himself was the only father, signifying the return of the Teacher of Righteousness and the restoration of the lost gnosis of God.

Wisdom 29:16-18


For even now has there come again the Teacher of Righteousness, whereby he might instruct, with utmost care, even every man and every woman who would become as Only Begotten, having inherited for themselves a new Heaven and a new earth; to become themselves through equal diligence, as those who walk with God.

Wisdom 29:27


Look you then and clearly see, for even now is there come again the Teacher of Righteousness, and whosoever will believe in him to follow after, even they shall become as a mystery and a wonder; being themselves lifted up unto God, to possess for themselves even their own Eroel, the pearl beyond price or measure.”

Wisdom 29:35


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And I shall set over them a new shepherd who will watch over them tenderly, who will lead them in all the words of the Lord, for I shall stretch forth my hand into a desert place to bring forth my servant.

Him have I prepared from his youth, that he might teach even all my children; a teacher of righteousness shall he be unto me, for I shall hide in his inward parts the power of my word.

Wisdom 1:14-15

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