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The One


Occurrences:  326           (311 — “The One”      11 — “that One”      4 — “the/that very One”)

First Reference:  Enlightenment 5:1


Through the generations of eternity did Ahman go forth, and in the onward speeding rush of the Father did the light give way to the higher light, revealing forever and anon the glory of The One.



See:  Areta, First God, First Soul, Son of Man, The One (Council of)


Summary:  The One is most often presented in scripture as the masculine aspect of First God, the Supreme Father of All. He exists as the Father God above all other Father Gods and co-Creators of Heaven (5:11:7; 6:1:1). The soul of The One was the first soul to arise from the creations of the feminine, primordial, Universal Consciousness known as Areta. As such — with the exception of Areta — The One represents the oldest, most holy and exalted consciousness in existence.


The emergence of First Soul transpired countless eternities ago midst the mortal life of a man named Kronus Maximillius, the first and only human from the world of First Man to engender soul and survive physical death with personality intact. The soul of Kronus eventually united with a manifestation of Areta, to become her Beloved consort and eternal companion (3:31:1-65; 3:32:1-46). While Areta had given the soul of Kronus the name “God” (3:4:30; 3:32:40), scripture predominantly refers to the Supreme Father as “The One”.


Together, as First God, Areta and The One set about creating a place of glory wherein to dwell, and a process whereby they and their future progeny could continue to evolve and progress. Thus was established the foundations of the First Heaven and the beginning pathways of eternal progression (Hodos Alea) (3:32:1-46; 4:1:1-62; 4:2:1-59).


After eternities of evolution, and seeking a means to further advance the glories of Heaven, The One and Areta determined to join themselves together into an unprecedented state of Oneness. To accomplish this, Areta entered into The One, to dwell within the heart of her Beloved. Joined “soul to soul, spirit to spirit, flesh cleaving unto flesh” (5:2:47-49), the grand union of Areta and The One was a significant event in the evolution of God and Heaven (5:5:79; 5:6:1-6). In accordance with the intentions of Areta and The One, their union resulted in the separation and expulsion of the dark yet feeble shadow of The One’s lesser self. Referred to as the Antipode, the shade of The One’s lesser self was foreordained to become the Nemesis of God and Heaven — later recognized as Yaldabaoth, the Chief Demiurgos, Lord of Darkness and Father of Chaos (1:5:7-25; 5:2:27-70).


3. Thus would the love of Areta purge away the darker shade, to remove from her Beloved the dross of ancient hate and bitter rage; and opening wide her endless depths, she entered into the body of The One; forging into a single wholeness, the bodies and souls of each the other.

4. Causing that The One and Areta should blaze together as a great and blinding light, having within themselves together the shining of still some other light.

5. For the outward light which burned most brightly was the sum of all their virtues blended, being itself the holiest of all things Holy; while the Light which turned within the greater light was the fire of sexual passion filled with a loving and joyful heart made full with eager lusting.

6. And entering in, there fell out of The One, the Antipode of light and virtue; being itself as something weak and nearly helpless; being itself also the seed of that great and dreadful power which would rage forever against the Gods, to keep them strong and filled with vigor.

5th Endowment 6:3-6


The Oneness of the Supreme Father and Mother manifests as a bright Light of sexual passion which turns and undulates within yet another light, the light of their combined virtues (5:6:4-5). The light is said to pulsate and move whenever The One or Areta speaks (E:14:1; 1:2:6,10,42; 1:3:3; 1:10:3; 5:11:4). Though united in a state of Oneness, The One and Areta are also capable of manifesting as separate and sovereign individuals (5:11:7-10).



Son of Man Eternal


The phrase “Son of Man” correspondingly describes the origins of The One and the birth of God. As established in scripture, life preceded the existence of God; God evolved from life. The first soul to arise from intelligent life — which soul eventually became the First Father God known as The One — had its origins in the human species. This soul was the first and only of its kind, rising as a miraculous epiphenomenon from the mortal life of a man named Kronus Maximillius (3rd Endowment). It was this genesis from which was derived the designation of the “Son of Man”. Yet, according to The One, there is even deeper meaning behind this title:


16 Know then that if this Azraella be the likeness of the Son of Man, possessing in his heart and mind a fullness of my intent; thought for thought, heartbeat placed on heartbeat, then is it certain that I alone am the Son of Man Eternal.

17 For the meaning of the Son of Man have I derived from former times, having myself in my beginning sprung forth from the seed of First Man; even such men as once did dwell upon the world of the First Power, when I as Kronus strode upon the earth filled with dreams and hopeful yearnings.

18 Thus in this meaning am I the Son of Man, but not this only; for in the creating of God and Heaven was there fashioned still more subtle meaning; evolving throughout the eternities to be myself the Sun of Man also, even the light which would chase away the darkness, to give both shape and vision to all who would believe.

19 Know then that in the Son of Man and the Sun of Man is there a deeper meaning found, which meaning is perceived most subtly in the working of Azrael; who through many labors did most nobly strive to strengthen and enlighten every man and every women who would seek for things eternal; being ever hopeful that they might sure obtain.

20 For in every dispensation upon every mortal world, did those which were appointed make mention the Son of Man; hiding deep within the speaking a far more deeper meaning, being diligent to cast within the darkness the light which shines beyond.

21 Revealing to those who seek, perchance that they might find, that brightly shining star which does forever glow; causing that there should rise up within the mind, the sum of all my dreams and glory; for this alone is my only will, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of every man and every woman till they should stand as one within the heart of God.

6th Endowment 2:16-21




Replication of God’s Beginning


The world from which The One first evolved was ultimately destroyed. The soul of Kronus, alone in his incorporeal state, observed all life on the planet die as a result of the foolishness of men (1:9:5-45; 3:31:35-65). Soon after the advent of First God (3:32:23-46), The One and Areta pledged to find the means to someday redeem the world of God’s beginning and save all those who had perished (1:10:8; 3:32:31). Eternities later, in a grand design to increase the glory of Heaven and save the heavenly realms from the dangers of mediocrity, The One initiated a timeline replication process for the world of his beginning. This world which we currently inhabit is that very world, the replicated world of the First Power (see also: First World; First Track).


As a part of The One’s plan to save the world of his beginnings, to redeem First Man from oblivion, and also populate a new kingdom of glory, a contingent of Gods and Goddesses from the celestial realms of Elohim traveled back through time to incarnate among the lives of First Man (1:5:31-33). By establishing the knowledge of good and evil in the world of the First Power through the Law of Dispensation, The One has provided the means whereby First Man may be redeemed from oblivion and engender immortal soul (E:5:1-62; E:14:1-21), while the Gods and Goddesses of Heaven may achieve increased glory and exaltation (1:5:37).


...for this alone is my only will, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of every man and every woman till they should stand as one within the heart of God.

6th Endowment 2:21b




Additional Designations and Titles


Endless Soul  (1)    E:14:14          

Eternal One  (2)     W:18:4       E:5:26

Eternal Mind  (1)     E:14:12

First God  (5)     E:3:50        5:10:35        5:11:45        6:1:1        6:13:56

Father Creator  (2)     6:1:1      6:13:56

Father of all Fathers  (1)     6:1:1

God (original name of Kronus and The One)  (5)      3:4:30        3:13:53         3:32:40-46

Greatest and Most Holy  (2)     E:5:5       1:2:9

Mystery  (1)      E:14:13

the Mystery  (2)     6:1:2     6:13:57

Son of Man  (+25)

Son of Man Eternal (1)     6:2:16

Supreme Father (2)       5:3:41       5:4:4

Most Sovereign Lord  (7)

Most Holy Father  (14)

Most Gracious Father  (2)   1:9:3-4




Significant Passages / Words of The One

Enlightenment 5              Ahman communes with The One — discusses replicating the world of the First Power

Enlightenment 14            A soliloquy by The One — nature and purposes of The One

1st Endowment 2—5       The author is introduced to The One — history, nature of, intents of The One

1st Endowment 10           The One reveals context behind initiating dispensations — Adam and Eve

1st Endowment 12:1-23   The One discusses the nature and purpose of the Demiurge and the Azraella

6th Endowment                The entire 6th Endowment was dictated to the author by The One

6th Endowment 1:1-16     “I am The One”  — nature of The One and the Ahgendai

6th Endowment 2:7-21    The One reveals the meaning and purpose of the ‘Son of Man

6th Endowment 6:1-7      “I am The One”  — nature of The One and the Ahgendai






23. For I, alone, am The One which is greatest above all else, being before all Gods the First and Most Sovereign Lord of All;

24. Having established in the depths of my own bosom the countless turnings of eternity, in whose hands the course of all heavenly things must forever move.

25. Behold, how the pathways of endless ages around the throne must ever move, causing all that is past, and all that is present, and all that is future to give obeisance unto me.

26. For I, alone, am Eternal One, above whom there is no greater found...

Enlightenment 5:23-26


2. And Michael stretched forth his hand before the throne of the great God, and said: “Consider, my Lord Azrael, how that by reason of his great designs has God our Father fashioned together the Eternal Round wherein all things forever dwell.

3. All that is past, all that is present, and all that shall ever be, has he encompassed round about with his glory; that all creation might continue without end.

4. And before our God are all things forever present, for unto him is nothing lost or vanished away. For our God is surely the fount of great mercy, that even he should grant unto all who will, a kingdom of glory; whether Celestial, Terrestrial, or Telestial, according as they are able to bear. For these kingdoms did the Eternal One establish and ordain from the beginning.

5. For the breath of God is made to dwell in the children of God always, and by reason of this does God seek to restore that portion unto himself; that it should be clothed in glory and immortality.

6. Therefore, to accomplish his great designs, God has taken into his keeping all the dimensions of time, that all things past, present, and future might move before him according to his will.

Wisdom 18:2-6

Thaddeus Lebbaeus
The One (Council of)