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Valhaladea (House / Temple of)


Pronunciation:  val-hal-uh-DEE-uh

Occurrences:  10

First Reference:  Beginnings 17:33


Behold now the Beloved of Michael, even the Ancient of Days, and doubt not. For I am Sher-el of Valhaladea, even Eve the mother of all living.



See:  Aretakai, Galendriel, Houses (seven), Sher-el


Summary:  One of the seven Houses of the Celestial Kingdom, the House of Valhaladea is an organizational body that is purely Matriarchal. In the realms of Elohim, the Temple of Valhaladea is found on the world of Jeruel in Salem of Merigoth. This majestic structure stands opposite of the Temple of the Archons. Both of these structures comprise the great court of the Elohim (1:1:19-24). The Temple of Valhaladea serves as the center of work for all of the Elohim’s Mother Arch-Angels, referred to as the “Aretakai”.


  Seven Houses of Heaven                Presiding Priesthood


House of Mithron                                  Patriarchal / Matriarchal

House of El Shalon                               Patriarchal

House of El Shaloah                             Matriarchal

House of Shevas                                  Matriarchal (primarily)

House of Sabaoth                                 Patriarchal (primarily)

House of Archons                                 Patriarchal

House of Valhaladea                            Matriarchal


The Mother Ahman of the Council of Elohim is Galendriel; she serves as the First and Sovereign Mother of the House of Valhaladea. All holders of the Matriarchal Priesthood receive their office, influence and power through the auspices of Galendriel.


With the fall of Shaemdiel, the Mother Arch-Angel Sher-el was appointed in the place of her older sister Rutheniel as the Chief Aretakai of the House of Valhaladea.



Azrael’s Commentary — Valhaladea (House of)


Matriarchal in function, after the Order of Kolob, this is the house of mother Arch-Angels. And although they are equal to Archons, they are not called Archons but are called the Aretakai instead. This Adamic title refers to the supreme will of Areta as represented throughout the working of all mother Arch-Angels within the Council of Elohim. The work of the Aretakai begins in the Temple of Valhaladea (1:1:19-22).

The work and influence of the Aretakai flows from the temple down through all the other houses represented in the Council of Elohim. While the Archons focus primarily on that portion of Hodos Alea which deals with eternal progression, the Aretakai deal with the secondary stage of Hodos Alea. That stage is called the ‘Path of Exaltation’. Hodos Alea (at least as it pertains to the Elohim) consists of three primary stages: 1) the path of eternal progression, 2) the path of exaltation, 3) the enrapturing and deification of the elect.

It is the House of Valhaladea which is responsible for the majority of creations within the Celestial Kingdom of the Elohim. All cities, gardens, temples and structures are first designed by the Aretakai. The peace, beauty and glory of Jeruel is maintained, enhanced and made harmonious for the sake of beauty and glory. All living creatures, great and small are cared for by the House of Valhaladea.





Now in the kingdom of God, on Jeruel did the Father of All assemble the hosts of Heaven, each according to their house, and each according to their order and tribe.

And on his right did Galendriel in power and beauty quietly sit, being attended herself by seven Mothers, most beautiful and fair, which were of the House of Valhaladea.

But at the left of Ahman did there also gather seven Arch-Angels of the heavenly hosts, being themselves made rulers of the House of Archons; and there was foremost among them, Michael, Fairest Son of Ashengaard, being made Chief Magistrate after the Order of Melchizedek.

Enlightenment 8:26-28


Temples of Valhaladea and the Archons


And coming to the city of Salem of Merigoth, which hung as a sun in the clouds of glory, I beheld the beauty of the celestial worlds; and there was gathered a myriad of congregations standing in the center court of Elohim, which as a great shining sea of glass, did touch upon the Temple of the Archons and the Temple of Valhaladea.

For there stood at the east of the court the great house of many Fathers, being made of pure white stone trimmed in gold, being dressed round about with many gardens, green and flushed with flowers and trees of every kind.

And on the west of the great court stood the house of many Heavenly Mothers, made in like manner of pure white stone, being trimmed round about with the silver of Evandel, being also dressed on every side with all manner of gardens filled with wonder and beauty exceeding.

And there came out from the House of the Archons and the House of Valhaladea many great and shimmering lights, even lights of amethyst and lights of blue mingled together with lights of golden hue; and together did the lights reach out into the heavens to touch with perfect grace, the suns of Kolob and the suns of Ashengaard to bind them forever as one.

1st Endowment 1:19-22


But in the regions of the Koliahmas, in the Heavens far beyond did Areta cause that The One and the Azraella should observe even all these things; and again did Areta speak, saying: “Behold.” And with the wave of her hand did they see the coming together of the Council of Elohim within the city of Salem of Merigoth.

For there gathered in solemn assembly even all the Elohim at once together, each according to their quorum, each within their House; and between the great temples, upon a sea of blue sapphire did they array themselves for counsel.

6th Endowment 7:46-47


And there was placed in the center court of Salem of Merigoth, between the temples of Valhaladea and the Archons, a memorial to those which fell from among the Elohim in standing beside the Azraella and his Daughter in the battles of Gilliahmas and Soli-Endi-Muhat.

6th Endowment 13:44