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Pronunciation:  zan-dzhee-POOR-uh

Occurrences:  6

First Reference:  6th Endowment 9:23


Now in the regions of Xanjipoorah did the armies of Darkness array themselves against the armies of Light, and Yaldabaoth hearing the words of Azraella, became himself disgusted and filled with hurtful spite, and giving forth his dread command the Demiurge leaped forth to battle.



See:  Second War                                                               Refer to:  6th Endowment 9:1-69


Summary:  The Second War in Heaven against Yaldabaoth and the Demiurge began in the regions of Xanjipoorah. This first battle was initiated with an offensive charge by the ten dark princes and their armies (6:9:23-24). The forces of light met the charge, with Mahaleenah commanding 300,000 Cherubim, and Azraella commanding 80,000 Seraphim and 7,000 Oggaliaphim (6:9:26-27). The battle of Xanjipoorah lasted for eight days (6:9:44), and resulted in many casualties on both sides of the conflict. The Demiurge lost some one million Doud (6:9:62), while many of the Cherubim were seriously wounded (6:9:39-40).


The battle transitioned with the planned retreat of Mahaleenah and her forces to the regions of Gilliahmas (6:9:44-57). The retreat succeeded in dividing the armies of Yaldabaoth, as three Demiurge princes and their armies followed quickly behind Mahaleenah and her forces, while the Azraella continued to fight Yaldabaoth and the seven remaining dark armies. At the foreordained moment, Azraella called the retreat of his forces and fled to the Rift of Korisedrah. It was there that the Azraella planned to wage a mighty slaughter against Yaldabaoth and his massive armies (6:9:60-61).


The retreat of Mahaleenah and Azraella was perceived by Yaldabaoth with prideful glee, who believed he was the victor of the battle Xanjipoorah. However, the withdrawal of the Ahgendai was viewed with dismay by the Gods and Goddesses of Elohim, instilling in them “the fear of dreadful loss and the call of pressing honor” (6:9:64-65; 6:11:22).





[...] One interesting aspect of the Oggaliaphim is their ability to transform themselves into the shapes and images of other creatures. Their ability to mimic the behavior of other creatures is startling to watch. They can go from a raging pillar of fire into that of a fiery bird of prey, or a thundering, bellowing bull, or even that of a raging lion. However, such images are a great deal larger than the actual animal they are portraying. At the battle of Xanjipoorah, the Oggaliaphim cast themselves into the images of several large fire breathing dragons of extraordinary size and power. These images literally terrified the armies of the Demiurgos.

Azrael’s Commentary - Oggaliaphim ; para. 2


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Greatly struggled the Darkness against the Light, each pushing against the other looking for a weakness; move and countermove, reckless charging and desperate defense, each side pressing hard against the other in the regions of Xanjipoorah, striking here, feinting there, shocking fury upon shocking fury, while the Heavens held their breath.

6th Endowment 9:28


This then proved the reason why Mahaleenah should flee from the battle of Xanjipoorah to go in haste to Gilliahmas, and why the Azraella should likewise call retreat; instilling within the Elohim the fear of dreadful loss and the call of pressing honor.

6th Endowment 11:22