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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 5

Adam comforts Eve and Yoshibel – The birth of Seth is foretold – The seed of Seth and house of Abel – Seth is born – Adam and Eve gather the righteous – Adam speaks of his return at the Sacred Gardens of Ondi-Ahman – Adam and Eve ascend into Heaven


1  Therefore, by the murder of Abel were the children of men made to fear; by the death of the righteous were they made to tremble before the hand of Cain.

2  So Adam gathered unto himself Eve, and with her the wife of Abel that he might comfort them; for Eve mourned greatly at the murder of her son, Abel. And she did call forth unto the angels of Heaven that they might take unto the great Father the soul of the righteous one.

3  And Adam spoke unto Eve and Yoshibel, saying: “Why are you grieved and sorrowing concerning the death of the righteous? Shall the workers of iniquity prosper and the chosen of the Lord despair?

4  Shall the Lord not uphold the righteous to deliver them in the moment of affliction? Therefore, cease your sorrow and rejoice, for in the bosom of God does Abel dwell; unto the rock of his salvation has the godly taken refuge. For unto all who are righteous before God there is no death.

5  Behold, God shall not forget the righteousness of Abel; neither shall he forget the mother that bore him. Therefore, take heart my wife and rejoice, for unto you shall God give seed again. And you shall bear a son who shall be in the image of the godly, and you shall call his name Seth, for God has appointed him in the place of Abel, whom Cain slew with the hand of wickedness.

6  And God shall bless Seth, and his seed shall prosper and multiply upon the land, that there might be room found among the children of men for the sons and daughters of God, wherein they might come forth to dwell upon the earth.

7  Thus shall God establish from among the seed of Seth a peculiar people, a holy nation; even a nation of priests shall they be unto me. For God shall establish with them a covenant, that through them the words of God might be given unto the people of many nations.

8  And I shall raise up from among them many prophets and wise men; through the seed of my faithful son, Abel, shall God raise up holy men and women who shall go forth among them to preach the word of God.

9  I shall cause it to be given unto them that they might teach the children of men great wisdom and holiness; even the mysteries of godliness shall they desire to give unto them.

10  By the words of my prophets and holy men shall the evil of Cain be made to diminish from among the children of men. And God shall send forth from the midst of his people, even from the house of Abel, the very Anointed.

11  By his great knowledge shall he exalt the sons and daughters of God; surely he shall establish the pathway of the godly, that all who are willing might inherit unto themselves the glory of God, even the most Heavenly Father of All.

12  So shall God remove the evil of Cain from the face of the land. For through the seed of Seth shall the covenant come; and by the seed of Abel shall the Anointed One be given unto mankind whereby evil shall be done away.

13  And God shall cover the house of Abel with his own hand, that no evil should come upon them to destroy until the day of election, when they shall be sent forth by the voice of God to walk among the children of men, to proclaim loudly the day of the Lord.

14  And there shall come forth from the seed of Abel one who is great and mighty. He shall go forth from the house of affliction, and he shall teach the children of men great wisdom. And as many as will shall he make to become as prophets, seers, and revelators of God.

15  Even a teacher of heavenly things shall God cause to walk among the children of men. And as many as shall have desire to know the mysteries of God shall he satisfy with deep understanding.

16  And he shall send forth the godly that they might establish among the peoples of many nations the tabernacle of peace, that there might be room made for the coming forth of the great God when he shall come in the fullness of time.

17  Therefore, grieve not overmuch concerning the murder of Abel your son, neither of Abel your husband. For he is faithful who promised.”

18  Thus spoke Adam unto Eve and unto the wife of Abel also, that he might give forth comfort and counsel, that he might speak peace unto the troubled heart in the hour of great sorrow.

19  And the seasons did pass and Eve brought forth a son and she called his name Seth, and he was in the express image and likeness of his father, Adam.

20  So were the spirits of God multiplied unto Adam and Eve in the days of their sojourn upon the earth. And Adam and Eve were fruitful, having many sons and daughters.

21  And Seth grew in grace and wisdom, and he taught the children of men in all the ways of his father, even God.

22  Now in the last days, before Adam and Eve should leave the children of men, they gathered unto themselves the fruit of their loins and also many of the children of men as would give heed unto their words. And Adam spoke unto them, saying:

23  “Come, my children, and give ear, for the day of parting has come, the day of separation is upon me. Therefore give ear unto the voice of your father, even the Ancient of Days, that you might receive unto your soul the promise of election, whereby you shall become the sons and daughters of God.

24  Remember all the words which I have caused to be spoken unto you. For the days of our visitation have come to a close; behold, our sojourn has hastened away.

25  Therefore, give heed to wisdom and forget not the instructions of your father, neither forget the counsel of your mother, that the days of your life might spring up unto you as a fountain of living water, that you might abide the presence of your God when he shall come to dwell among you.

26  Now take heart and be comforted for your God cares for you. For if I should go away from you, yet shall I come again. In the fullness of time shall I come unto you and receive you unto myself.

27  For I shall come to a land which is choice above all others, a land which is far from you. And it shall be called the Sacred Gardens of Ondi-Ahman, for it shall be the place where I shall visit my people, even all those who shall make with me a covenant of righteousness.

28  By the hand of my servant who shall receive authority from on high, even he shall choose a land wherein I might come to dwell among the fruits of your loins.

29  And if the land be not defiled by blasphemers, I shall surely come unto you, and if it be defiled, I shall call forth the mighty one and even he shall appoint another in its stead. And whatsoever land he shall choose, even that land shall be called the Sacred Gardens of Ondi-Ahman.”

30  Thus spoke Adam unto the remnant of his seed. And he drew unto his bosom the mother of men, even Eve, and there came from Heaven the voice of God, saying: “Behold, you have done well my son. Receive now the joy of your Father and the fullness thereof.”

31  And before the children of men did Adam and Eve ascend into Heaven. Thus was the dispensation of First Man wrought by the Ancient of Days and his Beloved. And in dreams and songs did it spread over all the inhabitants of the earth.