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“For in the true Fellowship of God

are even all made as one through covenant,

which covenant would forge together a single heart and mind,

reflecting through good fellowship the family of God on earth.”

~7th Endowment 2:51










A true disciple is someone who:


1. Believes in Azrael

2. Is truly converted

3. Studies the scriptures daily

4. Prays and meditates daily

5. Is honorable

6. Pays their tithe joyfully

7. Bears in their person the light of God

8. Promotes the Song of God and converts others



1.  A disciple believes in Azrael Ondi-Ahman


A firm belief in Azrael is the foundation upon which discipleship is built. Azrael is the author of the scriptures and the founder of this religion. One cannot believe in and promote the Song of God while rejecting the author.



Woe unto you churchgoers, hypocrites! Repent you and weep aloud, for you are become as the scribes and Pharisees of old. For either you love the tree and hate its fruit, or else you love the fruit but hate the tree that bore it.

Wisdom 10:61


For the stone which the builders rejected has God appointed the chief cornerstone.

Therefore, I say unto you that except you believe on the one whom God has sent, then shall the kingdom of God be taken from you and given unto another people, who will bring forth unto the Lord a harvest of goodly things.

Yeshua 6:40-41



2.  A disciple is truly converted


Conversion is a process of transformation realized by those seeking the presence of God in their life. Some of the ways this can be achieved is through prayer and meditation, diligent study of the scriptures, and by coming to know and imitate your Heavenly Parents. You will know you are converted when:  


• you accept as true that you are a literal offspring of your Heavenly Parents, and that the mortal life you live is rooted in divine purpose.


• there is the presence of joy in your life. This joy becomes the most effective witness that God is in your life.


• you are no longer embarrassed or reluctant to admit to others that you are a true Gnostic, and you believe in the teachings of Azrael Ondi-Ahman.


True conversion is conveyed through how you live your life. If you profess one thing and yet do another, then you are deceiving yourself. A true believer is one whose behavioral commitment matches their words.  



If you love me, then keep my commandments. For why will you call unto me, saying: 'Lord, Lord', and do not the things which I say?

For which of you can mount two horses at once, or stretch forth two bows together? In like manner can no man serve two masters.

For either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will honor the one and scorn the other. You cannot serve together both God and Mammon.

Yeshua 18:74-76



3.  A disciple studies the scriptures daily


A true disciple will recognize the value of the Song of God, and desire to study its teachings and share its message with the world.



Submit yourselves with eager hearts to the study of the scriptures, and ponder deeply well the joy contained therein, to see if you yourselves might partake; taking to yourself a will which is ever bright and filled with hope.

Hiding up within your heart, the heart which comes from God, committing to memory the words which God did give; creating in your own selves an environment where you might safely dwell.  

Proving yourselves through the word of God as one incorruptible, undivided, invincible and resolute in a good and holy cause.

4th Endowment 25:25-27


Study diligently with eager heart the words which come from God, that you might live them and by your speech and godly deeds reveal to others that even God is constant present in the things you do and say.

4th Endowment 18:43


Study diligently the scriptures always, for they do but lead unto me; for as a reservoir gives the life of many waters unto a parched and weary land, so do the scriptures give life unto the soul in the midst of famine.

Yeshua 51:5



4.  A disciple prays and meditates daily


Prayer and meditation is a means to discover and manifest the higher Self. It is also a bridge that allows us to unite with God. The life you live is a prayer in itself. What kind of prayer will you offer to your Heavenly Parents?



Therefore, attend your life unto prayer and meditation. For the life which you now live shall become as a prayer unto God, and if your life be good or evil, then such as this shall ascend unto God revealing the secret chambers of your heart.

Wisdom 9:53


Beware of others who would but distract, but turn your soul unto prayer and meditation, for therein alone shall God reveal the hidden portion which makes rich the happy life.

Yeshua 24:57


If, therefore, you would hear the voice of God, then prepare well the heart and mind together, letting go the ego which does but push and goad; and in a time and place made sacred through prayers and meditations, yield your soul to God.

For meditation is the gateway to the soul within; and prayer the path which leads to God; and if you will give your life to prayer and meditation, then shall faith increase within you; and there shall come in a soft and sudden moment, the voice of God, saying:

“Speak, my child, and I shall hear, to fill you up to overflowing with good and happy things; and if there should fall upon you any trial or grievous burden, then shall we, together, turn them to your good.”

Thus in prayer and meditation do you yourselves prepare the way where God might speak, revealing in yourselves the eternal and divine.

4th Endowment 19:46-49



5.  A disciple is honorable


Discipleship reveals itself in the every-day affairs of one’s life. The behavior of a true disciple is rooted in grace, honor and integrity.



Giving hope to all that even as Adamilus and Evelah did live their life in excellence, being in their daily actions filled with grace and honor and wisdom also; even so might every man and woman likewise be.

To become in their persons a people of honor and integrity and deeper knowing, making their lives far richer than they had ever known, possessing in themselves a meaning and purpose far greater than the sum of all their dreaming, having become holy even as God is holy.

4th Endowment 7:17-18


How then shall the righteous comport themselves; how move, how speak, how live? For if you would bring forth the justice of God to dwell in the affairs of men, then must you prove yourselves the very seed from which all good things come.

For the justice of God is a fruitful tree, and if you choose yourselves to plant it within the heart, then is there made to spring up within you that moral center which would encourage you always to act rightly and not amiss.

Possessing within the very midst of you the shining light of honor and integrity and respect towards every man and every woman, and children also.

For these are the gifts which you give yourselves to be, which gifts no man can take from you by force or slander; for in such goodness as you embrace are you made the masters of yourselves.

4th Endowment 22:27-30



6.  A disciple pays their tithe joyfully


In paying a tithe, you set yourself free of illusions and demonstrate to God what is truly important to you.



Neither fear such sacrifices as you are called to bear from time to time, for by such sacrifices as you do make, do you cause that your own soul should fly and sing, being made yourself as one with God, to become yourselves as angels upon the earth.

4th Endowment 18:47


For in the giving of time and effort and money also, even by these things do you fill up your heart and mind with Heaven, causing that all shadows and illusions should flee themselves away, finding in you no darkness where they might lurk and constant grow.

4th Endowment 31:38



7.  A disciple bears in their person the light of God


A disciple represents not only the True Gnostic Church, but God as well. The true disciple is a reflection of God in the mortal life.



Shine, therefore, as brightly fair, and bring to those who would seek a good and pleasing light; for in the living of the mortal life do many lose their way, to cast themselves against the rocks which would break asunder, to leave in ruin the tender soul which would seek its God.

Shine brightly then, that in the lives of others you might brightly glow, to light the path before them, to show in the living of your life the way which others might safely go, ever chasing through the darkness the light which goes before.

4th Endowment 8:35-36


For you are the reflection of God in mortal life, having in your form and likeness the presence of the Father and the Mother together, ever building through all your faith that sure and happy knowledge which does but speak; revealing in you the touch and sound of still some greater mystery filled with wonder.

For God is first revealed in the things you do, and if you should act with good and kindly deeds, to touch the children of God through words of faith and hope together, then is the nearness of God but quick revealed in you already.

Causing that the whole creation should testify before your eyes and within your heart that God is always near, and that in this life you are not alone, but that God does but gently hold you in the hollow of their hand, ever breathing upon the winds a song of great assurance.

Through such as these does God raise forth the hand to bless, and through their eyes shall the Father and the Mother smile upon the children of men, for by our faith are we made partakers with God, to be in them as always remembered.

But if you should act from anger or hate towards any man or woman, or if your speech be filled with doubt and constant woe, then have you caused that God should seem as far away and filled with deep uncaring; and this because you made no place within yourselves for the Father and Mother which love you so.

Thus is the presence of God revealed first within ourselves and not without, being unveiled before eyes by the good which we would do, being drawn from our hearts through faith, causing that we should see with the eyes and feel within the heart that God is always near and filled with tender care.

4th Endowment 18:11-16



8. A disciple promotes the Song of God and converts others


As a devoted child of your Heavenly Parents, your desire should be to teach and convert others, sharing with your family, friends and acquaintances the joy you find in God and life. Disciples prove in their actions that God is constantly present in their life. A true disciple assumes the role of a messenger sent from Heaven, planting in the hearts of all the seeds that come from God.



For of your life would I reveal a mystery and a wonder, for you are the power of God upon the earth, if it so be that you should elect yourselves to do much good; becoming yourselves the imitators of heavenly things, being yourselves established in the depths of the Father and the Mother from which you come.

4th Endowment 22:44


Let then the will of God dwell richly in you, to be to you a guide and comfort; that you may stand as one resolved and fully knowing, becoming yourselves the ambassadors of God the Father and the Mother while yet you live the mortal life.

4th Endowment 24:57



While the foregoing may help to guide the true Gnostic in their efforts, the teachings of Yeshua provide an even deeper understanding of discipleship, stating that the true disciple must be willing to sacrifice all things. It is only after one has sacrificed everything that they are free to do anything. The cost of discipleship is great. Be wise and consider carefully both the price and the value of discipleship.



Whosoever would come after me, let him deny himself daily, and come follow me.

For whosoever shall prefer the things of this life, the same shall lose it; but whosoever shall forsake his life for my sake, the same shall have life abundant.

For I am come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly.

For what shall it profit a man to take unto himself the whole world, and yet lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

Yeshua 9:34-37


For that which is of the flesh, being weak and perishable, is given no reality; for reality is found in the eternal. Therefore, if you would lay hold upon that reality which is come from God, seek you always the eternal.

Yeshua 50:31


And turning to the people, the Lord spoke unto them, saying: "Why will you call unto me, saying: 'Lord, Lord', and do not the things which I say?

Whosoever shall hear these sayings of mine to do them, he it is which follows after me truly, having forsaken his own ways that he might cleave unto the one which is come from God alone. [....]

Whosoever among you would follow after me, let him deny himself daily, and come, follow me.

Yeshua 39:12-13,17


Be you doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. For why will you call me: 'Lord, Lord', and do not the things which I say?

Yeshua 9:66


…that which leads to exaltation cannot be cheaply had, for the things which come from God are become as the greatest of all costly pearls, for which, when a man finds, he will sell all that he has that he might possess it for himself.

1st Endowment 1:5


Know then that in the taking of a covenant do you join yourself to God, and this by your own desire; for the covenant is the bridge which crosses o’er the chasm, which chasm is the illusions of mortal life, opening up before your eyes the realness of God and Heaven.

7th Endowment 5:10



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