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Ishan (Lake)


Pronunciation:  ih-SHAHN

Occurrences:  8

First Reference:  Beginnings 6:43


Therefore Cain commanded his mighty ones that they should take Enoch and his people beside the borders of Lake Ishan, that they might rest awhile from their journey, that they might await the refreshing of the Lord when he should send forth his rain unto the earth.



See:  Bashia, Cain, Enoch, Sumer, Yasher-Baal, Zion


Summary:  The ancient city of Zion was established by Enoch and his followers along the shores of Lake Ishan (c. 8,845 BCE). The lake was located near the first great city of Sumer, which was founded nearly 4,000 years earlier (c. 12,725 BCE) by Cain, the son of Adam, on the banks of the Euphrates river (B:4:24-25). Following the ascension of the inhabitants of Zion (B:19:1-27), there was an earthquake which caused both the city and the lake to be “swallowed up” (B:19:73-74).





8. And Enoch spoke unto Cain, saying: “May the Lord bless you for your much giving. Now if I have found welcome in the heart of Cain, grant unto me also that I might gather from the land all who seek privately the Lord of Hosts, that I might bring them forth unto God.

9. For by your word shall I build a city by the waters of Ishan; in the borders of the land of Sumer shall I cause to be established the city of God.

10. And I shall call the city, Zion, for here shall the righteous gather. Even the pure in heart shall go forth from the city of peace to establish among the children of men the tabernacle of the great God.”

11. Now Enoch built a city, even the city of peace. And he went forth throughout the land, teaching unto as many as would the righteousness of God. And there came out from the land of Sumer a multitude of people, seeking and praising God.

12. And they did dwell, every man with his wife and children, in the city of Zion, for behold, it was beautiful above all the cities of the earth. And all who dwelt therein lived peaceably beside his neighbor, even as in the beginning when Adam first walked among the children of men.

Beginnings 7:8-12


So Zion dwelt in the land by the borders of Lake Ishan in peace. And the days of her glory were many, for Enoch taught the children of promise all the ways of God.

And the city of God spread itself upon the land, insomuch that it encompassed Lake Ishan round about. And there lived in the city some thirty thousand souls.

Beginnings 10:1-2

Ishmael (son of Abraham)