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» Study Guide:  Laws of Intelligent Thought

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33 Decide yourselves, therefore, the things which are worthy of belief, and in your hand weigh most carefully such things as would stand as true and acceptable within your heart.

34 For there is given by God a means by which you might discern for yourself the things which are true and worthy of belief; for those things which come from the Father and the Mother are clothed in light and beauty and joy abundant.

35 If then you would know what is true and worthy of acceptance, then look for that which is beautiful and filled with rich delight, and in its shadow shall you find the truth which is born of God.

36 For it is in beauty that God would reveal the joy and mystery of heavenly things, causing that when you should hear and see and touch with the heart, even then does your spirit leap within at the sound of it.

37 Revealing in your very mind the presence of truth and beauty together mingled as lovers midst kiss and fiery breath, being made as one in the mansions of your soul, to draw you even closer to the heart of God whereby you might find some sweet communion which would lead you on.

38. Be you wise then, and fully knowing, for whatsoever thing which you believe, even that is worthy of acceptance if it so be that you should find therein both reason and joy, and beauty also, which very things would fill the sum of all your days with a rich and happy purpose.

~ 4th Endowment 18:33-38


For when the gnosis of God is revealed, even then may those which believe transcend beyond the world of mortal men, and in the very presence of the angels, become themselves the anthem which God would sing, becoming themselves the very light of God which in the darkness shines.

~ Wisdom 29:15


Go your way and be at peace, for even as you have believed, even so has it been accomplished unto you.

~ Yeshua 10:10


For I would not that you should be ignorant concerning this thing: For such devils as you would believe in, even those have you created after your own image and likeness.

~ Yeshua 16:58


Will you believe by the seeing of the eye only? Would you know a thing but by the touching of the hand?

~ Yeshua 22:22  (read more of Yeshua 22)


If, therefore, you would attain unto God, seek me while I may yet be found; for all those which believe not, the same will not find me;

And they shall return again unto this world, passing from life to death to life again, even till they shall find me.

~ Yeshua 50:20-21


Will you not believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me?

Behold, the words which I speak I speak not of myself: but the Father which dwells in me, he speaks all these things.

Believe me then that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me also; and if you believe not, then believe me for the works which you have seen me do.

For I tell you truly, that whosoever shall believe in me, the works which you have seen me do, even these shall you do also; and greater works than these shall you do, because I go unto my Father to make intercession for you.

~ Yeshua 52:14-17


Believe in life and the good of life, and your treasure shall be made rich in joy and blessing. Through such as these does God raise forth the hand to bless, and through their eyes shall he smile upon the children of men.

~ Wisdom 9:59


46 For it is appointed of God that you alone should choose the things which you believe; therefore, if you would believe rightly then are you become as one advantaged in the living of your life.

47 What, therefore, is worthy of belief and quick acceptance? Only that which is dressed in beauty, for all things which come from God are dressed in beauty round about, causing that you should feel yourselves ennobled and enriched; becoming in your heart as one enlightened and enraptured, and this because you have elected that you should believe rightly and not amiss.

48 For belief is the foundation on which you would build your life, constructing through faith or doubt the house wherein you dwell; building daily through choices of your own a house of light or a house of darkness, a house of joy or a house of sorrow, a house of love or a house of fear.

49 Look, therefore, with utmost care, for the world is filled with many beliefs and diverse opinions, being themselves born of mortal men; which beliefs do speak of wrath and hate and bitter judgment, filling the souls of those which believe with endless guilt and shame, causing that they should prove themselves intolerant and filled with scorn.

50 Yet are there many other beliefs which are made of fluff and emptiness together, having in themselves no substance, or reason or direction of any kind, being intent that they should offend no one, being made as thin and paltry doctrines which do but seem as mist before your eyes, placing in your mind one confusion upon another, till you are altogether made uncertain.

51 Where then is the truth found midst all these things? In what place shall you find revealed the thing most worthy of belief and faith together?

52 Behold, I tell you truly: Look you forth with careful eye to find for yourself the thing which is beautiful above all others, being itself come from God and established well in reason and beauty together.

53 Having as its only goal the betterment of man and the exaltation of yourselves whereby you might stand as one forever beside the throne of God, becoming in yourselves even as your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother; for in the shadow of beauty is every truth revealed.

~ 4th Endowment 27:46-53


Be not like unto those who believe little but demand much, expecting for themselves the fullness of God and heavenly things, while yet they prove no more than shadows which have no substance.

~ Wisdom 29:5


Build in yourself a good foundation
And all things are possible.
Believe in yourself
And you will never fall.
Because you do not
believe in yourself
You cannot
believe in God.
Because you do not
believe in yourself
You are filled with great despair.

~ Book of Pearls 12:1


Look not alone upon your weaknesses, to think yourselves unworthy, but look upon such strengths as you possess while holding on to God; for God is able to make even the weakest of you strong, if it so be that you believe and do much righteousness.

~ 4th Endowment 24:47


Believe then with utmost confidence, that we labor not in vain; neither do we take upon ourselves an impossible task; for there is in each of us, both you and me together, a strength greater than any other strength, and a faith far greater than any other faith, being each – both strength and faith – guided and shaped by an unbreakable will; which divine will is born only of love.

Believe then, nothing doubting or held back, but being yourself most fully committed, and all things shall be possible for you; believe deeply with all your heart and mind and soul, and there shall be added to you strength upon strength and wisdom upon wisdom; causing that you should act with great resolve, to accomplish for yourself the fulfillment of all your dreams.

~ 5th Endowment 1:12-13

» Study Guide:  Laws of Intelligent Thought

» Video:  Eroel 3.4 - God Doesn’t Care if You’re an Atheist