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[Homosexuality is neither a sinful nor degenerate state, but rather, it is a means by which a spirit learns, and develops deeper understanding and compassion for the opposite gender. While there are situations in which a person may choose to pursue same-sex relations regardless of spirit gender, the conditions of homosexuality are established by God and based in spiritual progression.

All of God’s spirit children will at some point incarnate into a physical, mortal body that does not match the gender of their spirit. A spirit may choose to experience as many of these types of mortalities as they see fit — so as to better understand the perspectives and differences of the opposite sex and thereby strengthen the relationship with their eternal Beloved.

Every male spirit will be provided the opportunity to experience mortal life in the body of a woman. And likewise, every female spirit will have the chance to enter mortality in the body of a man. This is the path to Godhood.]

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36. Thus in the loving of both the man and the woman is there found neither fornication nor sin; for such sexual union as might exist between them, if it be founded in love, and respect and equality, then are they become together both pure and innocent before God; being redeemed by love and joy together.

37. Yet, my children, would I reveal still further the hidden things of God regarding the sexual passions of the body; that you may be free of such false doctrines as the teachers and preachers of religion would cause to dwell most fearfully upon you.

38. For you know yourselves how that some men will lay with men; and again, that some women will lay with women; seeking thereby to find fulfillment in the passions of their own kind.

39. Yet are they not of their own kind altogether; for this mystery would I make known, that you may be filled with compassion and mercy regarding those who would be homosexual among you; that you, by such wisdom as I would give regarding these matters, might lift from the oppressed the doctrine of fornication and sin.

40. Come then and I will teach you; for you know full well already that the spirit children of God are born in the beginning male or female; and that entering into the mortal life, there is placed in the man a male spirit, and into the woman is placed a female spirit;

41. Knowing full well that in the days of their mortal probation upon the earth, in the season of their sexual awakening, that the man will seek out the woman, and that the woman will seek out the man whereby they might give love to one another.

42. Such are the designs of God regarding the man and the woman; for even God is most delighted when the man should love the woman, whereby he might tender unto her all manner of sweet affection; to wrap her round about in gentleness, and respect, and honor.

43. And likewise the woman, if she pursue a man whereby she might love him and honor him; to receive from him even all his devotion; tending by such soft and gentle longing the heart of the man, then is God most pleased. For in Heaven do the Gods and Goddesses give to each the other all manner of loving kindness and tender regard.

44. But if it so be that in the mortal life, a man should see with contempt the ways of the woman, and thereby seek to abuse her constantly; to ridicule and jest most cruelly against her; or perchance to strike and lash out against her; then is God not pleased, being made most discontent and ill of ease for the sake of his daughter.

45. And if in that life or in the next, the spirit of the man should not repent, to turn aside from the hurting of women, then shall the Heavenly Father and the Heavenly Mother take strong measures against him; hoping that by so doing the man might learn for himself concerning the wonders and mysteries which God has placed in the heart and soul of the woman.

46. And for the sake of the man will God take the spirit which is male, and in some mortal life cause that he should dwell in the body of the woman whereby he might be corrected of all his folly; and though you should see for yourself the body of the woman, yet is there made to dwell within the spirit of the man;

47. Which, being still a man within, yet does he seek the flesh of some other woman without; ever hopeful that by his joining he might satisfy the longings of his own soul; thus it is seen that some women will seek to lay with other women, being most desirous in themselves to fulfill the passions of the male spirit within.

48. Thus shall the spirit of the man be made to dwell in the flesh of the woman; that living as a woman in the midst of women, he might be corrected of all his harshness against her.

49. And when that mortal life be done, and the flesh of the woman be made to fall away, then is the spirit of the man released again unto God; and entering into the mortal life again, then is the spirit of the man returned to the body of the man whereby the Gods might see for themselves if the son be redeemed from all his anger against women.

50. Likewise is it with the woman also; for if a woman should view with contempt the ways of men, then are the Father and the Mother beyond made most concerned because of her; and if the woman should not repent, to turn aside from all her harshness and ridicule, then do the very Gods of Heaven cause that she should come forth in her next mortality even as a man.

51. That living as a man in the midst of men, she might be corrected of all her folly against the sons of God; to be turned aside from wrathful thinking, to walk most joyfully in wisdom and understanding.

52. For this cause alone is it seen that some men will seek to lay with men, whereby they might satisfy the passions of the female spirit within.

53. Restrain therefore, my children, such judgments as others would lay against the homosexual; for they judge most harshly the things they know not of; being in themselves empty of God; possessing neither understanding nor wisdom, being in themselves without mercy or consideration for the ways of others.

54. But be you constantly renewed by that light which comes from above; being made free of such doctrines and creeds as the religious would place upon you in the name of that little god which is filled with hate and loathing against the whole of man, even Jehovah-Yahweh.

55. For the ways of both the spirit and the body has God ordained for your good; seek therefore to rejoice in such knowledge as even I would give unto you, and be not weighed down any longer because of fornication and sin; for even so heavy a burden as this would I lift from the soul forever.”

~ 2nd Endowment 4:36-55


Take care therefore, my children, that you deny not the passions which move and stir about within the very soul of you, lest by your own zeal in conforming to the teachings and preachings of foolish men, you deny yourself all life and joy;

Becoming in your soul most empty and alone; being chased and driven about by all manner of frightful shadows; being weighed down continually by guilt and shame, of which there is no end; being caught within some endless struggle, being unable to let go, lest you be consumed in hell fire forever.

~ 2nd Endowment 4:30-31


For man is by nature a sexual being, and in this there can be no sin found, if it so be that a man will refrain from rape, and violence, and disease; for in the midst of these things are there found a multitude of sorrows which do afflict both the man and the woman together.

~ 2nd Endowment 4:33