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Pronunciation:  LAZ-eh-ruhs

Occurrences:  30  (not including the six references to ‘Lazarus’ in the parable of ‘Dives and Lazarus’— Y:38:36-51)

First Reference:  Yeshua 4:1


Three days before the Feast of Dedication, Yeshua entered Bethany and there was sitting by the well of Tamara a blind man whose name was Lazarus the son of Joash.



See:  Bethany, Joash, Martha, Mary, Yeshua


Summary:  Lazarus, the son of Joash, lived in Bethany with his sisters Mary and Martha. His sister, Mary, was happily wed to Yeshua when she was fourteen (AZC — Yeshua and Mary). Lazarus suffered from blindness, and was the first person Yeshua (his brother-in-law) healed (Y:4:1-10). This event launched Yeshua into his public teaching and healing career. Yeshua would often stay in the house of Lazarus and Martha throughout his ministry.


Approximately two and half years into Yeshua’s ministry, while he was teaching in Ephraim, a messenger came from Jerusalem informing him that Lazarus was very sick and “near unto death” (Y:40:16). Knowing full well that Jerusalem was a dangerous place for him, and despite the protests of his disciples (especially Cephas), Yeshua made it clear that he intended to return to Jerusalem (Y:40:17-27). Sending Mary and Martha to be with their brother, Yeshua stayed in Ephraim for “a little while” (Y:40:29-30). When Yeshua and his disciples arrived in Bethany, Martha informed him that Lazarus had died the day before (Y:41:1-3). Yeshua proceeded to wake Lazarus from death, which caused a momentous stir among the crowds flocking to Jerusalem for the coming Passover (Y:41:4-28).


The raising of Lazarus caused the ruling priests in Jerusalem to fear even more for their positions of authority, as news of the miracle was spreading and many believed Yeshua was the Anointed One. Hoping to quell Yeshua’s growing popularity and instill fear in those who believed in him, it was agreed by Caiaphas, the High Priest, and the temple elders that Lazarus should be killed (Y:41:29-30). The evening after Yeshua’s memorable entrance into Jerusalem (Y:42:1-20), Lazarus was set upon and killed by agents of the Sicarii as he went to Jerusalem to feast. His naked body was hung from the walls of the city (Y:42:21-23).


The next morning, Yeshua was informed that Lazarus had been murdered. It was this tragedy that triggered Yeshua’s prophetic lament for Jerusalem (Y:42:24-34), and is perhaps what solidified his decision to set in motion events that he knew would lead to his own death (Y:42:36; B:24:49-50).





[Yeshua heals Lazarus of blindness]


4. Wherefore, drawing near, Yeshua spoke unto the man, saying: “What would you have me do?”

5. And Lazarus answered him, saying: “Restore again my sight, for I know that if you will but speak the word, God will forgive my transgression, and I shall see again.”

6. When Yeshua heard this, he spoke unto him, saying: “Do you believe that I am able to do this thing?” And he answered: “Yes, my Lord, I believe. For I know that you are the very Anointed One of God.”

7. And Yeshua, hearing this, was filled with compassion towards him, and he said: “Then, my son, receive even now according to your faith. For in this moment are your sins forgiven you.”

8. And Lazarus received again his sight instantly, and seeing before him the Only Begotten, he worshipped him. And throughout the regions round about did the word go forth concerning the healing of Lazarus.

9. And Lazarus rejoiced before the Lord, and all Bethany came to see this man who could restore again the sight of the blind and who could forgive sins by the speaking of the word only.

10. And Lazarus entreated the Lord to come unto his house, and entering in he found Martha and Mary, the sisters of Lazarus, and seeing their brother restored unto sight, they knelt before the Nazarene and did wash his feet with their tears.

Yeshua 4:4-10


[Yeshua raises Lazarus from the dead]

20. And seeing that the Master was standing before the house, they laid the body before him, and the Lord, lifting his eyes to Heaven, said:

21. “Father, I know that you hear me always, and for this cause do I give thanks unto you.

22. Give, therefore, of thy power unto me, that they which see might know of a surety that I am come from thee.”

23. And turning unto Martha, he spoke, saying: “Did I not say unto you, that if you would but believe in me, you would see the glory which is come from God?”

24. Now Lazarus was bound head and foot with graveclothes, and his face did they bind in a napkin; and Yeshua spoke unto the pallbearers, saying: “Unbind him head and foot.”

25. And when he was loosed from his bindings, the Lord called unto him before the multitude, saying: “Lazarus, Lazarus, arise.”

26. And immediately Lazarus sat up from off the ground, and all which saw were filled with unspeakable wonder because of it.

27. So the word went forth concerning the raising of Lazarus from the dead, and from all Judea, and Perea, and Samaria, and Galilee, did many come up unto Jerusalem unto the Passover.

28. And all men spoke the name of Yeshua, and many went unto Bethany seeking him, and there went also unto Lazarus a great many which would see for themselves the one which was raised from the dead, that perchance they might touch him.

29. But in Jerusalem did Caiaphas take counsel with the chief priests and elders concerning what they should do because of it.

30. And when it was decided, they determined that Lazarus should be killed also, for because of him, all Israel believed that Yeshua was the very Anointed One which was come from God.

Yeshua 41:20-30


[Lazarus is murdered]

21. But Lazarus, as he was going unto Jerusalem to feast, there fell upon him certain of the Sicarii, and they killed him and did strip him of all his clothing, and they hung him from the walls of the city.

22. And all which passed by, when they saw it, spoke, saying: “Is this not the man which the Master raised from the dead?”

23. And many which followed after the Lord, withdrew themselves from him, lest they also be killed, for they began to fear for their lives.

Yeshua 42:21-23

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