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Mary of Magdala / Mary Magdalene


Pronunciation:  MEHR-ee [of] MAG-duh-luh

Occurrences:  4

First Reference:  Yeshua 8:60


Now when he had said these things, there came from the shadows of the room, Mary of Magdala, a harlot made mad by familiar spirits. And she came and did kneel before the Lord, weeping many tears.



See:  Magdala, Yeshua


Summary:  Not to be confused with Mary of Bethany, or Miriam, the mother of Yeshua, Mary of Magdala was a prostitute who suffered periods of madness due to a severe case of syphilis (AZC — Mary Magdala). After being healed by Yeshua, she became one of his disciples and was eventually appointed as one of the seven female apostles (Y:18:4; 45:40; 48:1). Mary was present at the cross during Yeshua’s crucifixion (Y:47:50), and was among the seven women who first discovered Yeshua’s tomb empty (Y:48:1). After Yeshua’s resurrection, Mary lived with and helped provide for Yeshua’s mother, Miriam.



Azrael’s Commentary - Mary Magdala


A notorious prostitute from the town of Magdala. As a young woman she was loud, profane and irreverent; a woman who took every opportunity to embarrass, scandalize and insult the devout Jews of her community. She was once stoned by the Jews and left for dead, but she survived it. After that, the Jews were convinced that Mary Magdala was in league with the devil.


As she grew older, Mary Magdala began to slip into periods of madness. This madness was brought about by a severe case of syphilis. Mary Magdala came to believe that she was really a ghost. She believed that she had died during her stoning, and that it was her ghost which continued to walk around. Soon, people came to believe that Mary Magdala could speak with the dead, and they began to pay her to speak with their relatives and friends which had already passed on.


One day, when Mary Magdala was not in one of her periods of madness, she heard Yeshua teaching, and she saw him healing the sick. In hope and desperation she followed Yeshua to the house of Matthew (Y:8:60-62).


After Mary was healed, she became a devoted follower of Yeshua. After the resurrection, Mary Magdala lived with Miriam. She spent the rest of her life in helping the poor, comforting the sick and looking after Miriam the mother of Yeshua.






Now there stood by the cross of the Lord his mother, and Mary his Beloved, and Mary of Magdala; and there drew near unto them from Jerusalem, John the son of Levi.

Yeshua 47:50


On the first day of the week, when it was sunrise, there came unto the tomb the seven which Miriam had appointed, and among them were Mary the sister of Martha, and Mary Magdalene; and, behold, the stone of the sepulcher was rolled away.

Yeshua 48:1



Mary of Bethany