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Pronunciation:  pay-RAN

Occurrences:  13

First Reference:  Beginnings 8:22


Now Yasher-Baal called forth Azotus the son of Paran, for he was swift and fleet of foot. And he did send him forth before the armies of Sumer that he might spy out the land of Zion.



See:  Azotus, Sumer


Summary:  A citizen of ancient Sumer (ca. 8,850 BCE), Paran was the father of Azotus (B:8:22). As a young man, Azotus was sold by his father into the service of king Yasher-Baal. Years later, on a scouting expedition, Azotus met a young woman from the city of Zion named Marisa, whom he later married. When Azotus was recaptured and tried for treason, the judges of Sumer called the entire house of Paran to stand before the law. Both Azotus and Paran were sentenced to a cruel death, while the entire family — numbering one hundred and forty people — were sold into slavery  (B:12:16-49).





And he caused to be brought before the people, Paran, the father of Azotus, and he was great with age. And with him also did they bring all the children of his loins, insomuch that they caused to stand before the laws of Sumer one hundred and forty souls.

Beginnings 12:21


45. Therefore, this shall be your judgment before the law. Your father, Paran, shall be stripped of all his honor, and also shall be taken all his lands, and houses, and these things shall go to the lord and king of Sumer.

46. And he shall be taken before the walls of the city, and his head shall I cause to be struck from his body. And he shall be left as carrion for the wild beasts of the fields, and the birds of the air shall feed upon his flesh.

47. And from all your brethren shall I cause that the power of their loins shall be cut off. And they shall become as slaves unto the mighty of Sumer, for they shall be made to eat their bread with sorrow beside the ox and the ass.

48. And all the children of their loins shall the law bring into bondage and servitude; their wives shall the law take captive, and they shall become as harlots to satisfy the lusts of all who come in unto them. All this shall the law do unto the house of Paran.

49. But unto you, Azotus, shall the law delight in harshness. For you shall be taken before the people, and you shall be beaten with many rods, and they shall take you, and before all the men of Sumer shall you be made to die upon the stake.”

Beginnings 12:45-48