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Pronunciation:  uh-ZO-tus

Occurrences:  25
First Reference:
 Beginnings 8:22


Now Yasher-Baal called forth Azotus the son of Paran, for he was swift and fleet of foot. And he did send him forth before the armies of Sumer that he might spy out the land of Zion.



See:  Marisa, Paran, Sumer, Yasher-Baal, Zion


Summary:  A slave of Yasher-Baal, Azotus was sent from Sumer to scout the area surrounding Zion prior to the siege against the holy city. Azotus came to a well outside of Zion where he met Marisa, the daughter of Adami and Bashia. Azotus was smitten by the beauty and grace of Marisa, and fearing she would be taken captive by Yasher-Baal’s army, he swore a personal oath to protect her (B:8:22-39). Marisa and Azotus returned to Zion, and were eventually married. They raised a family and dwelt happily in Zion for thirty years (B:12:1).


One day while tending the fields outside the walls of Zion, Azotus was captured by servants of Yasher-Baal and brought back to Sumer where he was convicted of treason and sentenced to die on the stake (B:12:2-60).



Azrael’s Commentary — Azotus


A large black man who was famous for his speed of foot. He had a gentle disposition and was loyal to those he loved. As a young man he was sold into the service of Yasher-Baal by his father, Paran. A copper band was placed around the neck of Azotus which signified his forced servitude to the king. This copper band was fused into a single piece and could not be removed without the aid of a metal smith. At his marriage to Marisa, Adami removed the copper band and Azotus lived peacefully in Zion as a free man for thirty years. He was re-captured and tried for treason in Sumer and sentenced to a cruel death.






50. So spoke Yasher-Baal in the midst of his pride and splendor. But Azotus, standing boldly before his accusers spoke, saying: “Death is but a fleeting thing, and the pain that men endure, but a moment.

51. For all things, whether great or small, shall pass away. But the life of man, this shall not pass away, even though death press hard against us. For behold how the day flees into night, and the night rushes into day; even so is the life of all men.

52. Consider, therefore, the life of man. For we are born unto death, that in our passing we might be born again unto life.

53. How then shall you destroy the life of the soul, seeing that it is of God and must ever continue? Did you not know that the ways of God are as one eternal round, even until that day when the soul of man is exalted again unto God?

54. Ponder, therefore, and learn wisdom. For the evil which you have brought upon the innocent shall the eternal round of God cause to vanish away, and all your glory also. For in the hand of God shall the good alone find place.”

Beginnings 12:50-54


Azrael (Ondi-Ahman)