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Pronunciation:  KAHL-nuh

Occurrences:  10

First Reference:  Beginnings: 10:30


And of the second lot would merchants come from the lands round about, from Calneh and Shinar, from Uruk beyond Tigris to Sumer would merchants come to purchase with gold and silver and all manner of precious stones the wines of Zion.



See:  Sumerian Empire, Melech, Yasher-Baal


Summary:  Located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Calneh was one of the six major cities of the first Sumerian Empire (B:12:5). When Yasher-Baal, the son of Cain, seized the throne of Sumer and took the city of Calneh in conquest, he appointed his son Melech to rule (B:11:35).


• The grieving metal worker named Jubal was from the city of Calneh (B:14:9).


Melech and the armies of Calneh were defeated in battle against Elon Zanoah at Mount Takoa (B:15:43).





And Yasher-Baal did place upon the throne of Kish the son of his loins, Chemosh; and he was caused to swear a mighty oath unto his father, and to the nobles of Sumer did he also give allegiance. And a fifth part of all the wealth of Kish did Chemosh give to Sumer from that day forth.

Now after these things were accomplished, Yasher-Baal set his hand against the great cities between the two rivers. And unto the law of Sumer did he add Shinar, Uruk, Babel, and Calneh.

And over each did he place the sons of his loins. Thus Remlah was made king of Shinar, and upon the throne of Uruk sat Marduk, and Melech was made king of Calneh, and upon the throne of Babel did Belzebub rule.

Over all these cities did the lord Yasher-Baal rule by the strength of his arm and unto the laws of Sumer were the souls of the children of men made subject.

Beginnings 11:34-36


And there was gathered in the king’s court all the great and mighty men of Sumer, and with them also sat the kings and nobles of Kish, Shinar, Uruk, Calneh, and Babel.

Beginnings 12:5


Now there was one among them who knew of the man, and he told Enoch how that this fellow was once a worker of metal, and that his name was Jubal of Calneh, and that he possessed great skill and cunning workmanship.

Beginnings 14:9


Now the king of Calneh, even Melech the son of Yasher-Baal, gathered together a mighty host and he marched against Elon of Perga. And the armies of Calneh and Elon met at Mount Tekoa in the land of Elam.

Beginnings 15:43


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