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Tigris (river)


Pronunciation:  TAI-grihs

Occurrences:  7

First Reference:  Beginnings 1:6


Now Adam dwelt for a season in the land between the great rivers, even the Tigris and Euphrates, and he walked among the children of men eastward in Eden. And when he saw that the land was good, he planted a garden there.



See:  Euphrates River, Nile River


Summary:  Scripture often refers to the “land between the two great rivers”, referring to the region of Mesopotamia and the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The Tigris river is east of the Euphrates river, flowing south from the mountains of southeastern Turkey through Iraq, to empty into the Persian Gulf. Mesopotamia became one of the earth’s cradles of civilization, eventually hosting the emergence of the first Sumerian Empire.


• Various tribes of the Enoshahim established camps along the Nile, as well as the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (6:5:40-41, 44).


Adam established a garden east of the concourse of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (B:1:6; E:13:20).


• Wine created by the vintners of Zion (established near Sumer by the Euphrates river) was in such great demand that merchants from across the land, even beyond the Tigris, would come to purchase it (B:10:30).


• The prophet Enoch and his son Methuselah journeyed throughout the ‘land of the two great rivers’ seeking the righteous (B:13:40; B:14:59).


Shem, the oldest son of Noah, led an expedition from Mount Ararat to the ‘land between the two great rivers’ (B:23:5-11).




Now the woman, Hazar-Gabatha, caused that a variety of vineyards should be planted round about the walls of Zion, and the wine therefrom did she cause to be divided into two lots: for unto the temple would go the finest and the best;

And of the second lot would merchants come from the lands round about, from Calneh and Shinar, from Uruk beyond Tigris to Sumer would merchants come to purchase with gold and silver and all manner of precious stones the wines of Zion.

Beginnings 10:29-30


For already had many clans fled eastward, to leave behind the lands of the Nile; hoping that in their wandering they might find another land where the Enoshahim did not dwell; causing that there should enter into Mesopotamia the many clans of the screelings, to camp themselves beside the Tigris and Euphrates.

But soon again there fell upon them another tribe of the Enoshahim, which very tribe the sons and daughters of Shaemdiel had themselves established along the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates; being in their laws and customs similar to the Enoshahim which dwelt along the Nile.

6th Endowment 5:40-41

Titus Germanicus