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Titus Germanicus


Pronunciation:  TAI-tuhs + dzher-MAN-ih-kuhs

Occurrences:  6

First Reference:  3rd Endowment 12:52


But in the fortress palace of Titus Germanicus did Seti-Kahn and the Regent of the empire meet most secretly; believing themselves secure from the watchful glare of the Stazzi, even that secret and most feared of all police.



See:  Drakonia, First Track, Seti-Kahn


Summary:  During the First Track of the world of the First Power, Titus Germanicus served as the Military Director of Strategic Information for the Drakonian military (3:24:13). His personal fortress was often used by Seti-Kahn and the Regent in attempt to bypass the spies of the Emperor and secretly meet to plot against Kronus Maximillius (3:12:52-64).


Titus Germanicus was among those included in the initial military briefing concerning Rome’s plans to attack Antarctica (3:24:4-13). Years later, Titus was among a group of prominent leaders gathered at the request of the Emperor for a special announcement. When the Emperor declared his wish to reclaim the island fortress of Petragia, Titus Germanicus publicly challenged the Emperor’s request, expressing his skepticism regarding such an endeavor. In response, the Emperor calmly drew a gun from his tunic and fatally shot Titus Germanicus in front of the gathered might of the Empire (3:27:12-23).





18. Then did the Emperor rise from off his throne to stand before the whole room, and he spoke, saying: “Give to me the island fortress of Petragia; then shall the empire know most surely that I am the greatest Emperor of all.”

19. And hearing this, there arose a great many protests, and there spoke unto the Emperor, Titus Germanicus, saying: “Your Majesty, this thing you ask is far too great; for every Emperor before you has tried in vain to take from Rome the island fortress.

20. For even the Father of the empire, Maximus Drakonus did strive throughout his life to take again this Petragia, and even it did prove too great. How then shall we achieve what so many others before did but fail to gain?

21. For we remember well your father’s efforts to take this island fortress; sending against the bastions some two million men, and there perished against its walls up to half of all our forces.”

22. Now when the Emperor heard these things, he was filled with a cold and bitter rage; and reaching into his tunic, he brought forth a gun and did with deadly calm kill Titus Germanicus before all which were gathered.

23. And every man did leap in fear at the suddenness of the Emperor’s fury, gazing upon the floor to see for themselves the body of the dead Germanicus which himself did lie in a pool of thick and oozing blood.

3rd Endowment 27:18-23

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