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Drakonia (empire of)


Pronunciation:  dra-KO-nee-uh

Occurrences:  77 (Drakonia)   10 (Drakonian)

First Reference:  3rd Endowment 2:38


But of the empires which dwelt upon the earth, there was none so great and fearsome as the Empire of Drakonia; which empire embraced by force even all the lands which lay between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.


See:  Chen (empire), First Track, First World, Kronus Maximillius, Maximillius Drakonus, Rome (empire), Seti-Kahn, Stazzi, Trajenium


Refer to:  3rd Endowment 2

 The Drakonian Empire was one of three reigning empires during the First Track of the world of the First Power. Founded by Maximus Drakonus some six hundred years before the days of Kronus (3:20:15), the Drakonian Empire — under the cunning and ambitious rule of Emperor Maximillius Drakonus — had established itself as the most dominant power on the earth. The empire’s domain consisted of all the land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, including North America, Greenland, South America and Antarctica, as well as the Pacific islands and New Zealand (3:2:38-39). Not only had Drakonia laid claim to the moon, having established several colonies and factories on its surface, it was the only empire with spy satellites orbiting the earth (AZC — Maximillius Drakonus).


The northern capital of the empire was the fortress city of Trajenium, located near present-day Baltimore, Maryland. This is where Maximillius Drakonus ruled as the forty-second Emperor of Drakonia. The empire also had a southern capital in South America, located in present-day Rio de Janeiro. The Emperor would often stay there during the winter months of the northern hemisphere (AZC — Trajenium).


The Drakonian Empire was made up of fifty-one nations, each ruled by a king. Nations and their kings were governed in groups of ten, by five Caesars. Caesars commanded the armies, navies and air forces that fell within their province, while kings were given command over their national secret police. Succession of both Caesars and kings was hereditary, yet men of nobility served only at the pleasure of the Emperor, maintaining their positions through allegiance, “intrigue and treachery” (3:2:45-50).


During the rule of Maximillius Drakonus, the empire’s military — overseen by the ruthless Supreme Commander, Seti-Kahn — had become the most powerful in the world. While it had only twelve million men in its army (the smallest compared to the Chen and Roman Empires), Drakonia boasted the most robust of navies and air forces (3:2:41). War raged continually between the three empires, as both the empires of the Chen and Rome plotted vigorously to steal away Drakonia’s power and resources.


The Drakonian Empire was an extremely violent military state filled with suspicion, corruption, distrust and paranoia. All land, property, wealth, and even the population was owned by the Emperor, who maintained his power and control by means of an elite group of spies and assassins referred to as the Stazzi. The common people lived in constant fear and dread of those who ruled above them.


All women of the empire were slaves and considered the property of men. Women were primarily identified by numbers instead of names. This law had been instituted six hundred years earlier by the founder of the empire, Maximus Drakonus (3:20:15). Clothing for women was forbidden. Girls were forced to be circumcised at the age of seven. The Drakonian Empire — and the world of the First Power in general — was a horrible place filled with cannibalism, slavery, pollution, death, rape, brutality and constant war (3:2:3-50).



Drakonian Empire Place Names


A’Kontay (Military Academy - Winchester, VA)



Antillium (port city - east coast)

Appolonia (port city - east coast)

Brundisium (port city - east coast)

Caligula (fortress - <location?>)

Capitolinum (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Chuzon (valley - Northern Hemisphere)

Denali River (Alaska)

Dracus (port city - east coast)

Fen Magurah Mountains (Appalachian range)

Hadriattica (San Francisco / Oakland, CA)

Lake Tiberius (Alaska)

Livius (port city - east coast)

Mount Pompeus (Alaska)

Neropolis (ice city - Antarctica)

Octavius (fortress - Alaska)

Ostia Braggah (Anchorage, AK)

Petragia*  (Iceland)

Port Lucian (Seattle, WA)

Port Titian (San Diego, CA)

Prisca (port city - east coast)

Rio Cassalia (New York, NY)

Straits of Enjenare (Alaska)

Straits of Gibraltar* (Empire of Rome)

Straits of Ming Gai (Bering Straight ?)

Trajenium / Maxus Emperium (Baltimore, Maryland)



Significant Leaders / Military Figures


Maximillius Drakonus (42nd Emperor)

Maxus Drakoni (Regent - son of the Emperor)

Seti-Kahn (Supreme Commander)

Kronus Maximillius (Imperial Tribune / First Imperial Councilor / Hero of the State)

Manegus Acquilla (Chief Commander of A’Kontay / Kronus’ Chief Advisor)

Markus Tobias (Chief Adjutant General, First Councilor of War to Seti-Kahn)

Titus Germanicus (Military Director of Strategic Information)

Lucius Britannia (Air Marshal)

Graccus Media (First Admiral of the Imperial Fleet)

Cassius Aegean (First Field Marshall of Military Operations)

Julius Kasari (Military Commander; father – Caesar Otto Kasari)

Borah Graccus (Post Commander - Fortress Octavius)

Linus Medora (Military Commander - Fortress Octavius)

Taurus Mahroo (Military Commander - Fortress Octavius)

Victor Germanicus (Military Commander - Fortress Octavius)

Cassius Polinus (Military Commander - Fortress Octavius)

Adrian Morro (Chief of the Stazzi)



Offices within the Drakonian Empire


• Office of Propaganda and Order        3:12:13

• Office of War and Strategy                 3:17:66      3:18:14      3:23:37

• Offices of War                                    3:27:42

• Office of Truth and Propaganda        3:28:37

• Hall of Records                                   3:20:52

• Imperial Registry                                3:18:16



Previous Emperors of Drakonia  (not a comprehensive list)


Maximus Drakonus - Founder of the Drakonian Empire  (3:20:15;  3:26:41-56)


Marcus Lucius Drakonus - Emperor assassinated in 142 Imperial Era (IE)   (AZC  - Stazzi)


Caius Quintus Drakonus (41st Emperor)

            Octavio Drakonus (son)

            Canidius Drakonus (son)

            Maximillius Drakonus  (son — crowned 42nd Emperor in the year 738 of the Drakonian calendar)


(Ref:  AZC — Maximillius Drakonus)






For Kronus would break in pieces the traditions of ages past, desiring himself to give unto the First Woman, a name of her own, whereby others might know her; for in six hundred years had no woman been given a name within the empire; being first forbidden by the founder of the empire, Maximus Drakonus.

3rd Endowment 20:15

Dracus (port)
Drakonus Maximillius