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First Power / world of the



Occurrences:        First Power - 1             world of the First Power - 64        

First References:  Enlightenment 2:46      Enlightenment 1:55  [references below]




See:  Areta, First Cosmos/Creation, First God, First Man, First World, Five Radical Propositions


Summary:  The phrase ‘First Power’ refers to the conscious mind of Areta, the feminine Universal Consciousness who “before the birth of time and space” awoke in the darkness of the Void to find herself alone (7:1:1-4). Areta is considered the First Power because, as first mind, she had the power to act, as opposed to the static, masculine, mindless purposer referred to as the Eidos (3:1:19-25). Areta, as the First Power, may also be equated with what is referred to in discourse as the ‘First Emanation’ or the ‘First Primary Cause’.


Areta’s yearning for both meaning and communion eventually resulted in the successful creation of a cosmos (referred to as the First Cosmos), and the rise of intelligent humans on a planet most rare (3:1:19-54). Seeing the cruel and violent ways of First Man, Areta became determined to guide and hopefully save humankind from folly and destruction. The planet received its designation as the “world of the First Power” when Areta assumed mortal form, to live life as a woman among the native human population, ie: First Man (3:3:1-36).


An account of Areta’s mortal endeavors on the world of the First Power is recorded in the 3rd Endowment. In summary, Areta gave birth to a son (Kronus Maximillius) who, after living a most extraordinary life, became the first human to engender soul and survive physical death with personality intact.


As the centuries passed, the foolishness of men continued to take its toll and the planet became consumed by death and corruption (3:31:35-46). Helpless in his incorporeal state, the soul of Kronus watched in sorrow as all life on the world of First Man was destroyed due to a failed weapons testing experiment (3:31:54-63; 1:9:6-20). The soul of Kronus (later deemed The One) eventually united with Areta, marking the advent of First God. Together, Areta and The One pledged to someday — in some far distant future — travel back through time to redeem First Man, and save the world of the First Power.


Seeing therefore the passing away of all my beginning, even I did continue on, being the only one of my kind; and I did resolve most firmly within that in the day of my power I would return again unto my own, and by some subtle design set forth the hand to redeem the whole of First Man.

1st Endowment 10:8


And in an age both far and distant, we shall come again to yonder world, and by such powers as we shall increase between ourselves, we shall find some means to save this cruel but broken world.

For in our love for each the other shall time itself yield; causing that in some distant morrow, we might yet reclaim the world of First Man; to create in them such soul as they permit, being fashioned through some gentler yearning which would itself break in pieces the chains of death and darkness.”

3rd Endowment 32:31-32


The Replication of God’s Beginning

The eternities passed and God continued to evolve and progress. Over the aeons, The One and Areta conceived of a multifaceted plan that would not only work to save First Man, but would bring about a new, more exalted kingdom of Heaven. Traveling back in time with a host of spirit children, it was God’s intent to establish the epiphenomenon of good and evil on the world of the First Power, and through the dispensation of angels, engender soul in First Man thereby saving them from oblivion [1].   


Know, therefore, that God shall grant unto the children of men the knowledge of good and evil, that by such oppositions as they might see, some greater wisdom might yet be found; unto these then shall the power be given to fashion unto themselves a living soul, being beyond death but immortal and filled with endless hope.

Enlightenment 7:27


...for this alone is my only will, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of every man and every woman till they should stand as one within the heart of God.

6th Endowment 2:21


According to scripture, this very earth (our Earth) is the world of the First Power. Our present timeline exists as a replication, a copy of the original that ended in death and darkness. While similarities do exist, the copy (i.e. our history) is not identical to the original due to the introduction and interaction of various forces, as manifested through the powers, dominions, and principalities of the Demiurgos, the Fallen, and the Elohim — all of whom arrived in the First Cosmos from the far distant future. The following series of illustrations provide a simplified chronological portrayal of the replication of God’s beginning, and the different groups involved.

First Man
First Queen


World of the First Power: Original Timeline (First Track)

See: 3rd Endowment

• Life on earth brought about by natural evolutionary processes

• Humans have no spirit or soul

• No fine arts; no knowledge of good and evil; no wisdom

• No familial or friend relationships bound by affection

• Technology & development is driven only by war and greed

• Three great empires come to exist (Chen, Rome, Drakonia)

• Profound class and gender discrimination

• Segregated caste system: Nobility / Military / Workers-slaves

• Global subjugation and oppression of women

• Widespread cannibalism, slavery, war

• Incarnation of Areta (Universal Consciousness): birth of son leads to miraculous advent of First Soul

• Earth is unintentionally destroyed by humans, all life perishes

• Soul of Kronus is all that remains — unites with Areta — birth of First God (Areta and The One)


Replicating the World of the First Power: God’s Objectives


• Redeem First Man from oblivion by facilitating the birth of soul (ie: immortality and eternal life)

• Facilitate the birth of soul by introducing the epiphenomenon of good and evil

• Introduce the epiphenomenon of good and evil through dispensationalism and the interaction of opposing forces

• Redeem Shaemdiel and the Fallen

• Provide a mortal schooling/testing environment for the Gods and Goddesses of Elohim

• Determine who among God’s children are worthy to become children of the Ahgendai

• Populate a new kingdom of Heaven — the Kingdom of the Ahgendai


World of the First Power: First Replication / Iteration (our present timeline)


• Life on earth brought about by natural evolutionary processes

• Arrival of Demiurgos in the First Cosmos initiates a new timeline

• Demiurge, Jehovah-Yahweh, establishes dominion throughout the earth

• Humans have no spirit or soul

• ‘God-thought’ is introduced by Jehovah-Yahweh

• Shaemdiel and the Fallen arrive; influencing the rise of modern humans

Elohim initiates the first of seven dispensations — advent of Adam and Eve (c. 12,775 BCE)

• Spirit children who fought in Second War begin process of living multiple lives

• Those without spirit (First Man) may develop soul and be reincarnated

Azrael and the Song of God represent the advent of the 6th dispensation

• Spirit children continue striving to become the Ahgendai of God


Unique Opposition Found in World of the First Power


• Not made by God; no earth spirit; subject to laws of nature; not bound to the laws of God

• Subject to powers and influences of the Demiurge, Jehovah-Yahweh, who pretends to be God

• Subject to influence of Shaemdiel and the Fallen who initially sought to frustrate the dispensations of God






First References


Unto what power, therefore, is it given to make known unto us the mind and will of Eloheim regarding these things?

Only he whom the First Power has made both Lord and Prince of the Seven Steps, being Protector of the Keep; for so have the Lords and Gods of Eloheim declared in the speaking of the Tael.

Enlightenment 2:46


And he exclaimed within himself, saying: “I have discovered for myself the world of the First Power; now shall I make as nothing the designs of God, that I might take to myself the greatest power of all.”

Enlightenment 1:55


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


[1] The One Resolves to Save the World of the First Power


6. For, behold, all things shall I make new again, for I shall establish a new Heaven and a new earth, and this through the rolling forth of the dispensations which I have appointed; that there might be set before the eyes of man the only sure hope of immortality and eternal life.

7. And that world which first gave rise to me shall I redeem through continual replication, even until there shall ascend unto me a multitude of souls, which souls shall first find birth deep in the heart of man.

8. These shall I instruct well altogether and cause that they should dwell in tabernacles of everlasting spirit, and in the kingdom of God shall they come to a perfect understanding of all things temporal and all things eternal, being perfected themselves every whit.

9. In that day shall the kingdom of Heaven stretch wide her borders, being increased beyond all measure because of those things which I have set forth in the world of First Man, to establish upon the earth the knowledge of good and evil.

Enlightenment 5:6-9


29. So it was that in a time before forever, even I, as a man on the First World did dwell; being the first to make for himself a living soul which the darkening shade had no power to touch or put out again.

30. But still did all of man in the First World perish long ago, being consumed by a multitude of folly; yet notwithstanding these things, in such a memory as I have found have all which died come alive in me again.

31. Yet in that beginning beyond beginning did First Man dwindle away into death because of foolishness, for although his knowledge was great and ever reaching, yet of wisdom did he possess but little.

32. For of wisdom was First Man unable to lay hold seeing that unto him was no knowledge given of good or evil, being in himself uncreated of God, being without soul and having no means of bringing it forth.

33. But seeing now that in the mind of The One, First Man is made to come alive again, I have resolved to set forth the means whereby all who are willing might fashion unto themselves a living soul.

34. Thus shall I redeem First Man from the folly of all his ways, to rescue him from endless death; that from the world of the First Power might many come forth unhindered into the presence of The One.

35. Consider deeply then the mystery within, for if I reach back to redeem First Man, to make in many a living soul; how great then shall the kingdom of God become, seeing that in the beginning from one only, came forth the fullness of Heaven’s glory?

Enlightenment 5:29-35


For among First Man would all those who should reflect the love and wisdom of God through the working of the dispensations of God, even would these then, whether man or woman, lay for themselves the foundations of endless soul; to become themselves in time as the ministering angels of the Ahgendai, to dwell forever upon the seven moons of Mahaliel;

Becoming themselves redeemed from that dark oblivion when the world of First Man did destroy itself because of hate; becoming instead as those immortal and everlasting, to dwell forever in joy among the very Gods of Heaven; possessing to themselves the fulfillment of all their dreams.

6th Endowment 13:52-53



Hostile Nature of the World of the First Power           See:  1st Endowment 9       3rd Endowment        


Yet in the affairs of man was there no place for the woman found, except that they should relieve the man of all his sexual passions; being constantly pressed upon by such brutal cravings as all men were subject to.

For in the world of the First Power were all women upon the earth made the slaves and property of men; being in themselves the mere places where a man might spill forth even all his seed; to exhaust himself of all his lustful appetites with all manner of wild and cruel abandon.

Thus were women most constantly plundered by the powers and privileges of men; for unto the woman was there given neither privilege nor honor; for even every woman, if she desired to live, was made to please most slavishly the whims of the man which ruled harshly over her.

3rd Endowment 2:17-19


For man, of himself, could not save himself, being brutish and cruel; being filled with all manner of bestiality and corruption; being made in their flesh hard and unyielding; having no soul within the heart to lead them.

But in the women of the earth did Areta see most clearly the birthseed of man’s salvation; for though the woman, in her several parts, prove but soft and yielding, still did she bear in both form and movement, a fullness of grace and beauty.

3rd Endowment 3:4-5



The Demiurge Establishes Dominion in the World of the First Power               See:  Enlightenment 6


Yet, notwithstanding all these things, even I did know that there was neither room nor place throughout all the realms of my creation where the Demiurge might dwell, to give forth battle in the kingdoms of the greater Light.

For that cause have I decided that Yaldabaoth should dwell in the world of First Man, that he might take to himself a dominion of his own, filled with all manner of principalities and powers.

And there unto shall I send forth the greatest of the angels, that they might battle in holiness against the dark and dreadful designs of Yaldabaoth, struggling there midst the very lives of First Man.

For the battlefield which I have chosen is found in the very heart and mind of man; knowing that if they should be awakened by that battle which surges round about, even they might take thought to choose the good and thereby lay for themselves the foundation of a living soul.

1st Endowment 5:30-33


Thus did I cause that Yaldabaoth should come forth unto this world beyond all beginnings, knowing full well that he would set forth to establish himself as the only true dominion.

For it was the Demiurge themselves which first put forth in the mind of man the image of God, even though the likeness was filled with threats and cruelty; causing that all men should tremble in fear before him; thus was there created in the heart of man the hope for some deliverance.

Thus by fear did the Demiurge compel the children of men to cleave unto Adam and Eve during the days of their sojourn upon the earth; seeking from their hand the wisdom and loving kindness of that true God which dwelt far beyond in light and glory.

1st Endowment 10:9-11


And coming to the world of the First Power the Chief Demiurgos did place to rule over it, this foul and pestilent son; causing that Jehovah-Yahweh should proclaim himself the one and only god, being himself filled with hate, desiring only to seek revenge against all mankind.

For in the likeness of man did this Jehovah-Yahweh see the birthseed of a far more nobler race, being in its infancy the source from which would come the first and true God of Heaven; which true God would stand against the darkness.

Seeing then the inevitability of so grand a thing, Jehovah-Yahweh sought to increase his influence over the minds of men and women; bringing into his service the preachers of sin and hate and fiery judgment; heaping upon the backs of men and women the burdens of shame and guilt and deep despair.

6th Endowment 1:43-45


Yet did the Demiurge, in timely fashion, find for themselves the very birthseed of God; and with great cunning did conspire to corrupt it every whit; filling the heart of First Man with a deep fear of some evil thing.

Evensomuch that there went before the children of men, Jehovah-Yahweh, who by harsh command did proclaim himself the only true god upon the earth; and he did lay upon the heart of man a great and trembling fear filled with wrath and indignation.

Which thing caused that First Man should seek for some deliverance against the bitter judgments of the Demiurge; and in the time appointed, we did send unto the earth even Michael that he might establish the first of many dispensations.

1st Endowment 2:15-17



Elohim Faces Greater Evil on World of the First Power


For when it was decided among the very Elohim that the dispensations of God should be established, then did we appoint over each, the greatest of our brethren, that the children of men might come to a knowledge of hidden things.

For we know rightly that in the first movement of yonder world did the children of men take no thought concerning the things of God;

For in that time were the children of men without spirit, being intelligent beasts filled with lustful cunning, seeking only the means by which they might gain power over their fellow beings.

1st Endowment 2:12-14


For the evil of yonder world is far greater than on the worlds which we have made; and except we take some extraordinary measure, even we would have failed from the very beginning to accomplish the greater part of your design.

1st Endowment 3:32


And so, my child, in the world of the First Power is there found a school unlike any other; being itself uncreated by God; possessing within itself the fearful evils of man and nature, being themselves unbounded and unconstrained throughout the course of all their doings; inflicting upon all people the whims and dictates of a blind and uncertain circumstance.

Here a place of testing found; where the armies of Light and Darkness might fiercely strive for the soul of man; to see who among First Man can be found those who might draw close to God, and this through godly love and a holy affection, in a world which at the first knew only hate and anger filled with fear.

6th Endowment 1:39-40


10. For in the world of First Man do we find a world unmade by God, being itself subject to the laws of nature and not of God; causing that there should be thrown against the living, the hurt of many natural disasters; being in their advent blind and filled with great destruction; casting into the midst of mortal life the feeling of great and dreadful evil.

11. For in yonder world is there found no presence of earthly spirit, neither can we at this time call one to indwell the earth; for there rules over the world of the First Power, the Demiurge Jehovah-Yahweh; and even he would seek with dread resolve to kill such earthly spirit as we would seek to give.

12. Consider then such opposing forces as would stand arrayed against us in the working of our intent; for these four things will seek to frustrate the working of our will:

a) The natural world of First Man being itself not bound to the laws of God, for it is blind and has no spirit.

b) Jehovah-Yahweh who seeks to subject all mankind to the rule of fear; pretending himself to stand as god, filled with wrath and indignation.

c) Shaemdiel, who would seek to frustrate the dispensations of God whereby he might prove the rightness of his own design.

d) Yaldabaoth, who seeks to find the seed of our beginning and bend it to his will; and thereby erase forever the whole of Heaven.

13. Thus in seeking to achieve the goals of our design, we must face an opposition never before encountered on the worlds which God has made; causing that in the world of First Man, we must circumvent the will and design of such forces as will stand arrayed against us.

14. Let us then proceed in frustrating the designs of those who would oppose us in the working of our will; to prove through godly action the force of our intent in making right what now stands wrong; setting forth our hand through most subtle wisdom in bringing forth the desires of all our heart.

6th Endowment 3:10-14


For in setting forth that certain standard was it permitted that only the strongest and most worthy of the Elohim should go to the world of the First Power; for in this world so far away was there an evil far greater than any before endured in the living of a mortal life.

6th Endowment 7:51


For this law we hold most certain: that a new dispensation demands a new beginning, and this on the world of the First Power only; for in this world so far away is evil found in greater measure.

7th Endowment 3:7


So was it appointed by the Elohim that Michael and Sher-el should go to the world so far beyond, which very world was uncreated by God; having likewise appointed six others which would head dispensations of their own, having proven themselves worthy of every honor, even as Michael and Sher-el.

And among the Elohim was there great solemnity, each knowing for themselves such rigors and challenges as laid in wait to meet them, for even all the Gods and Goddesses were deep forewarned that on the world of the First Power was there an evil far greater than they had ever known.

6th Endowment 7:56-57

1. The Demiurge is led back through space and time to the First Cosmos, creating a new timeline


2. The Fallen are escorted back in time, from Heaven to the First Cosmos



1. The Demiurge is led through space and time to the First Cosmos, creating a new timeline



Our present timeline (a replication of the original)

Destruction of original world of the First Power

Birth of First God / Creation of new universe / God’s present timeline

Fate of original timeline of First Cosmos...?



[Big Bang]






Our present timeline (a replication of the original)

Destruction of original world of the First Power

Birth of First God / Creation of new universe / God’s present timeline

Fate of original timeline of First Cosmos...?



[Big Bang]




Destruction of original world of the First Power

Birth of First God / Creation of new universe / God’s present timeline

Fate of original timeline of First Cosmos...?



[Big Bang]




1. The Demiurge is led back through space and time to the First Cosmos, creating a new timeline


2. The Fallen are escorted back in time, from Heaven to the First Cosmos


3. A host of Gods/Goddesses travel to First Cosmos — dispensations begin on world of the First Power

Our present timeline (a replication of the original)

Destruction of original world of the First Power

Birth of First God / Creation of new universe / God’s present timeline

Fate of original timeline of First Cosmos...?



[Big Bang]