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Elohim / Eloheim


Pronunciation:  EHL-o-him / EHL-o-haim    

Occurrences:  190 / 23

First Reference:  Beginnings 21:26 / Beginnings 17:34


Have you not considered, O Lucifer, how that the Gods and Lords of Elohim are edified, each unto the other, by the light everlasting? Are they not single in purpose, having been made joint heirs in both glory and dominion?

Beginnings 21:26


Hear now and take heart, for the deliverance of Zion has God assured before all the councils of Eloheim. But consider, my daughters, who shall there be to deliver the men of Sumer from the ways of Yasher-Baal?

Beginnings 17:34    (Sher-el speaking)



See:  Ahman, Celestial Kingdom, Councils of Light, Galendriel, God, Houses (seven), Noeiel, Salem of Merigoth


Summary:  The Council of Elohim is the first and oldest of the seven Councils of Light to arise midst the progression and evolution of the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven. This Council and its attendant realm is presided over by co-Ahmans: Noeiel (Ahman), and his Beloved, Galendriel.


The Celestial Kingdom consists of seven realms, each governed by a council, together referred to as the Seven Councils of Light. Beginning with the lowest (oldest), and proceeding to the highest (youngest), the Seven Councils of Light are comprised of these seven celestial bodies (1:2:4; 5:13:38-39):


















Members of the Council of Elohim reside on the world of Jeruel, one of three worlds which revolve around the celestial sun called Xanathea. Jeruel is the chief planet of the Elohim’s realm, being closest in proximity to Xanathea. The three worlds and their respective moons constitute the kingdom of the Elohim (E:2:3-9). The Council of Elohim typically convenes in a city called Salem of Merigoth, located on Jeruel.


The word Elohim is plural, referring to all the members of the Council. The term also has two gender specific pronunciations. When a man is speaking, the word is pronounced: EHL-o-him. When a woman is speaking: EHL-o-haim (rhymes with chime).


The Song of God narrative deals primarily with the realms and citizens of the Elohim. Not only is this Council responsible for managing and guarding the vast territories of the Telestial and Terrestrial Kingdoms, referred to as the “Olaha Shinehah” (5:4:39), the Council is currently overseeing dispensations here on this world, the world of the First Power. All spirit children living lives here on this earth are from the Celestial realm of the Elohim.


Ahman (Noeiel) and Galendriel serve as the Supreme and Sovereign Father and Mother of the Elohim kingdom. They oversee their kingdom as co-Ahmans of the Council. Serving alongside the co-Ahmans and appointed (in part) by seniority are seven pairs of Arch-Angels representing both the patriarchal House of Archons and the matriarchal House of Valhaladea (E:8:26-28). These seven couples were each ordained to establish and oversee one of the seven dispensations on this world (W:2:38; 1:3:18-48). The most senior of the seven Arch-Angels, Michael and his Beloved Sher-el, serve directly under Ahman and Galendriel as the Chief Archon and Chief Aretakai of Elohim.[*] As such, they were responsible for initiating the first dispensation of God on this world, living their initial mortalities among evolutionary humans as Adam and Eve. Michael and Sher-el are also responsible for administrating over all seven of the dispensations here on this world (W:16:43-46). The following table provides details pertaining to each of the seven dispensations established on this earth.















[*] The position of Chief Archon was once held by the Arch-Angel known as Shaemdiel (E:1:26; E:10:33; 5:5:39-47; 5:14:11-12). However, as a result of his rebellion, Shaemdiel was relieved of his position and replaced by his younger brother, Michael (E:8:26-28; E:9:42-43; B:2:1-39).



Azrael’s Commentary — Elohim


[...] The Council of Elohim consists of seven great Houses which are grouped into three Holy Orders of Ascension. These Houses are as follows (Enlightenment 3:2-4):



First Holy Order of Ascension                    Presiding Priesthood                           

  - Order of Jeruel

        House of Mithron                                   Patriarchal / Matriarchal

        House of El Shalon                                Patriarchal

        House of El Shaloah                              Matriarchal



Second Holy Order of Ascension

  - Order of Xanathea

         House of Shevas                                   Matriarchal (primarily)

         House of Sabaoth                                 Patriarchal (primarily)



Third Holy Order of Ascension

  - Order of Kolob

         House of Archons                                  Patriarchal

         House of Valhaladea                             Matriarchal



Each of these seven Houses contains within itself twelve quorums. These quorums carry out all the duties, functions and responsibilities of each House within their given mandate. These twelve quorums are (1:8:1):


Korimash         Borgolie          Sarrijah            Shemhora

Terrigai            Marridon          Xandori            Shimbeth

Lorridoth         Yoshliheim       Vangeleia         Kimjaroo


These twelve quorums possess orders of ascension, and these orders of ascension are derived from the order of the House in which they are found. For instance, the quorum of Vangeleia is represented in all the seven Houses of the Elohim, from the lowest to the highest. This means that the quorum of Vangeleia possesses seven distinct bodies within itself, for each House has a quorum called Vangeleia [see: Celestial Kingdom].


On a personal note, I have always been fascinated by the way everyone knows their job, and everyone gets along with everyone else. I have personally observed the seven quorums of Vangeleia get together as a whole and was very impressed with their spirit of camaraderie.


Within the Council of Elohim, all proposals of actions begin first in the twelve quorums. Each quorum within a specific House discusses and votes on the proposal. When all twelve quorums within the seven Houses have discussed and voted on an issue, then at that time a general convocation is assembled and the entire Council of the Elohim votes in open session. Each vote of each member is recorded, and afterwards the resolution is given to the Ahman of the Council of Elohim. It is the responsibility of the Ahman to carry out the new resolution of the Council. Once passed, the resolution takes upon itself the mantle of Elohanu, the will of God. The Ahman, in carrying out the Elohanu, takes upon himself, or herself, the title of God.





Now unto each sun of the greater Light were there given but three worlds of celestial splendor; and upon each of these were there caused to dwell in perfect harmony seven cities wherein the Lords and Gods of Elohim made forever their abode.

And prince above all worlds celestial moved Jeruel, being dressed round about in holiness exceeding; and there alone did the Father and Mother of All reside; and of all the cities which God alone had made was there none to equal Salem of Merigoth.

Behold then the beauty and wonder of Salem, whose very foundation the celestial world was unworthy to touch, having been established forever in the airs above; being trimmed on every side midst clouds of heavenly light, whose brightness and glory as a sun did shine upon all the lands of Jeruel.

Enlightenment 2:5-7


On Jeruel did the Elohim gather, in Salem of Merigoth did the Lords and Gods assemble themselves in solemn array.

Before the throne of Ahman did the congregations of Heaven draw nigh; and there was foremost among them the House of Archons and the House of Valhaladea, being made after the Order of Kolob.

And there were also added unto these the House of Shevas and the House of Sabaoth, being in their fashion made after the Order of Xanathea.

To these also were gathered the House of El Shalon and the House of El Shaloah, and the House of Mithron, being of themselves fashioned after the Order of Jeruel.

Enlightenment 3:1-4


And there came out of Elohim many who would covenant to go down unto the world of the First Power, that by some subtle means there might come forth a great many souls.

Enlightenment 8:31


And assembling together a vast and mighty host from among the very Elohim, [Ahman] set to rule over them seven Arch-Angels and there was chief and foremost among them, Michael, even he whom God had established in the place of Shaemdiel.

Enlightenment 9:43


But in the kingdom of God did there gather unto Salem of Merigoth, the Council of Elohim from all Jeruel, and unto that exalted council were gathered also from all the celestial worlds of Kolob the quorums of Korimash, Terrigai, Lorridoth, Borgolie, Marridon, Yoshliheim, Sarrijah, Xandori, Vangeleia, Shemhora, Shimbeth, and Kimjaroo.

1st Endowment 8:1


And if it so be that a man do great good while in the mortal life, then does he return to the Father and Mother of his soul, dressed round about in great goodness, to become even as the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

But if a man do little good while in the mortal life, then does he return unto the Father and Mother of his soul, being in himself poor and greatly diminished; for unto his soul has he brought forth little good; to become unlike and quite dissimilar from the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

These then shall the Father and Mother send again into life, that they might decide for themselves whether they should follow in the steps of God, to become even as he is; for with the willing spirit will God ever abide and not surcease.

2nd Endowment 9:50-52


Who then would take upon themselves so great a challenge as now would stand before us? Who has proven most worthy in taking hold the hand of God and thereby achieve a far more greater glory than ever dreamed before?

Only to the Eloheim would so great a work first be given, for of all the Councils of Light, Eloheim is the oldest and most senior; having proved themselves through countless eternities as always eager in working with The One and Areta in the building of the Heavens.

6th Endowment 3:15-16


Consider therefore, my children, the way of exaltation, even that Hodos Alea which the Lords and Gods of Heaven do walk most joyfully in the midst of great power and holiness; being sanctified and purified by love and wisdom forever and ever.

For unto the Lords and Gods of Elohim is it given that they should be the Fathers and Mothers of many children; that being secure in the midst of endless fulfillment, might both the Father and the Mother prepare for the children they love, the pathways of eternal progression.

For the Father and Mother which dwell beyond in light and glory are constant and most attentive, ever seeking and reaching out to those children which would imitate the ways of God upon the earth;

Watching with most tender care the lives of all who live; seeking through most subtle means the growth of the spirit within; reaching out to touch and nurture the children whom they love.

2nd Endowment 7:1-4


For I tell you truly, that beyond the councils of Eloheim is still some greater council found; and beyond the greatest council is there made to rule the councils of El Jor El.

Enlightenment 4:29

Presiding co-Ahmans
Primary Sun
Primary Planet
Xanathea  (E:2:4)
Jeruel  (E:2:6)


Dispensational Leader

Mortal Identity

Date of mortality

1st Dispensation

Michael | Sher-el

Adam | Eve

c. 12,775 BCE — 11,845 BCE

2nd Dispensation

Gabriel | not revealed


c. 5,035 — 4,085 BCE (?)

3rd Dispensation

Raphael | not revealed


c. 1,600 — 1,200 BCE (?)

4th Dispensation

Uriel | not revealed


c. 700 — 600 BCE (?)

5th Dispensation

Ariel | not revealed

Alvin Smith

1798 — 1823

6th Dispensation

Azrael | not revealed

Archie D. Wood, Sr.

1947 — present

7th Dispensation

Suriel | not revealed