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Occurrences:  41
First Reference:
 Beginnings 22:6


For in the beginning did God appoint unto you the fullness of his righteousness, for you are Gabriel, the Arch-Angel of God.



See:  Archon, Archons (house of), Aretakai, God, Valhaladea (house of)


Summary:  All Arch-Angels are Gods. All Gods and Goddesses are considered Arch-Angels. The greatest, most glorified souls of eternity[*], Arch-Angels are exalted, celestialized human beings, possessing highly evolved physical bodies. While this exalted state is available to all of God’s children, it is ultimately achieved by very few spirit children. Arch-Angels dwell in the Celestial Kingdom, and represent the full authority of the Council of Elohim, or the Council in which they reside.


The term ‘Arch-Angel’ is not gender specific, and can refer to either Gods or Goddesses. A father Arch-Angel is known as an ‘Archon. The supreme will of The One is represented through the working of all father Arch-Angels within the House of Archons. A Mother Arch-Angel is more specifically identified as an ‘Aretakai’ [AH-<r>-teh-kai]. This Adamic title refers to the supreme will of Areta as represented throughout the working of all mother Arch-Angels within the House of Valhaladea.


All dispensational leaders are Arch-Angels. The seven most senior Arch-Angels of the Elohim were appointed to initiate and preside over the seven dispensations established upon this mortal world. The eldest not only initiates the first dispensation, but oversees the administration of all seven dispensations. According to their specific dispensation, each of the seven Arch-Angels will enter into mortality to establish divine truths for the benefit and progression of God’s children. Examples of this include Adam and Eve, who, as the physical embodiments of Michael and Sher-el, initiated and administered the first dispensation here on this world. The Arch-Angels Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel also led dispensations, manifesting through the lives of Noah, Moses, and Isaiah respectively.


Arch-Angels are not limited to a single incarnation as the dispensational leader. They live many mortal lives among the spirit children of God, working out their own individual path of progression and helping to bring about the broader designs of The One and Areta.



Arch-Angels mentioned in the Song of God         

Presiding Heavenly Parents of the Seven Councils of Light      5:13:38-39


Archie D. Wood, Sr.
co-Ahmans of El Jor El
co-Ahmans of El Kolobree
co-Ahmans of El Ramadee
co-Ahmans of Shem El Koreem
co-Ahmans of Elkashie
co-Ahmans of Elolam
co-Ahmans of Elohim
Seven Captains of the Elohim
W:2:38      1:1:12     1:3:18-48
Mortal Life as Dispensational Leader
Other Arch-Angels
Former Chief Arch-Angels of Elohim
Guardian of Jerrusha               6:3:3




[*] Arch-Angels were indeed the greatest, most glorified citizens of eternity until the birth and evolution of the Ahgendai. This new order of Godhood, as represented by the Ahgendai, far exceeds the scope, glory and power of the Arch-Angels.


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 Michael speaks to Emmanuel concerning the dispensations            Beginnings 24:30-65       


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Now consider how my Father, even Ahman, has appointed unto the seven Arch-Angels the Law of Dispensation, whereby much righteousness should be brought to pass.

Beginnings 24:38


Hear now this mystery and understand, for in the beginning did the God of Heaven set forth the dispensations. And he placed over them seven mighty ones to be Arch-Angels of the heavenly hosts.

Wisdom 2:33


Consider now the greatest of all the citizens of eternity, even the Arch-Angels of Elohim; these are they who possess unto their glory celestial bodies of flesh and bone, being unlike the natural man, having taken unto themselves a fullness of beauty and light exceeding.

Wisdom 14:22


And Arch-Angels like unto you, who possess celestial bodies of flesh and bone unlike the natural man, having taken unto themselves the glory of God.

Wisdom 16:9


Likewise, when the dispensations of God which are given unto the children of men upon the earth are completed, there shall be prepared for this Emmanuel a celestial tabernacle like unto my own. And he shall be nurtured in the bosom of eternity, and even as his Father is, so shall he become an Arch-Angel of the Most High God.

Behold, the Arch-Angels of God give birth to Gods, for surely they are Gods; and from innumerable spirits which are organized do the souls of the Gods come. But unto which of many spirits shall the glory of godliness be given?

Wisdom 16:23-24


And when these things shall come to pass, when all the children of men shall have inherited that glory which was prepared for them from the beginning, when the earth shall be lifted up before the throne of the great God, then shall I, Emmanuel, ascend unto my Father, even Michael, and I shall become even as he is, an Arch-Angel of the Most High God.

Wisdom 14:34


Therefore, hear and understand, for when the earth shall fulfill the measure of her creation, when the dispensations which were established aforetime in the councils of Elohim have accomplished the glory of the Father, then shall a child be born in the kingdom of God, that this Yeshua might become like unto his Father, an Arch-Angel of the Most High.”

Wisdom 16:38


And Michael spoke again, saying: “Consider then how that the Arch-Angel is the source from which all things of spirit and soul have their beginning, for the Arch-Angel is in every deed a Father, and from him do these things have their beginning.

And all worlds whereupon the children of men might dwell have they decreed and set in their orbits, that they might travel in their course around the suns which were ordained unto them.

Therefore, for this reason has the Father of All, even Ahman, ordained unto the sons of his lineage, even Arch-Angels, the Law of Dispensation and the administration thereof, that even God might establish tabernacles wherein the spirits of many might dwell. Thus is the way set forth wherein the Heavenly Father might exalt many by reason of those words which he spoke unto the children of men when he came to dwell among them.

Therefore, over all the worlds of creation whereunto the children of men are made to dwell, has God ordained unto each seven dispensations, and over each has he set his Arch-Angels, that they might bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

And God ordained that the eldest among the Arch-Angels should preside in all righteousness over all the dispensations which are established.

Wisdom 16:41-45


Consider how great this mystery is: that over each dispensation an Arch-Angel is given power and authority, that he might bring about the great designs of God. That when they should again enter mortality, they might teach unto all who are able great knowledge, even the knowledge of God.

Wisdom 16:48