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Pronunciation:  roo-THEHN-ai-ehl

Occurrences:  31

First Reference:  Enlightenment 4:2


From the House of El Shaloah stood forth Sophiel, Bythiel, and Myriel; from the House of Sabaoth drew near Sabriel, Ramniel, and Saerel; and with these came also Rutheniel being Beloved of Shaemdiel.



See:  Aretakai, Elohim, Fallen (the), Heavenly Mother, Shaemdiel, Valhaladea (House of)


Summary:  Rutheniel is the former Chief Aretakai of the celestial Council of Elohim, and the adoring wife and eternal Beloved of Shaemdiel. She is the daughter of Noeiel (Ahman) and Galendriel, the Supreme Father and Mother of the Elohim. Prior to her husband’s rebellion and subsequent eviction from the Celestial Kingdom, Rutheniel and Shaemdiel together served as the Elohim’s Chief Arch-Angels within their respective Houses: the House of Valhaladea and the House of Archons. Rutheniel is one of the most prominent Heavenly Mothers spoken of in scripture.


Despite Rutheniel’s efforts to gently persuade Shaemdiel from pursuing his prideful ambitions, he remained fixated in his desire to prove the rightness of his way before God. Rutheniel consistently pleaded with her husband to let go of his anger and resentment, but her loving counsel was repeatedly ignored and Shaemdiel continued to fall deeper and deeper into pride. While Shaemdiel rallied the support of his sons, Rutheniel refused to endorse his rebellious cause. As a result, none of Rutheniel’s daughters chose to follow their Father in his rebellion against God (5:5:29-37).


Shaemdiel’s insurrection eventually turned violent, culminating in a short-lived campaign on the plains of Kuristan. The hostility came to an abrupt end when Ahman and the Azraella descended upon the plains with the Houses of Elohim in all their glory. Shaemdiel and one third of his lineage were bound and cast from the Celestial Kingdom to the realms of the First Cosmos (E:9:1-75; 1:4:15-23; W:15:1-47). Prior to being evicted, Shaemdiel’s daughters joined with their fallen beloveds, to be counted among those expelled from Heaven. This feigned act of solidarity was part a secret plan devised by Mahaleenah and Rutheniel who sought to establish a path of redemption for Shaemdiel and his sons (6:2:23-47). Rutheniel and her daughters were not included among those cast from Heaven. Shaemdiel and Rutheniel were replaced in their positions by Arch-Angels, Michael and Sher-el (E:9:42-43).


Scripture presents an event in which the Fallen are forgiven and Shaemdiel — having become genuinely penitent — is rejoined with his Beloved, Rutheniel. After having presented his defense of humankind before the Demiurge, Jehovah-Yahweh, Azrael Ahgendai converses with Shaemdiel and brings about the reunion of Rutheniel and her dearest Beloved (2:12:1-59).


At the conclusion of the seventh dispensation on this world, the redemption of the Fallen and the reunion of Shaemdiel and Rutheniel will be officially recognized during the sacred convocation held at the Gardens of Ondi-Ahman (AZC — Ondi-Ahman, Sacred Gardens of; para. 1).



Significant Events and Dialogues (chronological)


Enlightenment 4:1-35       Rutheniel gathers with several Heavenly Mothers, including Sophiel and Galendriel, seeking wisdom and counsel regarding Shaemdiel’s behavior. Rutheniel weeps for her Beloved; Galendriel comforts Rutheniel, suggesting continued efforts toward a future redemption midst deep and secret turnings.


Enlightenment 8:22-25      Rutheniel disconnects herself from Shaemdiel, proving silent in spite of her Beloved’s desperation.


5th Endowment 5:29-37    Rutheniel pleads with Shaemdiel to stop his presumptuous behavior, declaring her refusal to allow any of their daughters assist him in his prideful efforts.


5th Endowment 5:70-73    Galendriel summons Rutheniel and together prevent Shaemdiel from moving the suns of Ashengaard.


5th Endowment 16:1-40     Amidst a Demiurgic attack against Heaven, Rutheniel works alone in gathering her lineage to place them in the refuge of the Keep, as Shaemdiel broods with injured pride, refusing to heed the counsel of The One. Rutheniel, Michael and Sher-el make efforts to understand and console Shaemdiel.


6th Endowment 2:23-47     Prior to the eviction of Shaemdiel and his sons, Mahaleenah secretly converses with Rutheniel and her daughters; Rutheniel presents a plan to redeem their fallen beloveds.


6th Endowment 3:1-20       Mahaleenah gathers with Ahman, Galendriel and Rutheniel to discuss details surrounding the redemption of Shaemdiel and the Fallen.


2nd Endowment 12:1-59     Azrael Ahgendai communes with Shaemdiel in the realms of the Demiurge; proclaims redemption and God’s forgiveness, and reunites Shaemdiel with his Beloved Rutheniel.






Thus did the sons of Shaemdiel rise in earnest, to stand before their Father; but of the daughters did not even one stand forth to give assent, but turned with sad hearts to follow after Rutheniel.

5th Endowment 5:37


Thus did the Chief Archon of the Elohim presume to act against his Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, believing all the while that he acted only for their good; having made of himself a fault finder against all those he thought less worthy than himself.

Yet did the Beloved of Shaemdiel, even Rutheniel, plead constantly with her husband, hoping through kind words to persuade Shaemdiel from falling deeper into pride; which pride gave birth in Shaemdiel to the constant troublings of a dark and brooding ego which chafed and complained constantly against such constraints as would compel him to act rightly and not amiss.

5th Endowment 14:11-12


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“The re-created garden of Eden or Paradise, where Father Adam and Mother Eve will convene the sacred convocation where all the children of God who have lived a mortal life in this world of the First Power shall be gathered. This great convocation will correspond to the one reported in the book of Beginnings 5:22, and will close out the seventh dispensation. This sacred convocation will finalize this replication of the time line in this world of the First Power, and will officially proclaim the redemption of Shaemdiel and his fallen children. It will be at this convocation that Shaemdiel and Rutheniel shall once again establish their union before all those who are gathered at Ondi-Ahman.” [...]

Azrael’s Commentary - Ondi-Ahman (Sacred Gardens of); para. 1