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Ashengaard (suns of)


Pronunciation:  ASH-en-gahrd

Occurrences:  32  (suns of - 28)    (sun of - 1)    (stars of - 2)    (Son of - 1)
First Reference:
 Enlightenment 4:16


Who, formerly, made brighter still the celestial worlds when yonder suns of Ashengaard gave forth from their own brightness a constant ray, and to the Kokobeam lent forth the luminous realms of their own dominions.



See:  Ashengaard (Son of), Kolob


Summary:  Twelve blue giant suns were created by the Supreme Mother and Father of Heaven, Areta and The One, and placed temporarily in the Chasm near the Celestial world of Jeruel. These suns were called the ‘suns of Ashengaard’. The etymology of the term ‘Ashengaard’ is presently unknown.


While the suns of Ashengaard were ultimately brought forth to increase the glory of the Celestial Kingdom, it was The One’s intent for the new stars to serve as a provocative agent. The One deemed it necessary to identify those of the Elohim whose pride would lead them to act against their quorum, causing them to unknowingly become an aid to the Nemesis (5:4:41-52). The suns of Ashengaard proved the catalyst behind the rebellion of Shaemdiel, former Chief Archon of the Council of Elohim.


According to scripture, five of the twelve suns of Ashengaard were eventually added to the seven established suns of the Celestial Kingdom, known as the suns of Kolob (5:4:58-60). The remaining seven suns of Ashengaard were given to the Ahgendai, to be utilized in the creation of their kingdom (5:11:56).


Scripture includes a single, curious reference to Michael, the Chief Archon of Elohim, which identifies him as the “Fairest Son of Ashengaard” (E:8:28).



Significant Events


• Suns of Ashengaard idea is conceived

   5th Endowment 4:48-52         5th Endowment 4:58-60


• Heaven reacts to the sudden appearance of twelve new stars

   5th Endowment 4:65-67       5th Endowment 5:3-9


• Elohim agrees to move five suns into the realms of Kolob

   5th Endowment 5:66-67


• Seven remaining suns given to the Ahgendai

   5th Endowment 11:56


• One of the seven remaining suns is moved into the regions of the new Ahgendai kingdom

   5th Endowment 12:9


• The six remaining suns are used to stabilize the vortex, built to connect the cosmos of Heaven to the cosmos of the First Creation        6th Endowment 12:44





Refer to:  5th Endowment 4:48 — 5:79


[Prior to the 5th Endowment, the suns of Ashengaard are mentioned only five times.]



Twelve new suns for the glory of Heaven

“Behold, my Dear, how that in the Celestial Kingdom of Glory there are given but seven great suns; and around these do the celestial worlds move in glory and splendor.

Let us therefore, both you and I together, fashion for the Celestial Kingdom, twelve new suns of resplendent glory; being made themselves as brightly blue and ever burning super stars, which stars we shall call the suns of Ashengaard; for since the birth of the Celestial Kingdom have there been no new suns added.

These suns shall we place in the vastness of the great Chasm nearest to the world of Jeruel, causing that the very Elohim should take great council regarding them.

Then shall we but wait and see if there be those Gods who would act alone among themselves in moving the suns of Ashengaard, to bring them ever closer to the suns of Kolob.

For if such Gods should deign to act, to presume among themselves the desires of the Elohim, then shall we find among such Gods those who would aid the Nemesis of God; believing all the while that they act rightly and not amiss, being themselves blinded by a willful pride.”

5th Endowment 4:48-52


...for I see already a need for such suns as we shall make. For I would add to Kolob but five new suns, which suns shall place within this Heaven, twelve suns altogether.

But of those seven which shall remain, even these shall we give to the Ahgendai, whereby they might create for themselves a kingdom of their own; permitting that generations of the Ahgendai might find room sufficient to grow and prosper in a realm of their own designing.

Thus shall this Heaven be joined through the suns of Ashengaard with the Heaven of the Ahgendai, to work together hand in hand throughout the generations of eternity...

5th Endowment 4:58-60



Heaven reacts to the suddenly appearance of twelve new stars

Now in the kingdom of God was there a great commotion, for there appeared in the night sky, twelve stars together clustered, twinkling in their blue brightness with a wondrous and fiery glee.

And all the Gods took notice and wondered at the mystery. And Ahman spoke to Galendriel, saying: “Behold, my Love, the suns of Ashengaard have come upon us. For this I discerned through the whispering of the Tael.

For it is certain that the God beyond us all, would increase forever the glories of the Heavens; to bring forth something new and filled with expectation. Let us then gather from afar, the councils and quorums of Elohim, that we may decide rightly what we must do regarding them.”

5th Endowment 4:65-67


Seeing then the gathering of the seven houses, Ahman rose up to speak; and standing upon the porch of the temple, he spoke to the assembly, saying: “To you, O children of Light, give forth an eager heart, and be you filled with holy expectation.

For you have seen for yourselves the glory of yonder stars, which even now do sparkle forth from out of the Chasm, to fill us all with wonder.

What then shall we do regarding them? For it is certain already that such wonders which we do see came not from ourselves, neither did the Lords and Gods above us bring them forth. For these twelve suns which you see came forth through the working of that One from which even all these Heavens did come forth in the distant long ago.

Hear then you children of glory: What then shall we make of so great a wonder as these twelve stars present? For what intent were they brought forth? For whose benefit were they shaped and fashioned, and in the deep starry night made to sparkle before our eyes?

What then shall we make of this mystery? For in searching through the Tael have we only this received: that such stars as even now do appear, to twinkle in the night, even these are called of God, the suns of Ashengaard, and beyond this is there only silence filled with expectations.

Let us therefore determine for ourselves that good and happy course which we would take together, regarding this gift which The One and Areta would give for the benefit of all the Heavens together; for it is certain that the God beyond us all would add increase and glory to all our realms.

Decide therefore, what we the Elohim should rightly do; that in each house of this our glory, the quorums of God might act as one in all holiness and joy; being each to each bound by love and gentle wisdom whereby we might serve well this Heaven which we love.”

5th Endowment 5:3-9



Elohim agrees to move five suns into the realms of Kolob

Now it so happened that as Shaemdiel and his sons together did open wide the portals of the seventh dimension, the Elohim had resolved most firmly to move into the regions of Kolob, five of the twelve suns of Ashengaard; having themselves reached a happy and pleasing consensus.

But it was the counsel of Ahman and Galendriel together that of the twelve suns, seven should remain within the Chasm as God had placed them; permitting that The One and Areta might do as they thought best regarding them. Thus would the Elohim show forth their gratitude for such gifts as God would give.

5th Endowment 5:66-67



Seven remaining suns given to the Ahgendai

For even now would I give to you the seven suns of Ashengaard; and round these seven shall you build the heights and depths and breadth of your domain, to be for you forever after, a kingdom of your own.

5th Endowment 11:56



One of the seven suns is moved into the regions of the new kingdom

Thus as Mahaleenah busied herself among the seven Mothers, even then did Azraella go forth unto the suns of Ashengaard and there did he call forth a single sun of great splendor, and by the speaking of the word did he cause it to move into the regions where the Daughter labored among the Azurgai.

5th Endowment 12:9



The six remaining suns are used to stabilize the vortex

For the Azraella had taken to himself the six remaining suns of Ashengaard, which suns were created by The One and Areta, being in their magnificence as massive blue giants which would forever shine; each sun being made to dwell equidistant from each other within the vortex.

6th Endowment 12:44

Ashengaard (Son of)