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Pronunciation: MAI-kehl  / MIH-kai-ehl

Occurrences:  110

First Reference:  Beginnings 1:5


And the Ancient of Days spoke unto the Teacher a great parable, saying: “In the beginning did Michael and his Beloved together dream, and Adam and Eve came unto the earth that God might breathe into man the breath of life, whereby the children of men might possess a living soul.



See:  Adam, Ancient of Days, Archon, Archons (House of), Arch-Angel, Chief Archon, Elohim, Eve, Sher-el


Summary:  In the Celestial Council of the Elohim, Michael serves as the Chief Archon of the House of Archons. His eternal Beloved, Sher-el, likewise serves as the Presiding Aretakai of the House of Valhaladea (B:17:33). Both Michael and Sher-el were appointed to their positions by their Heavenly Parents and co-Ahmans of Elohim, Galendriel and Noeiel.


Michael was appointed to preside over the dispensations established on this world, the world of the First Power. In addition to overseeing all seven dispensations, Michael and Sher-el were chosen to initiate the first dispensation on this earth (c. 12,775 BCE; see AZC — Adamic Council, B:6:1), to dwell among evolutionary humans as Adam and Eve (B:1:5; 1:2:17-18; 6:3:44; 6:7:53).


As founder of the first dispensation, Michael is often referred to as the ‘Ancient of Days’ — an ancient honorary title first established during dispensations on the mortal world of Terralee (4:10:39). The title is likely correlated with the extended mortal life span of the ‘Adamilus’, compared to the relatively short mortalities of evolutionary humans (Enoshahim).


Michael is the son of Ahman (Noeiel), and the father of Emmanuel (W:1:3; W:14:34). As Chief Archon, founder of the first dispensation and overseer of all seven dispensations on this world, Michael is one of the most prominent figures in the Song of God. He and his Beloved, Sher-el, can be rightly considered as resolute champions of virtue, courageous defenders of humanity, and faithful Heavenly Parents worthy of emulation.



Michael’s Appointment as Chief Archon

An underlying scriptural narrative revolves around the relationship between Michael and his older brother Shaemdiel, who initially held the position of Chief Archon of the Elohim. Falling victim to his own ego and the cunning influences of Yaldabaoth, Shaemdiel led a rebellion against God and was subsequently evicted from the Celestial Kingdom to dwell midst the dominion of the Demiurge in the cosmos of the First Creation. In part, due to his initiative throughout Shaemdiel’s insurrection (W:2:36-41; E:9:42-75; 1:4:17-18; 6:2:7-12, 21-23), Michael was chosen to fill his older brother’s position as Chief Archon (E:9:43), and later — with his Beloved Sher-el — was appointed by the Elohim to establish dispensations on the world of the First Power (6:7:53). Shaemdiel, who was later given the name ‘Lucifer’ by the Demiurge (E:10:34), strongly resented that his father Ahman had replaced him with his younger brother, Michael. Shaemdiel’s bitterness fueled his efforts to thwart Michael and the dispensations of God on this world of the First Power (B:21:3-57).


Michael’s Unique Challenge

Never before had dispensations been established on a world not made by God. Furthermore, dispensations had never been attempted on a world already claimed by adversarial forces. Both the Demiurge and the Fallen — as represented by Shaemdiel (Lucifer) and those of his lineage who rebelled against God–- shared dominion on earth prior to the arrival of the Adaam. When Michael and Sher-el descended to earth as Adam and Eve, to begin the first dispensation among evolutionary humans, Lucifer vowed to fight against the designs of God, assuring the Demiurgos that the Adaam would eventually leave the earth in defeat (1:8:21-42; 6:8:8-10; B:2:24-38). Lucifer’s first effort to vex Adam and Eve came with the birth of their first son, Cain, who was later persuaded by Lucifer to murder his younger brother, Abel (6:8:20-23). Throughout Adam’s dispensation and the millennia thereafter, Jehovah-Yahweh and the Fallen have made efforts to frustrate the designs of God (6:8:1-10; 1:3:18-44).



Leadership During the Second War

Michael played a crucial role during the Second War against the Demiurge. Believing the Ahgendai were soon to be defeated by the forces of Yaldabaoth, Michael initiated a ‘call to arms’ among the Terrestrial Kingdom and the realms of Elohim (6:9:64—10:42). The Chief Archon led the army of Light to the timely aid of Mahaleenah during the battle of Gilliahmas. Those of the heavenly host that survived the battle became candidates for a newer, more exalted Heaven — the kingdom of the Ahgendai.


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The following is a ‘book order’ list of references in which Michael plays a significant role.





Chapters 1 — 5    The Song of God begins with the Ancient of Days (later identified as Michael) descending ‘from above’ to share a ‘great parable’ with one referred to as the Teacher — presumably, the author (B:1:1-5). The book of Beginnings establishes Adam and Eve as the mortal embodiments of Michael and Sher-el (B:1:5), who came to mingle among evolutionary humans (c. 12,775 BCE), to establish the foundations of civilization and prepare the children of men for the indwelling of spirit (W:16:45-47).


An underlying, multi-dimensional context is introduced when Lucifer (Shaemdiel) — having previously been cast from Heaven to the realms of the First Cosmos — communes with Adam’s oldest son, Cain, and reveals to him the spiritual identity of his father Adam. During the brief encounter, Lucifer shares a biased account of Michael’s promotion to Chief Archon, and commiserates with Cain, claiming God’s favoritism of Michael was being reflected in Adam’s preferment of Abel. Lucifer’s influence upon Cain, and the subsequent tragedy involving the murder of Abel, was an act of revenge stemming from Lucifer’s resentment toward his father, Ahman, and his younger brother, Michael (1:3:19, 6:8:20-23). Lucifer reveals his intent to fight against Michael and his dispensations by exhausting the children of God through adversity, and turning the children of men to violence (B:2:24-38).


Chapter 21   Scripture presents a conversation between Michael and Lucifer (Shaemdiel) in which they both defend their positions regarding the knowledge of good and evil, agency, and how best to assist the children of God in their progression. Michael makes efforts towards reconciliation, but Lucifer rejects his brother’s sentiments with further threats against God and the Adaam.


Chapter 24    In a gathering of the Elohim, Michael discusses plans to fulfill promises given regarding the house of Seth and house of Abel, and shares general intentions pertaining to the dispensations and the going forth of Emmanuel.





Chapter 2     Michael is among a heavenly host that descends to commune with a mortal man “in whom God took great delight” (W:2:1).


Chapter 16     Michael converses with the Teacher about the mysteries of Heaven, and reveals to him his true identity as the Arch-Angel, Azrael .


Chapter 17     Michael addresses the sons of God, and speaks of wisdom and the purpose of Azrael.


Chapter 18     Michael teaches Azrael about the mysteries of Heaven.


Chapter 19     Michael addresses the daughters of promise, the mothers of men, and the Matriarchal Order.


Chapter 24     This chapter describes Michael’s role in the exaltation proceedings of the righteous.





Chapter 9     At the peak of Shaemdiel’s rebellion, Michael exhorts his older brother to release hostages and end the insurrection. The situation escalates and Shaemdiel charges towards Michael, but the altercation comes to an abrupt end with the arrival of a mighty host, led by Ahman and the Azraella Ahgendai, referred to as one “like unto the Son of Man” (E:9:62).





Chapter 10:8-53     This section provides a summary of Adam and Eve’s efforts during the first dispensation on the world of the First Power.  


Chapter 11     This chapter details a confrontation between the Demiurge, Jehovah-Yahweh, and Adam and Eve. The conversation illuminates the agendas of both the Demiurge and the Adaam.





Chapter 16     At the onset of Yaldabaoth’s first attack against Heaven, Michael and Sher-el visit Shaemdiel in an effort to help him reconsider his path of pride and intolerance.





6:2:7-12      Michael leads Houses of Elohim to the conflict on the plains of Kuristan


6:3:44-45     Azraella found Michael and Sherel worthy of initiating dispensations


6:7:48-56     Michael and Sherel are chosen to initiate dispensation on the world of the First Power


6:9:64-65     Michael observes through the Tael as the Ahgendai battle against the Demiurge during the Second War. Fearing defeat, Michael seeks out Ahman and Galendriel.


6:10:1-42, 64     After observing the retreat of the Ahgendai during the Second War, Michael counsels with his Heavenly Parents, Ahman and Galendriel. With their consent, Michael initiates a ‘call to arms’ to go to the aid of the Ahgendai; one tenth of the Elohim are selected and taken to Mestroyka Ridge.


6:11:32-33     Michael and Sher-el lead the army of light to the aid of Mahaleenah in the battle of Gilliahmas.


6:12:18     Michael rushes to guard and hold Mahaleenah as she recovers from fighting Yaldabaoth.



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Notes of Interest:


• Content for the book of Beginnings was spoken to the author by the ‘Ancient of Days’, a title used to identify Michael (B:1:5).


• Michael has the current record for the longest running dispensation: 12,775 BCE — 5,035 BCE (dates approximate, based on B:6:1 and AZC — Adamic Council; Seth).


• In their arrival on the earth as Adam and Eve, Michael and Sher-el unknowingly proved the trigger that began the Second War in Heaven  (6:7:55).


• Paradox: Michael is living (dreaming) a mortal life as Adam, while simultaneously participating in the Second War. According to scripture, Adam and Eve commit to maintaining their dispensation (6:8:46-55), but later, Michael is observing, then participating in the battle against the Demiurgos. Are there multiple manifestations of Michael: one manifesting as Adam, the other fighting in the realms of Heaven leading the defensive? What is hidden behind this apparent contradiction? Bi-location? Time dilation? (6:8:46-55; 6:9:64-65; 6:13:48)






Now in the kingdom of God there stood before the Lords of Elohim, Emmanuel, the son of Michael who is the son of Ahman, even the Most High God.

Wisdom 1:3


And assembling together a vast and mighty host from among the very Elohim, [Ahman] set to rule over them seven Arch-Angels and there was chief and foremost among them, Michael, even he whom God had established in the place of Shaemdiel.

Enlightenment 9:43


Now this great Prince, even Michael, determined the season in which the spirits of men, whether male or female, might go forth unto the earth. And when the time appointed drew nigh, Michael did come down unto the earth with his Beloved, clothed in the flesh of mortality, even in the skins of animals, that the world might receive the spirits which Emmanuel did fashion according to his love for Sophiel, even the Great Mother Spirit.

And, behold, the seed was established among the children of men, whereby they might become even as the Gods, to know good and evil, that they might choose the good. And thus did God breathe into man the breath of his life, and man became a living soul.

Wisdom 16:46-47


Behold the House of the Archons, over which shall preside even the very King of Heaven, even Ahman, the Father of All; and on his right hand shall stand the Ancient of Days even Michael, who shall stand forth as Chief Archon before all the great and mighty.

Wisdom 24:20


...Michael, Fairest Son of Ashengaard, being made Chief Magistrate after the Order of Melchizedek.

Enlightenment 8:28


Yet of those who would come as Adam and Eve do I know full well, having myself plumbed their depths, and their resolve have I fully measured; for in Michael and Sher-el have I found no degree of variance regarding the deeper mysteries of God, being themselves relentless in the living of their faith.

Thus in the diligence of Adam and Eve shall the Demiurge fail in forcing God from the world of First Man; causing that the dispensations of light should roll forth throughout the darkness, lifting high what now seems common, making noble what now seems naught.

6th Endowment 3:44-45


And there was it appointed by Ahman and Galendriel that Michael and Sher-el should go themselves to the world of the First Power, and there begin the dispensations of God, for they desired to bring about the designs of Areta and The One; being hopeful themselves that in the doing they might reclaim the very Fallen, to bring them home again.

6th Endowment 7:48


Now in the first war of Heaven did Michael and Sher-el prove themselves most valiant in withstanding Shaemdiel who would take by force the Hodos Alea and the very Keep besides; causing that Michael and Sher-el should be appointed to initiate the dispensations of God...

So was it appointed by the Elohim that Michael and Sher-el should go to the world so far beyond, which very world was uncreated by God; having likewise appointed six others which would head dispensations of their own, having proven themselves worthy of every honor, even as Michael and Sher-el.

6th Endowment 7:53, 56

Mighty One