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Pronunciation:  ehm-MAN-yoo-ehl

Occurrences:  60

First Reference:  Beginnings 21:27


Yet, if you alone should take to yourself the knowledge of good and evil, how then would the spirit children of Emmanuel be made partakers of such godliness, seeing that they are denied the knowledge of good and evil?



See:  Anointed One, El Shaloah/Shalon (House of), Emmanuelite, Michael, Promised One, Sher-el, Sophiel, Yeshua


Summary:  The term Emmanuel is an an Adamic word meaning “God with Man”. Used predominantly in the scriptures as a name designating the Heavenly Father, the term Emmanuel is more accurately understood as a title or a role denoting a father of spirit children who is fulfilling his responsibilities in the fourth office of the patriarchal house of El Shalon.


Prior to spirit children entering into the school of mortal life, the Heavenly Father will be initiated into the office of the Emmanuelite and have conferred upon him the role of Emmanuel. As the Emmanuel, the Heavenly Father will be born into mortality to guide his spirit children and exemplify the teachings of the dispensational leaders.



Azrael’s Commentary — House of El Shalon / El Shaloah : 4. Emmanuelite and Holy Spirit


[After serving in the role of Artificer, the third office within the House of El Shalon,] the Heavenly Father is next initiated into the office of the Emmanuelite. This means that he will have conferred on him the role of Emmanuel. The word ‘Emmanuel’ is Adamic and means: God with Man. For not only will the spirit children of God go down into mortal life to begin their process of eternal progression, but also the Heavenly Father will go into mortality to guide his children and encourage them along the way. While the Heavenly Father takes upon himself the role of Emmanuel within the House of El Shalon, the Heavenly Mother is being initiated into the role of the Holy Spirit within the House of El Shaloah.


The function of the Emmanuel is to walk through the dispensations of mortality and to live the exemplary life of a truly spiritual and holy person. In this world of the First Power, Emmanuel walked through the lives of many of his children as Siddhartha and Yeshua. While the Emmanuel is in the mortal life, his eternal Beloved – as the Holy Spirit – whispers into the hearts and minds of their children, bearing witness to them that the life and teachings of the Emmanuel is the surest way to spiritual fulfillment. The Emmanuel performs his role as divine example in conjunction with the laws of dispensationalism. These dispensations are initiated only after the Holy Spirit (the Sophiel) has introduced the dreaming state to evolutionary man (E:7:57-58; B:1:5; 3:3:11-16).


The Emmanuel always enters the mortal life in what is referred to as ‘the meridian of time’. This simply means that during each appointed dispensation, the Emmanuel enters in the middle. So if there are seven dispensations then there are seven ‘meridians of time’. However, in this world of the First Power, this practice has not always proved possible. The crucifixion of Yeshua made it necessary to accommodate the extreme harshness found in this particular world; and so the usual practice surrounding the principle of ‘the meridian of time’ had to be adapted. In no world which God has ever made, throughout the endless halls of eternity, has any Emmanuel been killed or murdered. This world alone has that sole distinction.


It is during the mortal life of the Emmanuel that the Heavenly Mother, in her role as the Holy Spirit, whispers into the hearts of mortal children, bearing witness to them of the divine nature of the Emmanuel. This practice was first begun by The One and Areta on the world of Terralee. (In point of fact, they were the archetype for all the offices found in the Houses of El Shalon and El Shaloah.) In some instances a Heavenly Mother might choose to enter a specific mortality, just to be with her Beloved and to aid him as he sets about fulfilling his divine commission. This tradition first began with Abbahdon and Gaia, and continued in the lives of Yeshua and Mary.


The Emmanuel personifies the divine teachings of the dispensational leaders, becoming in his life the fulfillment of all their counsel and instruction. The Emmanuel and the Holy Spirit work under the direction of the dispensational leaders, for they are Archons, and as such they represent the full authority of the Council of Elohim.


The Emmanuel demonstrates what it means to acquire the will of God while living the mortal life. It is only by embracing the will of God that a person is able to overcome the dictates and limitations imposed upon them through heredity and environment. As in the case of Siddhartha, the Emmanuel was born into a world of lavish privilege, for he was a prince and the son of a king. In the life of Yeshua, the Emmanuel was born into a life of poverty and servitude. By acquiring the will of God, the Emmanuel, as a mortal person, was able to overcome his specific environment. He became a light which shined in the darkness.


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Divine Lineage of Emmanuel  (Wisdom 1:3)

Areta — Supreme Mother of All                                 The One — Supreme Father of All                        

       Galendriel — Mother Ahman of Elohim                          Noeiel (Ahman) — Father Ahman of Elohim

              Sher-el — Chief Aretakai of Elohim                                 Michael — Chief Archon of Elohim

                     Sophiel — Holy Spirit / Great Mother Spirit                       Emmanuel — Emmanuelite    

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The Anointed One (Emmanuel) to be born through the lineage of Abel


By the words of my prophets and holy men shall the evil of Cain be made to diminish from among the children of men. And God shall send forth from the midst of his people, even from the house of Abel, the very Anointed.

By his great knowledge shall he exalt the sons and daughters of God; surely he shall establish the pathway of the godly, that all who are willing might inherit unto themselves the glory of God, even the most Heavenly Father of All.

So shall God remove the evil of Cain from the face of the land. For through the seed of Seth shall the covenant come; and by the seed of Abel shall the Anointed One be given unto mankind whereby evil shall be done away.

Beginnings 5:10-12


Spirit children progress to become like Emmanuel, who will progress to become an Arch-Angel (Archon), like his father


And thus shall all those who become as the Only Begotten of the Father in this life attain unto the Souls of the Just Made Perfect in the kingdom of God. And they shall become as Emmanuel, who in the beginning did fashion even all the spirits of the children of men, even before the world was.

And when these things shall come to pass, when all the children of men shall have inherited that glory which was prepared for them from the beginning, when the earth shall be lifted up before the throne of the great God, then shall I, Emmanuel, ascend unto my Father, even Michael, and I shall become even as he is, an Arch-Angel of the Most High God....

Therefore, as I did become both Father and Emmanuel unto all the spirits which I organized in the beginning before the world was, even so shall all they who become as the Soul of the Just do also.

Wisdom 14:33-34, 57   (See also:  Wisdom 24)



Significant passages pertaining to Emmanuel

The Elohim gather — Emmanuel discusses the prospect of establishing a covenant with Abram

      Beginnings 24

Emmanuel descends to deliver Abram and establish with him a covenant

      Beginnings 26:1-20


The ministry and teachings of Yeshua Ben Joseph, the mortal manifestation of the Emmanuel

      Book of Yeshua


Emmanuel communes with the Teacher

      Wisdom 3–7


The purpose and nature of Emmanuel, manifesting as Yeshua, and the evolutionary state of Perfected Soul

      Wisdom 12       Wisdom 14       Wisdom 16



The Role of Emmanuel in the world of the First Power


The question can be asked: How can Emmanuel be the creator of this world when, according to scripture (eg. 6:3:10), this is a world not made by God? Furthermore, how can Emmanuel be the spirit father to all the spirits incarnating here on the world of the First Power when, according to scripture (eg. 6:10:37-39), all spirits incarnating here are advanced beings from Celestial Kingdom?


In studying the Song of God, it becomes apparent that administering dispensations on this world, the world of the First Power, presents many unique challenges for the Elohim. Throughout the scriptures, the reader is brought to an understanding of the established pathway of eternal progression and the traditional model of dispensationalism. It is a template that has been fine tuned for eternities to best suit the progression of God and Heaven. While the model utilizing the role of the Emmanuel has always been applied to worlds created by God, it has never been applied to a world ‘unmade by God’ (6:3:10).


Due to the unique circumstances inherent in operating within the cosmos of the First Creation and the world of the First Power — midst the agendas of the Demiurge and the Fallen — the template of dispensationalism and eternal progression has had to undergo various modifications to guarantee its success. This includes responsibilities of the Emmanuel and Sophiel while operating within their respective Houses of El Shalon and El Shaloah. Their roles have been adjusted to best serve dispensationalism on this world of the First Power. While Emmanuel is not the literal spirit father of all the individuals incarnating on this world, he has been ordained to take upon himself this role and fulfill the applicable responsibilities typically required while serving in the office of Emmanuelite. He is also expected to aptly maneuver amidst the unique challenges presented by the uncharted and chaotic environment found here in the world of the First Power. (See: Adapting the Process)





Now John gathered round about him certain of his disciples and when he saw that Yeshua was come again unto Jordan he said:

“Behold, O Israel, the Anointed One of God, even Emmanuel the Only Begotten of the Father.” And his disciples, hearing this, followed after him.

Yeshua 3:20-21


Hear now this great mystery and ponder deeply: For this Yeshua of Nazareth whom these men would call Christ, even he is the Father of your soul, being Emmanuel unto the children of men....

For even God your Father came forth to dwell upon the earth, even as a man having flesh and bone like unto yourselves, being born unto life even as you are born.

Whosoever, therefore, would abide in God, let them walk even as Yeshua walked: Who being in the form of man, thought it not robbery to be equal to God.

Wisdom 12:33, 38-39


And God called unto Emmanuel, and ordained that he should become the very Anointed One that he might give to the children of men the promise of life everlasting in the kingdom of God, that he might prepare for the righteous a way of holiness whereby they might be exalted unto God, the Father of All.

Wisdom 15:51


Behold now the Souls of the Just Made Perfect; these are they who are like unto me, even Emmanuel, creator of earth, moon, and sun; having created from my soul a multitude of spirits, both male and female, that they might be unto me even as the children of my soul.

Wisdom 14:21


Therefore, all those who are called by my Spirit unto this covenant and who are diligent to magnify their office, even they shall I cause to be exalted, and they shall become the Souls of the Just Made Perfect, and they shall progress throughout all eternity until they receive the fullness of their Father, even Emmanuel, who did manifest himself unto the children of men as Yeshua of Nazareth.

Wisdom 16:37


Now this great Prince, even Michael, determined the season in which the spirits of men, whether male or female, might go forth unto the earth. And when the time appointed drew nigh, Michael did come down unto the earth with his Beloved, clothed in the flesh of mortality, even in the skins of animals, that the world might receive the spirits which Emmanuel did fashion according to his love for Sophiel, even the Great Mother Spirit.

Wisdom 16:46