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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 26

Abram in prison, prays to God – God answers Abram’s prayer – Emmanuel promises Abram deliverance, establishes a covenant, and names him Abraham – Nimrod’s wife falls sick – God speaks to Nimrod in a dream – Abraham delivered from prison – Abraham heals the queen of Babel – Nimrod rejoices, gives many gifts to Abraham – Abraham rejects Nimrod’s offer to build a temple – Nimrod grows fearful, commands Abraham to leave – Terah commanded to kill his son


1  Now these are the words of Abram the son of Terah, for in the king’s prison did he humble himself in the hour of great affliction, and he prayed to God, saying:

2  “Where, O God, is the strength of your arm? For behold, how I am made to perish. For according to the wisdom of your Spirit did I reject the ways of my father, that I might not walk after the abominations of strangers.

3  For I would not be made to worship the gods of Babel, seeing that they are made with hands. Yet, O Lord, where is your hiding place, that I might know with sureness the God who created all things?

4  Thus have I desired to know the God of Heaven, that I might follow more closely after you.

5  O God, what shall it matter to me if I am made to perish by the hand of Nimrod, if it so be that I should attain unto the knowledge of your glory?”

6  Such are the words which Abram spoke in the prison of the king. And it came to pass that in the night, as Abram was sleeping, the voice of God called after him, saying: “Abram, arise.”

7  And Abram arose from his slumber and beheld in the darkness a gathering of light, and Abram feared exceedingly and he exclaimed aloud, saying: “Who are you, Lord?”

8  And a voice from within the light spoke, saying: “Peace unto you, Abram, my son. Fear not the coming forth of your God unto you, neither be afraid.

9  Gird up your loins and be strong, for in three days I shall cause you to be delivered from the hand of Nimrod.

10  For I shall establish with you and your seed after you a covenant. Therefore, I shall make you great among all the sons of men, and all your seed after you shall I make mighty among the nations.

11  Behold, I am the Father of your spirit, even Emmanuel. Seeing, therefore, that I have created all things in Heaven and on earth, it is a small thing that I should establish between you and me a covenant whereby you shall be made prince among many nations.

12  Wherefore, seeing that I have come forth to answer your prayers, take courage, for I shall surely deliver you from the midst of captivity.

13  Only worship me always, and your seed shall be made to inherit a goodly land if they will but remember me.

14  Thus shall I establish with you a covenant whereby I shall be unto you as a Father and a deliverer in times of trouble, and you shall be unto me as a son; even the friend of God shall you become.

15  For behold, how the children of men have corrupted themselves, that they should worship gods made of wood and stone. Consider how they have become as foolish children, having no understanding.

16  Therefore, I shall establish with you and your seed the knowledge of God, that you might enlighten every man his neighbor concerning the God of Heaven and earth.

17  Now seeing that from your loins shall come a multitude of people, a host of nations, I shall this day call your name Abraham.

18  For I shall separate you from the abominations of Nimrod, for I shall establish you in the land of promise far from the borders of Babel.”

19  Now Abraham, hearing all the words of the Lord, knelt before him and did worship him, and when the sun arose from its slumber, Abraham did awaken to find himself kneeling upon the floor. And he exclaimed to himself, saying:

20  “Surely I have had a mighty dream, for in the visions of the night did the true God of Heaven and earth attend unto my prayers, that he might grant unto me the promise of his deliverance.”

21  Now on the third day there came unto the king of Babel a servant, saying: “My lord king, come quickly. For your wife has fallen gravely ill and is nigh unto death.”

22  So Nimrod arose and he called forth his wise men and his magicians of renown that they might attend unto his wife, that he might have restored to his bosom the wife whom he loved above all others.

23  But notwithstanding the renown of his magicians or the wisdom of his learned men, they could by no means restore to vigor the wife of the king. And they did entreat the king that he should sacrifice to the gods of the city ten virgins;

24  That perchance the gods of Babel might have pity and put forth their hand to rebuke the evil spirit, and restore to Nimrod the queen Veshanu.

25  But in the night, as Nimrod considered the words of his wise men, he fell into a troubled sleep, and the voice of God came to him, saying:

26  “Nimrod, Nimrod, why will you sacrifice the living to gods made with hands? Shall they who are without life restore to Veshanu the life of the body?

27  Therefore, put not forth your hand to sacrifice the innocent to gods made of wood and stone. For there is in the city of Babel the very friend of God; surely he shall restore to Nimrod the wife you love.”

28  And Nimrod spoke to the Lord in a dream, saying: “Who is this man, my Lord, that I might beseech him to put forth the hand of blessing?

29  Where, O Lord, might I find the friend of God that he might grant unto me the grace of that God who created all things for the good of man?

30  For if it so be that he shall do good to the house of Nimrod, I will give him up to half of my kingdom; even gold and silver in abundance shall I give him. Only tell me where I might find him!”

31  And the Lord answered, saying: “In the prison of the king will you find him, even Abram, the son of Terah. He alone shall restore the queen and make her whole again.”

32  Thus spoke God unto Nimrod. And he awoke from his dream and he called forth his guards and commanded that they should bring him the man Abram, the son of Terah.

33  Now Abraham was brought to the king, and Nimrod told him all the words which the God of Heaven spoke to him in the visions of the night.

34  And he implored Abraham to heal the queen, Veshanu, and if he would be gracious to grant to the king his request, then would Nimrod give unto Abraham up to half of his kingdom.

35  But Abraham would take no payment for the gift of God, but notwithstanding, he did go forth to the bed chamber of the queen, and he commanded that the wise men and the magicians of renown be brought before him.

36  Now when they were brought before Abraham, they feared greatly lest Abraham find favor with the king over them, and that they should be made to perish.

37  But Abraham, upon seeing the wise men and magicians of renown standing before him, asked of each one the manner of the queen’s illness.

38  Thus was each man made to answer Abraham concerning the sickness of Veshanu. And Abraham spoke to the king, saying:

39  “Know this, great king, that three days hence shall your wife be restored to you and her beauty and comeliness shall be as the blossoming of the almond tree.”

40  And so speaking, Abraham went to the queen and ministered to her continually day and night. And on the third day the queen arose from her bed, being made whole again, and she washed herself and made herself comely.

41  And Nimrod, seeing her restored again unto vigor, rejoiced before all the city. Wherefore, Abraham did he cause to stand before him and beside him was Terah, captain of the king’s mighty men.

42  Now Nimrod spoke unto the father of Abraham, saying: “Behold, Terah, how that your son Abram has put forth his hand to bless the house of Nimrod when I have put forth my hand to judge him according to the laws of the kingdom.

43  Wherefore, seeing that Abram is favored of God, I shall remove from him the judgment of the king, and even as the God of Abram has been gracious to restore to me the woman Veshanu, even so shall I restore to you the son that you love.

44  For this day shall I give Abram a full measure of blessing, for I shall give him many gifts which shall make him great before the eyes of men, for this is right before God. For in the gift of my wife am I made as a debtor to Abram the son of Terah.

45  Now seeing that Abram will not take to himself the half of my kingdom, then shall I increase his herds and flocks that the borders of his house might be enlarged exceedingly.”

46  So Nimrod caused to be given that day to Abraham a gift of five hundred sheep, and he did add to these one hundred head of fine cattle. To this also was given to Abraham fifty camels and one hundred asses.

47  And Nimrod gave great riches of frankincense and myrrh, and the wealth of Abraham was made great among the sons of men.

48  Now when all these things were brought before Abraham, the king spoke unto him, saying: “My son, I pray that you will accept these offerings which I have given you this day.

49  For I know that the God of Abram is truly God above all others. Therefore, I shall cause to be built in the city of Babel a house of honor wherein your God shall abide. And all the people of the city shall be made to remember him and worship him also.”

50  But Abraham answered Nimrod, king of Babel, saying: “Does the Lord of Heaven and earth desire a house built by the hands of men? Shall God be made to find honor in the house of idolatry?

51  Behold, great king, how the God of all men showed forth to you an abundance of grace.

52  Will you now make of him an image of stone, to be worshipped by foolish men? Will you now make him to sit continually before the king as though he were but a brick?

53  Consider, O king, how the God who created all Heaven and earth is great and mighty. For the heavens declare the glory of God; the heavens proclaim aloud the wonder of his ways.

54  Day upon day the earth speaks; night after night the song of his handiwork is heard upon the land. Consider how all creation is made to bring forth to the children of men the knowledge of God.

55  Where, O king, shall we flee from the words of his glory? How shall we stop up the ear that we should no longer hear the voice of God calling after us?

56  For throughout all the days of our life is he made to call after us as children who have gone astray.

57  Behold the heavens above wherein God has established a tabernacle for the sun, that within the pavilion of his glory the sun might rise forth as a bridegroom, greatly rejoicing.

58  Therefore, O king, be wise in the days of your sojourn upon the earth, and waste not your days in foolish imaginations.

59  For God alone understands the way of the wise. He knows where wisdom is made to dwell.

60  By his great knowing is he made to see all the ends of the earth; everything under heaven does he perceive deeply.

61  When he established the moving of the wind and measured out the waters of the deep, when he decreed that the earth should be nourished by the rains, when he set forth the pathway of the mighty storm.

62  Then he looked at the wisdom of his glory and confirmed before the heavenly hosts that all people should be made partakers, if it so be that they should seek after him.

63  For, behold, the Lord has declared to me that to worship the God of Heaven and earth and him only serve, that is wisdom, and to shun the evil way is understanding.

64  But where, O king, shall wisdom be found in the house of Nimrod? Wherein has understanding been made to dwell?

65  For you have not comprehended its worth, neither have you understood its way, for from the house of ignorance is wisdom made to flee. Among the disobedient will understanding not abide.

66  Seeing that God has restored to Babel the queen thereof, why do you stand afar off, when God has come near unto you to bless? Why will you fashion of him a graven image to be worshipped in the midst of iniquity?”

67  Now when Nimrod heard the words of Abraham, he feared greatly lest the God of Abraham stretch forth the hand of indignation and cause that the king should be brought to shame before all the people.

68  So he commanded that Abraham should depart from the city of Babel and all the regions round about.

69  Wherefore, Abraham took Sarah his wife and many servants also, and he took all his herds and possessions, and he journeyed northward along the river Euphrates. And after many days journey he came to the city of Haran, and he dwelt there many days.

70  Now when Abraham was gone from the lands of Babel, the king gathered together in his secret chambers all the wise men and magicians of renown.

71  For Nimrod feared the God of Abraham. And they took dark counsel on how they should kill the friend of God.

72  Thus when they determined what should be done, Nimrod called the captain of his mighty men, even Terah, the father of Abraham.

73  And he commanded that he should seek after his son to slay him, lest Abraham complain to God against the king of Babel and God stretch forth his hand to bring Nimrod low in the dust.

74  So Terah followed after Abraham until he came to the land of Haran, and there he found his son dwelling in a tent.