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The 5th Endowment reveals the circumstances surrounding the birth of the Antipode (which would later become Yaldabaoth, Chief of the Demiurgos) and the power brought forth as a counter-balance known as the Ahgendai. Learn how the kingdoms of Heaven are protected from mediocrity and complacency, and gain an in-depth understanding of concepts including: creation, duality, opposition, balance, and renewal.


Chapter 1


Distant Doom

Azrael speaks to Mahaleenah – The Dispensation of Fullness, Mystery and Exaltation – Daring greatly for the sake of God and Heaven – Revealing the Ahgendai: Azrael and Mahaleenah – The One and Areta behold the splendor of Heaven – Areta rejoices in the depth of Heaven’s beauty – Nothing but bliss, meaning and purpose – The One speaks his concern: How certain is this heavenly abode? – A threat is conceived – Danger lurking within the Heavens – Taking for granted the glories of Heaven: mediocrity and indifference – Gone forever shall fall the Heavens – Struggle and opposition necessary for strength – Dilemma: no opposition or struggle found in Heaven – Areta asks to be alone and casts herself into the far future – The broken realms of Kolob – Teraphim lost in madness – Areta returns in tears to her Beloved – By what means shall we save Heaven, to make it new forever?


Chapter 2


Saving Heaven

The creeping shadows of complacency, dullness and mediocrity – Saving Heaven through struggle, strength and victory – A dark and fearsome adversary is needed – Shaking the seeds of complacency – Areta fears for Heaven’s sake – The One reveals his plan to renew Heaven – Balancing the Nemesis with an opposite: the Dread Savior – Heaven to be protected by one most mighty and strong – Heaven invigorated by the conflict of the two powers – Archons unable to withstand the Nemesis – A warrior God to bridge the chasm between First God and Heaven – Creating the Nemesis yet avoiding complicity – An ancient hate locked away – The purpose of the Nemesis – Bringing forth the Nemesis: joining in Oneness – Forcing out the dark seed: the birth of the Antipode – Guarding eternal truth – Areta: the only key to saving Heaven – Areta agrees to unite in Oneness – By what means shall we bring forth our Savior? – A mystery worthy of thought


Chapter 3


Bringing Forth the Ahgendai

The One and Areta fly to the streams of intelligence – Bringing forth an offspring to be the mighty Savior – Infant shall be like Parents: both male and female, God and Goddess – The One reveals a rare and shimmering oracle – Ahgendai: the Dread Saviors of Heaven – Creating the Ahgendai offspring – The One gifts the Azurgai: Reflections of Areta’s truer self – Areta casts forth her oracle: seven women of light and virtue – The nature of the Azurgai – The One gives greetings to the Azurgai, and reveals the desires and plans of God – The One inquires: Who shall bear the pregnancy? – The Azurgai examine the oracle of the Ahgendai and agree to bear the pregnancy of Areta – Each to carry the embryo of the Ahgendai for seven years – An alliance to be formed between the Ahgendai and Azurgai – Covenants are made


Chapter 4


A School for the Ahgendai

The need for plans well made – Strengthening the Antipode – A school and teacher for the Antipode: the Abyss and the Eidos – Fashioning an oracle to empower the Eidos – Choosing a school for the Ahgendai – The oracle is cast into the Abyss – Anticipating the strategies of the Nemesis – Olaha Shinehah, the mighty Chasm, and the Elohim – Setting the stage for future a great drama – Revealing the Gods which would aid the Nemesis – The twelve new suns of Ashengaard – Avoiding unrighteous dominion – Five new suns for Kolob, seven for the Ahgendai – Let’s see for ourselves how the Gods will act – Twelve new stars appear in Heaven’s night sky – The councils of Elohim gather


Chapter 5


Shaemdiel and the Suns of Ashengaard

The Elohim gathers to discuss the new suns –Ahman speaks: a gift from the God Beyond – Galendriel leads the proceedings – The Gods debate; counsel is sought – Shaemdiel (Chief Archon) gathers his lineage – Shaemdiel reveals his bold plan – Shaemdiel: Who will stand beside me? – Rutheniel disagrees with her Beloved and gives counsel  – Shaemdiel and sons proceed with boldness – daughters don’t – Shaemdiel finds Ahman waiting in the Chasm – Shaemdiel pleads his cause before Ahman – Ahman gives a father’s counsel – Shaemdiel consents – The danger of an overzealous believer – Shaemdiel disregards the counsel of Ahman and prepares to bypass the will of Elohim – Elohim decides to move five of the twelve suns – Galendriel and Rutheniel go to the Chasm to protect the seven suns – Shaemdiel petitions Galendriel to allow him to continue – Galendriel: Why have you presumed to act before the command is given? – Shaemdiel sees no fault in his actions – The One and Areta observe Shaemdiel through the Tael


Chapter 6


Joining In Oneness

The conjoining of Areta and The One – A single, blinding light – Birth of the Antipode – Beginning of the Nemesis – The Nemesis of God shall be the brother to the Dread yet loving Savior – Strengthening the Antipode with an oracle of power – Alone upon the edge of chaos, the Antipode cries out – The Eidos hears the Antipode and comes rushing – First words of the Eidos: questions for the Antipode – The Eidos sees a potential ally to help him fight The One – The Eidos introduces himself to the Antipode – The Antipode asks to be taught – The Antipode swears to serve the Eidos – The Eidos and the Antipode leap into the great Abyss


Chapter 7


Azraella Ahgendai and Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia

Flowing streams, sparkling dreams – Two lights burning as one, step into the silvery tide – The seven Azurgai attend the light – Burning passions, fiery kisses – Conception of the Dread Savior – The Azurgai bear the pregnancy – Benefiting Heaven through struggle – Each of the Azurgai carries the Ahgendai embryo for seven years – Harmony gives birth to a great and piercing light – The Azurgai nurture and name the Ahgendai: Azraella Ahgendai and Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia – The Azraella speaks: Yearning to know his true Parents – The Ahgendai are taken to the edge of the Abyss – A choice is offered – The Ahgendai choose the greater challenge – Let us meet with brave young souls the fearsome tribulation – The Azurgai bid farewell – The Azraella comforts Mahaleenah, and takes her to himself – God discusses the puzzling relationship between the Azraella and Mahaleenah – The Eidos and the Antipode hear the singing of Azraella


Chapter 8


Falling Into Doom

The Eidos and the Antipode rush toward the light of the Ahgendai– What is this mystery which dares to shine before us? – The Antipode sees the Ahgendai as another possible ally – The Azraella speaks: In love was I created, to serve a greater purpose – That which comes from God is made a part of God forever – Azraella Ahgendai: the ally of God – The Antipode argues against God and invites the Ahgendai to join the darkness or die – Azraella replies to his dark brother – The Antipode attacks the Azraella – The Eidos strikes – Falling, falling into doom – Daughter, dearest, do not fear, be at peace for I am here – Mahaleenah remains hidden in the soul of Azraella – Residing in the depths of twisted chaos


Chapter 9


The Strength to Endure and the Power of a Name

Violent teachers, constant pain – The Azraella refuses to yield – A battle for the soul – Aeons of struggle –Mahaleenah speaks to her Father: How do you endure? – Azraella replies:  The soul lasts forever, pain is only passing – Do not betray your own soul – In surrendering to lesser passions, you forget the thing you are – Strength to endure comes from God – Remembering the purpose for which you live and the goal towards which you strive – Hatred lives on hatred, darkness seeks despair – The best revenge is not to yield the things of greatest worth – The Azraella observes his tormentors – The Antipode comes to speak with the Azraella – Equally matched opposites – Antipode: Why persist in calling me brother? – The power of a name – The Azraella gives the Antipode a new perspective – The Antipode leaves, brooding midst troubled ponderings – The Eidos presses the Ahgendai in the Antipode’s absence – The Azraella remains silent and unyielding – The Eidos withdraws – An evil storm approaches – I am Yaldabaoth – Yaldabaoth inquires: What is this thing which did empower the Eidos?


Chapter 10


Escaping From the Great Abyss

The Azraella approves of the chosen name ‘Yaldabaoth’ – An oracle of beingness and power – Azraella offers words of counsel to Yaldabaoth – Yaldabaoth invites the Azraella to join and serve – The Azraella declines: We are opposites – now and forever – Yaldabaoth threatens future destruction – The lord of chaos goes seeking the Eidos and his dark oracle – The Ahgendai plan their escape – Yaldabaoth steals the oracle and seeks to enslave the Eidos – The Azraella observes Yaldabaoth’s evolution – The Ahgendai leave the great Abyss – First God and the Azurgai await the Azraella – The Azraella reunites with the seven Mothers – Azurgai (Benevolence) encourages Ahgendai to seize the light of God – The Parents sing out across the night – Come along, O faithful son, for here we gently wait – The lords of chaos continue to battle in the great Abyss – Azraella hears his Parents’ song


Chapter 11


Sacred Greetings

A single beckoning light – Greetings most fair and noble son – The One and Areta introduce themselves to the Ahgendai – The Azraella embraces his Father and Mother – The One asks to see Mahaleenah – The Azraella dances to the music of the spheres – The feminine coalesces: Mahaleenah begins to sing – The One is perplexed – Mahaleenah sees the Azraella as her parents – Mahaleenah gives tender and sacred greetings – The One and Areta discuss Mahaleenah’s mystery – From whence shall come the generations of the Ahgendai? – Areta is optimistic about the dilemma – The One and Areta are moved to passion watching the Ahgendai play – Heaven perceives the coming of the Ahgendai – The Gods are drawn together by the passions of beyond – A festival of love: celebrating the Ahgendai – The One invites the Ahgendai to create a world of their own – A future kingdom of warrior Gods – As loving Parents we would dwell beside you


Chapter 12


Foundations of a New Heaven

Creating a new kingdom of Heaven: seeking out the Azurgai – A covenant of fellowship – Seven moons for seven mothers – Mahaleenah and the Azurgai prepare the streams of intelligence – Azraella moves the first sun of Ashengaard – Azraella fashions the binding codes of Kadasarooya – The Zimagayah: twenty-four dimensions of space and time – The seals of Mahali-Kadass – Azraella creates a world – Azraella petitions for an earth spirit – El-Kai-Terra: the oldest of all earth spirits – The world receives a name: Mahaliel – Azraella creates the seven moons of Mahaliel – Mahaleenah and El-Kai-Terra create life on Mahaliel – A covenant is made with the Seraphim – The First Queen of the Cherubim dreams – The Shulieye reveal themselves to Mahaleenah and express desire to dwell and serve among the Ahgendai – Mahaleenah accepts the Queen’s petition and covenants are made – 700,000 Cherubim divided among the moons – Creation of the Oggaliaphim – Creation of the Koshendai: guardians of the Zimagayah – Creation of the Kragenjin: hidden spies of Azraella – Azraella and Mahaleenah prepare to build a home


Chapter 13


Speculations of the Gods

Angels greet the Father and his Daughter – Let us make at last a home – In the mountains of Sileah by the Amethyst Sea – The trees of Shimaloo – The Tael shimmers in the loving of the Ahgendai – Speculation among the Gods – The seven Ahmans of the Celestial Kingdom gather – The mystery of the Janmoleah – The Gods and Goddesses ponder the mysteries – On Mahaliel, the Ahgendai convene a council – Azraella speaks: the darkness stirs – Yaldabaoth will come seeking – A great and troubling storm – Mastering war to benefit Heaven – Guarding the Archons from destruction – Giving meaning to Heaven’s losses – Yaldabaoth to attack Olaha Shinehah first – Preparing for battle: Kragenjin fly to the Abyss – The five observations of the Gods – Shaemdiel schemes, compelled by pride


Chapter 14


Preparing For War

The One and Azraella make a hidden barrier to protect Kolob from Yaldabaoth – Yaldabaoth powerful enough to attack Olaha Shinehah, but not the Celestial Kingdom – Yaldabaoth to breach barrier in the future – Mysteries apportioned for Ahmans to solve – Shaemdiel self-appoints himself – Rutheniel pleads with Shaemdiel to let go of pride – Holy quorum of four plan for the coming of Yaldabaoth – Yaldabaoth predicted to attack terrestrial realms first – Azraella is asked how he will defend Olaha Shinehah – Azraella reveals his plans: conducting the first war of Heaven – Permitting Heaven to feel threatened – Rescuing terrestrial life from destruction – Terrestrial citizens to be given a choice – Repelling the Nemesis – War plans ready, Yaldabaoth a worthy opponent – Despite intentions: nothing is  certain – Adapt, improvise, overcome – Obtaining victory and avoiding unrighteous dominion – The Doctrine of Minimalism – Azraella well prepared for the coming storm – Areta’s parting words before battle – The Ahgendai return home, a forge is built – Azraella fashions a sword, shield and breastplate – Azraella addresses Mahaleenah’s forces and counsels his Daughter – The armies of Light position for war


Chapter 15


The Coming of Lord Doom

Yaldabaoth ecapes from the Abyss – The Darkness rushes towards the distant light of  – Yaldabaoth pauses to plan his attack – Kolob sends one thousand Seraphim to defend the lesser light – The Celestial Kingdom watches through the Tael – The Seraphim charge: one third are wounded – A second charge is pushed back – The remaining Seraphim attack once more – Yaldabaoth shatters the Seraphim like glass – Yaldabaoth takes terrestrial worlds hostage – The Lords and Gods gather in silent shock – Areta and The One arrive – Areta freezes eternal time – The One speaks about the Darkness and the need to gather and protect the innocent – The Keep is fashioned – Loriel of Avion: Queen of the Pensieye – Guardians of the Keep – Areta unfreezes eternal time – Hidden, the Azraella calmly waits


Chapter 16


Harbored Anger, Injured Pride

Shaemdiel refuses to gather his children for protection – Shaemdiel believes the Gods weak and scared – Rutheniel gathers her lineage alone – All of Elohim gathers, Shaemdiel is absent – Ahmans go to Olaha Shinehah to observe the coming of the Dread Savior – Rutheniel, Michael and Sher-el visit Shaemdiel – Rutheniel: Why have you separated yourself from us? – Shaemdiel speaks: a prideful defense –Michael speaks: Precaution is not cowardice, but wisdom – Obedience to God not weakness but strength – Obey not because of fear, but love – Nature of the Gods – Shaemdiel appears to reconsider – Yaldabaoth gathers his power and strikes the nearest sun – Terrestrial destruction – A flashing light halts the Darkness – Yaldabaoth taunts the light – The Dread Savior: unyielding and filled with love – The light calmly responds to Yaldabaoth’s tauntings – The Ahmans watch as opposites meet


Chapter 17


Dahmiel of Komah Seedrah

Yaldabaoth attacks the Azraella – Dahmiel of Komah Seedrah rushes forth to defend, shattered by Yaldabaoth – Azraella imprisons Yaldabaoth in a cage of dimensions – Yaldabaoth concedes defeat – The Azraella speaks to Yaldabaoth: You alone are not enough to make the Heavens fade – Yaldabaoth ponders the thought of a dark army – Yaldabaoth evicted from the realms of Heaven – The Ahmans approach the Azraella and desire to honor him – Mahaleenah is introduced – Six Ahmans bow in sorrow for the casualties of Heaven – The Lords and Gods gather, Shaemdiel not present – Mahaleenah comforts Bithliel, Dahmiel’s Beloved – Azraella places a star in honor of Dahmiel – Heaven honors the enigmatic Ahgendai – Yaldabaoth creates his first offspring – The child attacks his father – Jehovah-Yahweh: Great Pretender and Blasphemer – Yaldabaoth returns to the realms of Heaven, studies worlds and perceives a prototype – Yaldabaoth sits beside the Chasm – Shaemdiel, alone in a garden, hears the booming of Yaldabaoth


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